F3 Knoxville

Blockees Across the Grinder

THE SCENE: Overcast… gonna rain soon and hopefully wash away the puddles of sweat we’re about to make in this humidity.

0 Burpees OYO
2 Burpees OYO
8 Cherry Pickers IC
4 Burpees OYO
16 Cossack Squats IC
6 Bupbees OYO
15 Hindurkins IC
8 Burpees OYO
15 Tempo Squat IC
10 Burpees OYO

One good warmup lap down the park and back
Random Tabata – 4 rounds of 20s on, 10s off for each exercise rolled on the die:
Butt Kickers
6″ Plank
Iron Mikes
Squat Jumps
Iron Mikes again

Called time on the Tabata halfway through the second Iron Mikes… We need to get to the 2 minute drill:

One CMU per person on the line.
Grab a battle buddy
One PAX does the exercise called out on the timer until relieved.
Other PAX runs to the line of CMUs and does three Blockee Broad Jumps, then relieves partner.
Exercises (2 minutes each):
Box Cutters
Squat Jump
Monkey Humpers

Squeezed in about 12 4-ct American Hammers
15 PAX this morning
I’m serving on the worship team at church this Sunday, and one of the songs I’ve been practicing is a lively meditation on God’s faithfulness. The bridge repeats, “I will rest in Your promises. My confidence is your faithfulness.” He is faithful, and He has proven Himself in my life as I’m sure He has in yours. Remember His faithfulness in the past, and rest in his promises for tomorrow.

Pretty much the second time this week for the same beatdown… Figured it was good enough to repeat today since my legs were still feeling it from Monday.
Assfault and a few others are working on a CSAUP for Big Ball/Asylum… Keep an ear out for more details!


THE SCENE: Partly cloudy skies, 59 degrees F, 69% humidity

Windmills x10, cherry pickers x10, overhead hand claps x30, tempo merkins x10

Indian run to Mt Crumpit with 40 sandbag.

5’s on Mt. Crumpit

2-Hand release Merkins

Run Up

8-Bodybuilders (8 CNT)

Run Down

(Increase/decrease 2 each trip)

Big boy sit ups till 6up

Indian run to AO  with 40 sandbag.

AMRAP Circuit on 1/4 mile AO Loop

  1. Box Jumps x12 orStep Ups x12/leg (run across AO)
  2. Derkins x12 (Bernie back to pavilion)
  3. Squat Thrusts x12 (run across AO)
  4. Pull Ups x8 (Bernie back to pavilion)
  5. CMU Swings x12 (run across AO)
  6. Box Cutters x12 (run AO 1/4 mile loop)
  7. Burpees x8
  8. SSH x10 (4 CNT)
  9. WWII Sit Ups x12 (run back to pavilion)
  10. Curls x12 (Start back at 1.)

Flutter kicks (4 count) x30, LBCs to cash out (x46).

13 HIMs with a couple of prodigal sons among the group.
Control.  Some things are within and some things are not within our control.  Coming up the hill for the last time this morning my SSHs were very sloppy, low energy style.  I realized midway through them that I was in control of the way I performed them and I better make a better showing for myself.  I was in control and I could just go through the motions or I could do them for my best benefit.  I was in charge of the impact they had.

Sometimes I get the false impression that I control things that are really bigger than me or my capabilities.  I remember a time when a very well know company did something I personally did not agree with.  Although I did not own any of the company’s stock, I called my financial adviser and told her to never invest my money in the company in the future.  A few weeks later another company began acting like an activist for a particular cause that I did not agree with so I called my adviser and informed her to sell the shares in my portfolio.  It happened again last week.  But this time I let it go and didn’t make the call to “sell.”

Why my different reaction this time?  I’ve become aware of my lack of impact, my lack of control.  I need to focus on what I can control, and let go of the things I cannot .  Yes, I do need to hold to morals rooted in God’s expectations.  Yes, I do need to stand up against sin and evil of others … and myself.  And finally, yes, I need to let God be God and let him dish out the wrath.  Vengeance is His, He will repay.  Jesus summed it up for me when He said that all the law can be summarized in two commandments, love God and love others.

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Choose the Harder Thing


SSH x 20
Arm circles fwd/back x 10
Cherry pickers x 10
Little this/that
Michael Phelps

Mosey to Crumpet
Deck o cards w/ suicides 2-6, ace is 20, face are 15.
Suicide cones are 15 feet apart.
Hearts Burpees
Diamonds WWII Sit-ups
Spades Merkins
Clubs Squats

12 men
Choose the harder thing. When faced with 2 options, pick the one that gets you farther outside your comfort zone and leads to personal growth.

This is a lot harder than it sounds. When you draw a 6 then a face card of hearts back to back. Epic mental struggles abound.

Not an Octopus

THE SCENE: Low 50s and clear

5 squats

Jog grinder

5 pull-ups

Jog grinder

5 merkins

Jog grinder

5 step ups per leg

Jog grinder

Kraken on the rocks.


  1. Thrusters x 20
  2. Decline merkins x 20
  3. Swings x 20
  4. Goblet squats x 20
  5. Curls x 20
  6. Tricep extensions x 20
  7. Burpees x 20
  8. Lawnmowers x 20 per arm


CMU up flutters x 20 IC

CMU chest presses x 20

Isometric CMU hold 20 second count

Repeated 5 times for 100 of each
14 men of the sea lay waste to the mighty creature

Repeat from last week at RAW. Wanted my BS boys to hear this.

6 exercises to improve mental toughness:

  1. Get rid of extrinsic motivators – no music, no training partner. Suffer in silence alone
  2. Develop good habits – Mentally tough people are more consistent than you. They create habits and relentlessly stick to them
  3. Learn to ignore things you cannot control – Stoicism is the ability to endure pain and hardship without display of fellings and without complaint
  4. Ruck – put a heavy pack on and go walk for hours.
  5. Farmer carry – pick up some heavy shit and go for a mile walk.
  6. Hang – grab and pullup bar, a tree branch or some playground equipment and start a timer. Work up to 60 seconds.

Hardship Hill this Saturday. No Bomb Shelter workout scheduled. Come support us by drinking beer and eating grilled meats!

Last Hello

THE SCENE: Partly cloudy, 66 degrees F, 91% humidity

SSH, Imperial Squat Walkers, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers

Grinder Run, Grinder Bernie, Grinder Skip


Push Pull

Two Groups:  First group does 11 Inverted Pull ups or 5 Pull ups while second group does 11 Merkins.  Switch spots and exercises.  Perform 6 rounds for a total of 66 Merkins and 66 Inverted Pull ups.

Indian Run to the Educator

Educator Workout

Burpees x3 at the base of hill

Alternate ascents: Bear Crawl half/Bernie half on odd number, then run on even number.

At the top perform following exercises with CMUs: Swings x11, Thrusters x11, Curls x11, 4 count Flutter kicks x11, Derkins x11, Upright Rows x11

Loop down the Educator by way of the sidewalk.

Mosey back to the AO.

Box cutters, LBCs, Flutter kicks.
11 in attendance with a cameo appearance by Woodshack and a special appearance by Moses.  Good to see some back after a few weeks.
My reflection today is based on a memory error on my part.  I thought May 2 was the anniversary but it was actually October 2.  Just assume its October 2 today.

On that day in 2002, the Alcoa, Inc plant was getting ready for a visit by the CEO.  Finishing touches on cleanup, painting, mowing, etc was in full gear.  Just before noon, I was heading back to my office though a glass hallway when I see Rod using a push mower around the office area.  I stop and waited for about 30 to 45 seconds for Rod to see me.  Finally during one of his changes in direction he looks up and sees me.  I nod, give him a wave, and open my mouth as if to say “hi.”  Rod does the same and then we both go about our business.

Rod usually ended his work day at 3:00 pm but with much to be done, he accepted an overtime shift to work 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  On that shift he and coworker, Danny Boone, were to get rid of an old glove vending machine that had been at the South Gate for ages.  No longer did workers have to spend 10 cents for a pair of cotton gloves.  Safety had progressed to a point dictating gloves as essential to job performance.  Plus many task required specialized gloves much more protective than thin cotton ones.

Danny and Rod loaded the vending machine onto a 10-ton flatbed truck and took it around to the dumpster box area on the North end of the plant.  At the top of the bunker they started to push the vending machine into the dumpster below when Danny got a page.  He told Rod that he needed to find a phone to return the call.  He asked that the machine not be moved until he returned.  About 5 minutes later, Danny returns and notices that the vending machine was no longer on the truck and he did not know where Rod was.  Looking over the top rail of the offloading area, Danny sees that the machine is in the dumpster.  Tragically, he also sees Rod has fallen between the dumpster box and the bunker wall.  The 8 to 9 foot fall proved to be fatal to 48 year old Rodney W. Martin.

One of the pillars of F3 is Fellowship.  I bring up my memory of Rod to remind us how important it is to make those small, short, and sincere connections.  We do that as we gather each workout with a simple fist bump and perhaps short chatter like “how are you doing” or “how did that work out for you at work.”  It’s that simple connection to let each other know that they matter and they add to our life.  Someday we will look back and smile about each other and the impact that F3 fellowship made.

I think back to October 02, 2002 frequently and I remember Rod mowing in his Christian slogan T-shirt.  More often than not, he had one on.  Perhaps that is what drew me to him.  Perhaps that is what encouraged me to have some chit-chat with him.  Perhaps I admired his impeccable work ethic.

Most often I think back to that day and know that I didn’t stop to say “hello” to Rod.  I had stopped to say “goodbye.”

Continue prayer for Butterfingers’ M concerning employment.  Lifted up Moses, Squiggly, and Snorkel in the 100 miler this weekend.
Hardship Hill – Be there or be square.  May 18th.