F3 Knoxville

Sprints and Merkins

THE SCENE: 47 and clear


Smurf Jacks IC 25

Star Jacks IC 25

Plank Jacks IC 25


Ab stuff

World’s greatest Merkin

Spiderman Merkins

Whatever I said wasn’t what I wanted to say.  But God is not meek his is strong and he is always strong.  He wants us to be meek at times, so that we can depend on one another and more importantly depend on Him.  He wants us to be strong for one another. There have been far too many stories lately of men not reaching out and it ending in dire consequences.  We as HIMs need to make sure we are reaching out too and being God’s light to these men.

Props to Junk for coming out even though he is on IR

Hardship Hill is this Sat

11th Hour Repeat

THE SCENE: Plenty warm to work up a good sweat. Mostly clear.

I picked up this Q approximately 11 hours before it started, so… repeating last week’s Wednesday Q from JUCO. No HIMs overlapping…

SSH x20 IC
8ct Body Builders x10 IC
Tempo Merkins x10 IC
Tempo Squats x10 IC
Crabettes x15 IC

Mosey to the base of [fill in official name of hill upon decision].

Split into 2 teams. Each team has an identical pile of exercise cards.
One extra-large size die with numbers 1,2,3.
One team rolls the die. That’s the number of laps up the hill and around the rock.
While that team runs the laps, other team works through the pile until laps completed.
When entire team returns from laps, other team rolls.
When pile is complete, set up a cone as a counter and start again.
See how many times each team can work through the pile.
Pile exercises:
15 Merkins
15 4-ct Monkey Humpers
10 Iron Mikes (each leg)
10 Squat Jumps
10 Burpees
20 Flutter Kicks
15 Carolina Dry Docks
20 BBS
20 4-ct Mtn Climbers

Mosey back to the AO, not stopping halfway for 15 4-ct Monkey Humpers. No public road…

Hey! We have some time for Mary this time!
20x 4ct LBCs
15x Side Crunch IC (each side)

16 HIMs – Twice the number as last time for this workout.
“Don’t try to carry that dang thing by yourself!”. We’re trying to get the house ready to pack up. Lots of heavy things to lift and move. Sometimes I listen to that admonition from my M, sometimes I don’t (usually to my later regret). Whatever it is you’re trying to carry on your own, quit trying to carry that dang thing by yourself. Jesus said “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.” He didn’t say “saddle” or “harness”. Those are for a single animal. The yoke is a shared burden. Two oxen work together. He’s not saying you should pick up his load instead of yours. He will pull alongside you, and teach you how to pull properly. He’s strong enough to pull any load.
OK, we’re working on a name for the hill up to the rock… Stay tuned! Also, hybrid Coffeeteria and OTB weight workout at 10818 Sallings Rd this Saturday…
Hardship Hill coming soon – If you’re not registered, you should be! Abridged OEW benefit night Thursday 5/9.

Something died inside Waxjob

THE SCENE: The weather was somthin real nice Clark.

Mosey to tennis courts for a couple laps, line work with bear crawls, crawl bears and side bears.
Groups of 3-4. Mosey to the track. At each cone do exercises listed as a team. Then mosey to next cone. 3 rounds

  • 100 burpees, BBS (150 LBCs), inch worms
  • 200 Toe touch planks,Squat jumps, merkins
  • 300 lunges (per Leg), dry docks, Bobby Hurley’s
  • 400 LBCs, flutter kicks, squats

Figure out as a team how to get all reps done

mosey to tennis courts for some sprints if time

Ab stuff

Ecclesiastes 4:9 •
“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.”

When individuals work together, they can double their strength and get much more done as a team. They also reap the value of having worked in unison, thus creating harmony instead of disorder. Working as one people begins with the efforts of each person, as they work with another person.

• Proverbs 27:17•
“Iron sharpeneth iron; so man sharpens another.”

A team has checks and balances, one person watches the other one’s back. They help them if they falter or lose sight of the goal, just like in friendship. A good friend isn’t someone who always agrees with you, what you do, or what you say. A real friend is someone that is willing to challenge you, to be better as a person. A team player encourages his fellow team mates to be better players. Teamwork and friendship both work in very similar ways.

Abridged, HHOCR

Dig Deep

THE SCENE: 41 degrees with a big ole moon

We did some SSH during the disclaimer to get warm, and then followed up with:

  • Little bit o’ this & that
  • 15 merkins
  • 15 windmills

The PAX moseyed over to a cone circuit. 5 cones were placed at three distances (Cone 1=short sprint, Cone 2=medium sprint, Cone 3=long sprint, Cone 4=medium sprint, Cone 5=short sprint).

Each cone had an exercise listed at its base (Cone 1 = BBS, Cone 2 = Carolina Dry Docks, Cone 3 = Squats, Cone 4 = Merkins, Cone 5 = American Hammers).

Pax sprinted to each cone and performed 5 reps of the listed exercise at that cone. In between Cones 3 and 4 we paused for sets of 7-ups with the pee rocks (curls, presses, tris with a heavy rock in ascending rep count from 1 to 7 and back down to 1).

Continue this patter, increasing rep count by 5 each time. Right before Mary we re-grouped at the start line for one last sprint to the long cone.


  • Oblique Crunches x 10 IC, each side
  • Box Cutters x 20 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 25 IC

Two FNGs today – great work PAX! Welcome to Twinkletoes and Peek-a-boo!
Take some time to review the words used in traditional wedding vows and really let them soak in. I was at a wedding with my 3 yo daughter this weekend and had to explain the ceremony to her curious mind. I found myself interpreting the wedding vows in ways that I probably didn’t consider 6 years prior when I repeated them to my bride (who is way out of my league). It really stood out to me that I am not always a good example of what those vows mean, even though I should be since I’m setting the example that she may use for her future husband one day.
Felt good to be back with the PAX after two fartsacks in the last few days – thanks, guys!

It’s All Downhill

THE SCENE: upper 40’s but breezy – chilly until we got moving



  • Cherry pickers x 5
  • Rockettes x 10
  • Burpees x 10
  • Tempo Squats x 10


  1. Indian run to the place the boats used to be
    • Iron Mikes at each light pole (route 66 style) around the parking lot to the marina sign.
  2. Matterhorn suicide
    • 5 cones in a line up the hill.  Bernie Sanders to each successive cone and do exercises written by the cone.  All exercises performed facing downhill.
      • 8-count body builders x 20
      • Lunges x 20 (each leg)
      • Shoulder taps x 20 (4 count)
      • Carolina Dry Docks x 20
      • Merkins x 20
  3. DORA 1-2-3
    • Small hill by the restaurant parking lot.  Partner A runs to top of hill and does 2 burpees while partner B does the exercises.  Then flapjack.
      • 100 Merkins
      • 200 Big boy situps
      • 300 Jump squats
  4. Indian run back to the AO


  • Side crunch x 15
  • Hello Dolly x 20

16 strong:  Bowflex, Frosty, Aladdin, Sparky, Kilowatt, Tank, Blue Cross, Wagon Wheel, Waxjob, I-Beam, Toebox, Butters, Junk, Mayberry, Tweet-E, Bartman

As I’ve observed those around me lately – specifically male Christians – I have noticed a lot of passivity.  There is an old adage that goes something like this:  “Share the love of Jesus everywhere you go, and if necessary, use words”.  I understand the point this is trying to make, and we should be living in a way that others take notice.  However as Christian men, we should also be taking a stand for Christ – which means using words, debating/disagreeing when necessary.  I’m not suggesting we go around starting arguments, but we should definitely reject the passive approach and be steadfast in how we represent ourselves.  So often the Christian faith is seen as curling up in Jesus’ lap and getting coddled.  Yes, Jesus does offer rest to the weary and is a place of refuge when needed, but the example that Jesus set while on this earth was not that of someone in the fetal position…he was bold in his words, strong in his position, confident.  As men, I pray we are attuned to God’s word and are actively looking for opportunities to be bold for him.


Hardship Hill is right around the corner, May 18th.   Join a team if you haven’t already.