F3 Knoxville

52 Card pick up with Miles

THE SCENE: cool morning

cherry pickers 5X

right over left foot, touch your toes 10 sec

Left over right foot, touch your toes 10 sec

Mosey to the flag poll.
Played 52 card pickup where each suite is a different workout with two jokers. every 10 cars we run a lap.

  • Diamonds – dips
  • Hearts – merkins
  • clubs- v ups
  • spades- Plank Jacks
  • Jokers- 15 burpees


Go around the large circle and get some legs and core work done. Some of the exercises included but not limited too:

  • captain thors
  • american hammers
  • hello dollies
  • SSH
  • freddy mercury
  • box cutters
  • merkins


Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
Thankfulness, be thankful for those in your life. Especially Family. They are going be always be there and you need to be peach makers with them. Friends come and go but family never leaves us. let’s remember to be peace keepers in our lives.

The Power of 3…On Monday.

THE SCENE: 40s, cold, dark, character-building.


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • My name is Steam & I’m honored to be your QIC this morning
  • Couple things:
    • I’ll have my phone, water, and a med kit in my ruck throughout the workout just so everyone is aware. If you need to put keys, wallet, or whatever in there, feel free to do it.
    • I’m not a professional (depends who you ask)
    • You’re here on your own volition – thank you for making the choice to be out here.
    • If you need to modify anything we do this morning – do it. BUT push yourself and the men around you. Some people didn’t wake up with breath in their lungs this morning but you did. You did. Make it count.
  • Name of the game this morning = The Power of 3

WARM-O-RAMA: (IC = In Cadence)

  • SSH (Side-Straddle Hop): 10 x 4 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles (Forward): 11 x 4 IC
  • Imperial Squat Walker: 12 x 4 IC
  • Merkin (Down/Up): 10
  • In Cadence Burpee: 5


(mosey to the flagpole down from the AO)

  1. Connect the Dots
  • 3 points of contact: Pavilion – FlagPole – Far Corner of AO
    • Pavilion = Bench pull-ups
    • FlagPole = Man-Makers
    • Far Corner of AO = Jump Squats
  • 3 rounds of this: starting with 3 reps at each point of contact – and increasing 3 reps at each point of contact for the next 2 rounds (3rd and final round = 9 reps at each point of contact)
  • Recover at the flag pole when you’re done –> Flutter Kicks

(Mosey to playground)

(Battle buddy it up)

  • BB1: Incline merkins on bench (3)
  • BB2: Decline merkins on curb outside playground (3)
  • Rinse & Repeat 3x –> adding 3 reps each time

(mosey to parking lot outside of playground)

  • Power of a Curb // Power of 3
    • 10 x 4 Rocky Balboas on the curb IC
    • 10 x 4 incline merkins IC
    • (sprint to a parking space about 20m away)
    • 10 (down/up) merkins
  • Rinse & Repeat 3x
    • HIM are expected to step up and lead. Why? Because you have what it takes. Even when you’re tired. Even when you’re sore. Even when you’re like “Why the hell did I choose to do this this morning?!”
    • Q chooses different members of PAX to lead the next 2 iterations of the Power of a Curb //Power of 3 –> be lead –> lead.

(Mosey to hill outside of AO parking lot)

  • 3 Tree Hill
    • 3 points of contact: Base of hill – middle of hill – top of hill
      • Base of hill = 10 iron mikes (5 each leg // 10 total)
      • Middle of hill = 10 star jacks (1-count)
      • Top of hill = 10 dry docks (1-count)
    • PAX executes 1st round of this – recovers at the base of the hill
    • Q challenges PAX – this IS NOT a dictatorship of the Q. The PAX , the men, honestly the individual decide what exercises to do, how hard to do it, or not to do it at all.
    • Q asks PAX if they want to continue, or do something else (Q did not have anything else planned but could have come up with something hard (Q hoped the men would stay in the fight for just 5 reps more) – adding 5 reps to each point of contact on the hill.
    • PAX voices they want to push/fight on for round 2. Let’s do this.
    • Recover at the Base of the hill.
    • PAX are GASSED. This is not an easy workout.
    • Q challenges the PAX again – makes the ask to kill round 3 together – adding 10 reps to each point of contact.
    • PAX are gassed but still in the fight. Respond to do round 3 on the hill.
    • Q identifies 3 PAX to lead at each point of contact.
    • PAX moves forward up this hill, not leaving anyone behind.
    • Recover at AO.


  • 3 Corners:
    • C1 = 25 x 4 Flutter Kicks
      • Karaoke to C2
    • C2 = 25 x 4 American Hammers (Q called them Boat rowers…made sense in my head lol, didn’t even think of American Hammers)
      • Reverse karaoke to C2
    • C3 = 25 x 4 LBCs
    • Converge in the middle of the parking lot
  • Q identifies 3 HIM to lead at 1 of the 3 corners – PAX choose which corner to go to
  • When each corner is done –> sprint back to the middle and hold the merkin plank –> All PAX execute 5 down/up merkins
  • Rinse & Repeat 3x (Q identifies 3 more PAX each time to lead a corner)


18 PAX – No FNGs


“Then David said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous and do it. Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, for the Lord God, even my God, is with you. He will not leave you or forsake you, until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished.”” – 1 Chronicles 28:20 (ESV)


Knights of the 21st Century Men’s Ministry

This comes from a daily email I get from The Knights of the 21st Century (check it out ^^). Daily motivation and spiritual guidance for men wanting be men of impact, for their families, their work, and themselves. As a young man, I tend to forget to be strong and brave and have courage – both when and not when the odds are stacked up. I’ve included the email below, take a look and be encouraged men of impact!


Mostly burpees. Lots of burpees

THE SCENE: Upper 30s (heat wave after lots of days in the 20s)

SSH x 20 (IC); Imperial Squat Walker x 15 (IC); BAC, forward and reverse x 11 each (IC)
Mosey to the cloud; 100 burpees OYO;

As you finish the burpee challenge, move to the adjacent parking lot for some blackjack, a/k/a 21.  20 merkins, run to other end, 1 BBS, run back for 19 merkins, run to the other end for 2 BBS, so on and so forth.

Cut blackjack short after everybody is done with burpee challenge and mosey to Circus Maximus for Doras.  Partner runs a lap while other partner does reps.  50 CCDs, 200 jump squats, 300 LBCs;

Mosey back to AO

Just enough time for 2 full minutes of elbow plank.

We’ve got a lot of rancor in the world.  So many people are angry.  Let’s be kind, let’s turn the other cheek, especially with those that upset us the most.  The world needs more kindness.
Praises for Cheatsheet’s dad being out of the hospital and on the mend.
The Asylum needs volunteers for the Hardship Hill build team.  Please help. Code Brown is leading.

Forgot plans, chalk and cups, but didn’t forget to burn calories

THE SCENE: Checkerboard clouds above, cold but not too cold. Pretty ideal for this workout.


SSHx20, 10 merks, 5 cobra Kais, 5 cherry pickers. Mosey around Course to explain exercises since I left chalk at home.
The Equalizing “kinda hard stuff but not really that hard unless you are out of shape and if you are out of shape it is good for you to do it because fitness is fun and why else would morons like us be up at 5:30am doing stuff in the darkness of a park that is not illegal” Obstacle Course. The obstacles are……

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 pull ups
  • Short chop steps around 11 cones
  • Line drills quick feet
  • 20 Merkins
  • duck walk 4 corners
  • The “didn’t we do this stupid thing before” climb on the “snake” railing
  • 20 BBS
  • Bear crawl up walkway
  • 20 dips
  • 20 rows under the picnic table
  •  20 pickle pounders
  • 20 flutter kicks

Repeat as many rounds as possible till time is up

20 box cutters, Peter Parkers, times up!

Be fun. Do fun stuff with your kids and your family.  We can sometimes get wrapped up in work, every day stressors of life, or even ourselves and forget to have some fun time with our loved ones. It doesn’t just have to be on the weekend. Take some time this week to do something fun with your kids that you normally wouldn’t. Play a game, wrestle, play 20 questions.
Several prayer requests, good fellowship afterwards with some coffee even though I forgot cups.
La-z-boys coffee, orange Ts coming soon

The UN-Matched Game

THE SCENE: Cold. Very cold. But not too cold. But cold enough to be cold. But not really that cold. Kind of like cold when your cold and think it could be more cold but don’t want it to be colder. That kind of cold.

Mosey to the flag, 20 jumping jacks, 10 tempo push ups, 10 tempo squats.


Mosey to playground for three rounds of 5 pull ups, 5 burpees and 5 squats. Then…
Route 66 with shoulder tap merkins increasing at each cone by one. (11 cones, total of 66). Mosey back to the flag.
Time for the memory game!
12 Tiles  with two of each exercise for matching. Put the tiles face down and try and pick a match. If you get a match you do the exercise and toss the cards to the side. If you don’t get a match, you do both exercises and flip them back over.  After each turn, run down to the playground and do 5 pull ups and back.(we mixed it up a little and ran a lap instead on a couple of them)

20 Flutters
8 pax
“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭10:24-25‬ ‭

talked about our need for the church. Not the actual building, although important to be there, but being with other believers and leaning on each other, learning with each other and loving each other.
Welcome back to the gloom Benchwarmer!  Your too close not to come more often.