F3 Knoxville

Be There


Cloudy with a chance of burpees.  No rain.  Around 70ish degrees or so.


I’m still not an expert, so it’s still free and the usual disclaimers.


SSH x 20, baby arm circles forward x 20, baby arm circles backward x 20, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, tempo squats x 10, tempo merkins x 10, cherry pickers x 5.

That was going to be it as I had just mentioned to Preacher (who was back from AZ) that we would not do burpees because they are not a warm-up, but Cheat Sheet arrived at that time, so we did 5 burpees OYO.

PAX counted off – 24 HIMS, so, when we do reps, we will do 24 of them.


Mosey to Everest via the long, windy path with all of the light posts (not sure if it has a name).  Pass a light post, do a burpee.

Carolina dry docks x 24 at the bottom of Everest

Run up to the first tree, do 24 squats

Run back to the bottom of Everest, do 24 merkins and then hold plank until the six arrives and finishes the merkins

Rinse and repeat, this time running to the second tree up Everest and back

Rinse and repeat, this time running to the tree at the top of Everest and back

Back at the bottom of Everest, we were on the wrong side of Everest, so we had to run all the way to the top of Everest to the area formerly-known-as the rock pile (we skipped the exercises on this trip)

Mosey to the monument for some family that gave a lot of money where the normally-wonderful view of the sunrise was dampened by clouds, but it did not affect the 24 American hammers that we did on a 4-count

Mosey to the CMU pile and battle-buddied up

One person runs across the parking lot, down the hill, around the Pavilon (counter-clockwise), stops at the picnic tables in the Pavilon, does 24 pull-me-up rows on the tables, and returns to the CMU pile

The other person does Mr. Spectaculars using the CMU until his battle buddy returns

Switch out and repeat – each person ended up doing each exercise at least twice

Mosey to the Cloud and find a bench

Derkins x 24

Dips x 24

Box jumps (or step ups) x 24

Only had time for one round of those before holding a plank until the six finished

While planking, right arm up, right leg up, down, left arm up, left leg up, down

Mosey to the AO


Proton led the PAX through some flutter kicks while the Q grabbed his phone, and Proton didn’t stop until 30 (on the 4-count) for some reason (after all of those reps of 24, you would think he would have gotten it, but Proton loves exercise so much, he probably just wanted to do those extra 6 reps)

Q returned and led the PAX through box cutters x 30 and hello Dollys x 30 (both on the 4-count) since Proton went to 30

Finished out with boat/canoes until time expired (some PAX mumbled that the workout went over, but it was 8:00 by the Q’s watch, which is the only time that matters – and it matched the time on the Q’s cell phone, for what it’s worth)


We started with 24 and ended with 25.  Assfault completed a Flyin EH on someone he knew along the way, so we were able to welcome Real Chill.  Another FNG started with us and ended with us – welcome Caitlyn.  Tank, the dog, also joined us.

Nacho and Jumbo were also there, but they did not have tags that showed up, so there are only 23 tags, but there were 25 HIMs.


Caedmon’s Call had a song out in the 90s called Center Aisle that was about the writer’s first experience at a funeral, which happened to be the funeral of his friend’s sister who had committed suicide.  It is a good song, check it out if you haven’t already.  This line from the song has always stuck with me: “There aren’t words to say/Words aren’t remembered/But presence is.”

Show up.  Hopefully, we can also say the right things and do the right things, too, but we can’t if we don’t show up first.  And, if we can’t say and do the right thing that will make everything better, then at least we can be there, which is important, both in bad times and good times.  There are moments in people’s lives that they will remember who was there and who was not, e.g., funerals and weddings, and often times we would rather not be there because it makes us uncomfortable or it is too much of a hassle or whatever.  But that doesn’t matter.  What matters is this: should we be there for that person for that moment in his/her life?  (I’m not talking about the times that you cannot because of work, family, or other commitments – I’m not suggesting that we, as humans, can be everywhere and do everything.  I’m talking about the times that you can, but you just don’t.)

The Bible has a lot of references to God’s presence in our lives, e.g., Matthew 18:20, Matthew 28:20, and John 14:18, and Jesus is the manifestation of God’s presence.  Let God be present in your life and then be there for your wives/girlfriends (as long as you don’t have both at the same time), be there for your kids, be there for your parents, be there for your other family members, and be there for your friends.

Your presence will be remembered.  Your absence may not be forgotten.


Props to Archie for posting after being up since Friday morning.  And, he took the message to heart and attended a wedding the same day that he thought about missing.  How about that?  That is either good timing or bad timing.  Part of me wants to apologize to Archie since he probably needed to sleep.  

Good to see Preacher again as always. 

Abscess took a lot of photos and videos. 

Still praying for Junk’s wife. 

Someone said something about something that was coming up, but I can’t remember what it was now.  It might have been about the IronPax Challenge and/or Truckin to the Pound on 9/14.  I do know that there is a 2.0 event coming up on 9/22, but I did not say that then.

Mouth Breather

THE SCENE: Quite pleasant before we started…

Ran up Lover’s for a preview

Round 1

5 sets

  • Merkins x 20
  • Reverse lunges x 10 per leg
  • Ruck on chest BBS x 20

Run up lovers and back to upper lot between each set.

Round 2

5 sets

  • Thrusters x 20
  • Calf raise x 20
  • Plank jack x 20 2-count

Run up lovers and back to upper lot between each set.

Round 3

5 sets

  • Mtn climbers x 20 4-count
  • Squat jumps x 20
  • Ruck hammers x 20

Run up lovers and back to upper lot between each set.

Assfault finished a set before us so he went to check on the cookie butter situation.
5 HIMs
Woodshack couldn’t breath shirt on or off. He says Laird Hamilton preaches nose breathing. I’m doing all I can to get air in at all.

Cleaning up the burbs

THE SCENE: 72 94% humidity

Insert information about the warmup.

Burden carry 800 meters

30 sandbag cleans

800m run

30 burpees with high pulls

800 m run

21 sandbag cleans

42 merkins

800 m run

15 sandbag cleans

30 merkins

800 m run

9 sandbag cleans

18 merkins

800 m run

Hill work with 10 sandbag high pulls at the bottom of the hill and 10 ruck ball busters (thrusters+good morning) at the top. Lunged across Trader Joe’s parking lot then back down to AO for core work

Assfault Barbie Ratchet Archie

Archie Thinks We’re at the Top of the Pyramid

THE SCENE: Sticky, muggy, etc

We headed out towards the movies on the greenway stopping every 1/2 mile for a PT pyramid. We did thrusters, merkins and plank jacks 1-2-3 pyramid style up to 6 rounds and back down. Went something like this:

1-thruster, 2-merkins, 3-plank jacks

2-thruster, 4-merkins, 6-plank jacks

Total of 36 thrusters, 72 merkins and 108 plank jacks. And lots of sweat. Last round was at TJs just for Archie.

2 rounds of 20 ruck flutters, 20 chest presses and 20 second isometric hold. 1 round of half that.
5 weirdos

Harness your spirit animal

THE SCENE: humid low 70s

10 cherry pickers in cadence

10 baby arm circles in cadence 10 reverse baby arm circles in cadence

Sloth crawl to parking lot then 10 supple hip squats

Bear crawl back with high knee lunges 10

Gorilla hops to end then mountain climbers 10  4 count cadence then jog back

3 rounds beat the clock 15 minutes

10 CMU press

10 inch-worms

10 lunges with CMU

20 spider merkins (10 per side)

20 side straddle hops single cadence

We made it in 7:32 seconds

3 Bears bear hug relay

3 people  bear hug carry a sandbag of differing weights  to end of parking lot and back while others are doing an exercise until all have completed their run carrying each bag

Hold my Bear:

4 rounds

Bear crawl with CMU pull throughs

10 CMU bearpies



50 Squat

25 LBCs

40 SQuat

20 LBCs

30 squat

15 LBCs

40 squat

20 LBCs

50 Squats

20 LBCs

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Be a wolf
Be a Lion

Take nothing for granted Set goals

Be a better person