F3 Knoxville

Initiation Not Procrastination

THE SCENE: Feeling a bit fall-ish, temps in the 60’s.  Great morning at the Asylum

Break the circle and line up on the curb…20 SSH on 4ct then jog down back

Windmills x12 on 4ct jog down and back

Tempo Merkin x10 jog down and back

Tempo Squat x12 jog down and back


Mosey to base of little hill…Bear Crawl up to gate.  Perform Flutters on 4ct x20 Back on Mosey

Mosey to Rock Pile at Asylum. Perform 11’s with rock curl at pile and jump squat at stop sign. Recover back at top Perform Tempo Squats x10 and SSH x20 Mosey…

Mosey to Pavilion Perform 20 Table Row/ 20 Dip/ 30 Second wall sits Rinse and Repeat x3

Recover back to A/O

Hello Dolly on 4ct x40 and Finish with American Hammers x15 on 4ct


11 HIM’s at Asylum this am counting myself.  Shout out to Snitch, Archie, Full House, Gibbler, Flopper, Assfault, Kentucky, Crab Legs, Waffle House, and QVC
Talking about the “Sin of Passivity” and taking initiative.  Being a leader.  That often times we know how to lead at work or lead a home improvement project, but we don’t take initiative to lead at home.  Initiate in conversations, in our finances, initiate with our children and wives, and most importantly initiate a conversation with our Creator.

Challenge to think of 4 ways to Initiate This week…


Everest Circuit

THE SCENE: Extra Gloomy

Warm up with……..SSH, Cherry Pickers, Tempo Merkins, Tempo Squats, Quick stretch
Jogged to the base of Everest, stopping at every stop sign to do 5 Burpees.

  • Summit Everest and make way to Rock Pile
  • Grab a rock and do:
    • 15 Bicep curls, 15 shoulder press, 15 Tricep ext, 15 squats
  • Mosey to first intersection on way back to base camp and do 20 LBCs and 10 Tempo Merkins
  • Repeat the Everest Circuit (x3 total) performing 12 reps then 10 Reps
  • Mosey back to AO stopping at stop signs for burpees and squats
  • Circle up a do a couple minutes of Boat/Canoe

Music City, Rainbow, Charmin, Brick, Waffle House, Mogul, Kentucky, Full House, Crablegs, Mr Jinxy, Assfault
“Keep Moving!” Many sharks have to keep swimming or they’ll drown. Encouraged PAX to keep moving. Don’t stagnate. Don’t become complacent. Keep pursuing the Lord, keep pursing and romancing your wives, keep talking to your kids. Keep working hard at your jobs etc. Don’t drown!
Kickball Tourney

Rock Doras

THE SCENE: 20 degrees (in Kentucky units) and damp.

Did that. Especially the disclaimer for the VQ.

25 SSH – IC
20 Rockette – IC
10+10 Baby Arm Circles – IC
10 Cherry Picker – IC
20 Squats – IC
Mosey to Light poles then alternate Mosey/Exercise up the hill so…
Mosey to next lightpole
Butt Kickers to next
High Knees…
Bear Crawl…
then Mosey to top
(plank till 6 up)

Grab a BB Mosey to Rock Pile.  Wagon wheel for 6.

Take a rock and do some Doras.  While PAX1 does the exercise, PAX2 runs to Asylum steps and back.  Count up to a cumulative:

  • 100 behind head (tricep) curl
  • 100 up and out
  • 200 squats
  • 200 curl
  • 200 rows

Mosey to stop sign (Al Gore for 6).  Complete the following buddy/partner exercises:

  • 10 Hand Release Merkins (high-5 buddy with chest on the ground)
  • 20 Big Boys (sit up and patacake with buddy)
  • 30 Dolly Partners (Lie side by side, do Hello Dolly and tap feet)

Mosey to AO.

Just a minute left for Boat-Canoe-Catamaran with some Paddling in cadence thrown in.

29 PAX including one FNG – T-bone.
When I’m with my kids I often blurt out the risk I see them taking – “don’t fall off that wall”, “don’t spill that drink”.  Telling someone not to fall makes them think about falling and usually leads to them doing the very thing I don’t want to happen.  Instead, to foster a Growth Mindset I should tell them the Mitigation – that thing they can positively do to protect themselves – “Watch where you are putting your feet”, “Carry your drink carefully”.

As HIMs we should try to affect the people around us positively and help them to get better by telling them the mitigation, not make them focus on the risk.

This was my VQ.  Thanks to the PAX for following my lead and swinging those rocks.  From my post Q high, I’d recommend it to all the HIMS at the back to step forward and do it!
Everyone at the workout got their 100 squats in today.  Post them in the August challenge.



Everyone did split squats while each PAX did 5 burpee pull-ups. Round 1: left leg. Round 2: right leg

Alternate between Alligator Merkins and broad jumps at every line down the parking lot and back.

Power skips down and back. Alligator Merkins/Broad Jumps down and back. Power skips down and back.


  • Squat Jumps
  • Single-leg Straight-leg Deadlifts

38 PAX

Beautiful Day

THE SCENE: Perfect weather, upper 60’s and sunny.

20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Burpees, 10 Slow Tempo Squats, 10 Arm Swings, Ten Cherry Pickers

Mosey to Playground.  All my benches:  Elevens starting with 10 Bench Jumps and 1 Decline Merkin.

Mosey to Outdoor Pavilion Close to Outdoor Chapel. Partner Up.  While one partner runs to light post in nearby parking lot, the other partner does exercises.  Then partners switch up.  Each team will do 100 Big Boys, 100 Decline Merkins and 100 Squats.

Mosey to Parking Lot by Soccer Fields.  There will be bricks piled by one cone.  Partner up again.  One partner will run with bricks to other cone, stop there and do 10 Mini Man Makers, then return.  The other partner will be exercising.  Then partners switch.  These are the exercises:  100 Bicycle Kicks, 100 Flutter Kicks, 100 Squats.

Mosey to grass across street from living quarters on southern side of park.  20 Hello Dollies in Cadence

Mosey to Stop Sign at Southeast Corner of Admin Bldg.  20 American Hammers in Cadence

Mosey to Boulder Pile.  Each man grabs boulder.  We do the following in cadence:  25 Overhead Presses, 25 Curls, 25 Rows, 25 Squats.  Run up Space Station and back to boulder pile.  Rinse and repeat on the exercises with boulders.

Mosey to Stop Sign at Northeast Corner of Admin Bldg.  20 Box Cutters.

Mosey to AO. 

10 Table Saws in Cadence
17 with 2 FNG’s:  Hangover (Dhiren Zavere) and Contempt (Jonathan Edwards)
I exist.  That one is easy.  I know I exist when I am hurting after an F3 workout.  I know I exist when I have sexual urges, when I am aware of my feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, or love.  My own experiences feel me each day and I am continually aware of myself in them.  With my own inward focus, in my waking, daily routines and sleeping, I am aware that I exist.

God exists.  When I say that, it changes everything.  Henri Nouwen, a Catholic Priest and former teacher at the Notre Dame University, the Yale Divinity School and the Harvard Divinity School states that “as soon as I say ‘God exists’, my existence no longer can remain in the center, because the essence of the knowledge of God reveals my own existence as deriving its total being from his.  That is the true conversion experience.”

When I say God exists, my own life is not center stage.  God is center stage.  God is my creator.  When I say God exists, it behooves me to think of this Creator.  If I am but one creature in God’s creation, why did God create me?  What led to his desiring to create me?  Am I just some fleck that he makes and then throws aside.  Or does he want me to stay close, to listen to him, to talk to him.  If I say God exists it would behoove me to find out more about him, to read his words, to see what others think about this creator.

Henri Nouwen goes on about the implications of saying God exists:  “I suddenly or slowly find my own existence revealed to me and through the knowledge of God.  Then it becomes real for me that I can love myself and my neighbor only because God has loved me first.  . . . Once I ‘know’ God, that is, once I experience his love as the love in which all my human experiences are anchored, I can only desire one thing:  to be in that love.  “Being” anywhere else, then, is shown to be illusory and eventually lethal.


Coffeeteria at Panera!