F3 Knoxville

CMU, CMMe… CM4always, That’s the Way It Should Be

THE SCENE: There was weather.  I think.  It might have felt a little cooler than recent, I forget.  Once we got going, sweat volume was unchanged.

SSH x25 IC
CherryPickers x9 IC
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 IC
Tempo Merkins x15 IC (reduce cadence speed after each 5)
Go get some CMUs and circle back up!
Round-the-Blocks merkins to the right, then to the left (11 each way)
Blockee Hop x5 OYO (demo exercise for later) – Burpee with hands on CMU, leave it on the ground and hop over.
Blocky Hurley x5 OYO (demo exercise for later) – Bobby Hurley holding CMU
Merky-Derky x5 OYO (demo exericse for later) – Merkin on block, bear crawl forward, derkin with feet on block, bear crawl back (that’s 1)

Mosey with blocks over to the Dragon and pair up in groups of 3.
One PAX up the hill (with CMU), one at bottom (with CMU) one in transition.
Do each exercise until relieved by PAX in transition. Advance to next exercise in list upon return.


Uphill: Bernie Sanders
Downhill: Bear Crawl

Top of the hill:
Overhead Press
Lawn Mower
Upright Row
Forward Press
Merky Derky

Bottom of the hill:
Step-up (onto vertical CMU)
Overhead Lunge
Calf Raise
Blocky Hurley
Blockee Hop
Lunge (back foot on block)

PAX complained about lack of preparation for Q by YHC – Grass on the hill had not been adequately dried off in advance, leading to somewhat slippery conditions.
Dagnabbit, outta time again.
11 PAX came out for this CMUesday!
This week marks the second anniversary of my first Q. I encourage everyone, if you’ve not tried it, take the plunge. It’s leadership, it’s service, and it’s fun!
The AO was a bit of a mess this morning due to someone firing off a bunch of fireworks in the parking lot. Thanks to everyone for hanging around afterward and cleaning it up!
Watch for info about 3rd F coming next month!

CMU Thieves

THE SCENE: 72°F. Apx 1000%RH

SSH x25 IC
TN Rocking Chair x15 IC
Crabettes x15 IC
Mtn Parkers x15 IC
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 IC
Grab some CMUs!
20x hop over CMU (side to side) OYO
20x hop over CMU (front to back) OYO
10x Merky-Derky OYO (Hands on CMU, Merkin, bear crawl forward until feet on CMU, Derkin, crawl bear back. That’s 1)

Leapfrog run with CMUs:
Split into two groups.
First group stays put and does exercise.
Second group runs about 100 yards, stops, and does exericse.
First group catches up and runs about 100 yards beyond, stops, and does exercise. R&R for a bit more than a mile.
Each group does each exercise for 2 stops, then switches to the next exercise:
Overhead Press
Bent Over Rows
Tricep Extension
Upright Rows

Finished up near the playground… Doubtfire wanted to play, so we moseyed in for 25 box jumps OYO before returning the CMUs to the AO

Does this have a name? Whatever it is, we did 10 of them:
From BBS position, hold CMU with straight arms, bring it down and touch the ground above your head.
In one smooth motion, bring it back up, out past your knees, and rise to a standing position, then back down.
Cash out with about 25 Merkins

Just four PAX today… One on Q and 3 that forgot to check the Q schedule and found themselves at a Waxjob beatdown.
During today’s Q, there were times of just standing still, doing work, while others cruised on by. Life can seem like that sometimes. You seem stuck in one spot, not making progress no matter how hard you work, while others seem to be moving at a rapid pace. In those times, be patient. Wait on God. Keep doing the last thing He told you to do. When it’s His time, He’ll move you.
We definitely looked the part of Asylum inmates today, stealing CMUs one at a time and running off with them…
Farragut Independence Day Parade on the 4th… Come out and put the EH on some sad clowns!

The Hindenburg

THE SCENE: High 50’s and overcast.

  • SSH x20 IC
  • Cherry Picker x10 IC
  • Tempo Squat x10 IC
  • Nancy Kerrigan x10 IC (baby arm circles forward while going up on one leg like figure skater)
        • x10 IC (switch leg, baby arm circles backwards)
  • Chinook x20 IC (overhead arm circles)
  • Diamond Merkins x10 OYO

The “Flight of the Hindenburg”

  • Mosey from AO to back of JUCO campus coupon pile.
    • Discover hidden history tablet w/ Hindenburg BLIMPS workout and Hindenburg trivia.
  • Mosey back to AO while giving PAX history lesson on the Hindenburg.

The “Crash Site”

  • Hindenburg BLIMPS (4 corners, mosey/spring between each corner, all single count)
  • Exercises are completed in “rounds” or “laps”
  • B – urpees x10 at each corner = 40 burpees total
  • L – unges x20 at each corner = 80 lunges total
  • I – mperial Walkers x30 at each corner = 120 imperial walkers total
  • M – erkins x40 at each corner = 160 merkins total (embrace the suck)
  • P – lank jacks x50 at each corner = 200 plank jacks total (shoulders much?)
  • S – quats x60 at each corner = 240 squats total
  • Called “recover” during the Squats round.


  • Hurricane Hoedown (flutter kicks in 4 styles: hands at hallelujah, behind head, normal, LBCs)
    • 7 of each style IC
    • 6 of each style IC


Total of 12 HIMs: Kenjo, Snaggletooth, Trolley, Spotter, Sty, Judge Judy, 5K, Erector, Bulldog, Booster, Chaco, Guano


The Hindenburg’s creators were silly enough to put a lavish smoking room on board. However, their primary job was to get people safely from point A to point B. Challenge: What’s your primary objective as a Christian, man, husband, father, friend, etc.? Do you focus on the tasks, easy things, comfort, etc.? If you can get 1 thing right in your day that’s actually important what would that be?


Prayers for Guano’s grandfather’s funeral and Trolley’s wife’s health.

Good to see Bulldog come out to JUCO who normally posts at Asylum and Big Ball.


Trolley, 5K, and Judge Judy on Q next week at JUCO. Booster says it should be easy. I think that’s a challenge. 😉

Dual Route 66

THE SCENE: Mild for February

  • SSH IC x 20
  • Cherry Pickers IC x 10
  • Tempo Squats IC x 10
  • Merkins IC x 10
  • Baby Arm Circles (forward & reverse) IC x 12


Dual Route 66’s – 22 light poles up the path to the top of Little Baby Hill. When finished with the first set of exercises, run back down the hill back to the first light pole. Rinse and repeat with the next set of exercises.

  1. Merkins and Big Boy Sit Ups
  2. Carolina Dry Docks and Jump Squats
  3. Flutter Kicks (4 ct) and Iron Mikes (4 ct)
  4. Burpees and Hello Dollies (4 ct)

Mosey to the playground for 3 sets of Tricep Dips and Derkins.


Just enough time for some Hello Dollies, plank work, and American Hammers.

19 HIMs – no FNG’s


With the recent flooding throughout Knoxville, I witnessed a lot of men ready and willing to jump into action to help out their neighbors. Men from our church group helped by digging ditches to divert water away from basements and crawl spaces. When they heard that friends and neighbors were in need, they dropped their Saturday plans and eagerly ran out into the rain to help. It was a great reminder that we as men have a longing to come to the rescue. We want to play the hero, to help others in need, to accomplish great feats in adverse conditions.

On the flip side, we as men are very often reluctant to ask others for help. We tend to wait until the very last minute to reach out to our brothers. We wait until our basements and crawl spaces are already filled with water before we’re willing to ask for help. Even though our brothers are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to jump into action, we attempt to do it ourselves for as long as we can…….until it reaches a point where it’s no longer manageable.



Partners Coupon


50 and clear

SSH x 20
Imperial squat walkers x10
Baby Arm circles forward x 10
Baby Arm circles backward x 10
Hand claps x10


Grab a partner and go to block pile
Exercise 1 – One partner does farmer carry while the other bearcrawls across parking lot. (switch at opposite end or as needed.)
Catch me if you can(Squats) to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 2 – Complete exercise 1 then add Brickbarrow(2 parking spaces
Run to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 3 – Complete exercise 1&2 then add back to back curls with CMU
Catch me if you can(Squats) to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 4 – Complete exercise 1,2&3 add 15 4 count CMU Flutter kick
Run to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 5 – Complete exercise 1-4 and add 10 Hand release partner mericans
Catch me if you can(Squats) to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
10 CUM squat Press

Captain Thor x 5

How different would our lives look if we put others needs before our own.  Show someone love today especially those who might not have show it to you.
Let each of you look out not only for his own interest but also for the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

​Welcome Buns and Glitter 

Hardship hill sigh up DO IT!