F3 Knoxville

False finish five

THE SCENE: 67* or so, great morning

Even/odd stretches – middle left right
Short mosey to overpass
Shoulder taps x15 IC
Super squats x10 IC
Tempo merkins x10 IC
Wall sit OH claps x15 IC
Very short mosey to amphitheater .  Assemble at the stage for 11s’s big brother, 25’s.  Same concept as 11s except increase/decrease by 5 reps.  Start at the stage and do 20 feet elevated crunches (legs straight out and 6″ off the ground, hands on head and crunch), run up the stairs to the top and do 5 pull ups/inverted rows on rails.  Return to the bottom for 15 crunches/10 rows, etc. working up and down in count.

Mosey out of amphitheater and across bridge adjacent to railroad.  Stop in the parking lot just below Church St. United Methodist for a round of leg blasters before tackling the hill.  In cadence and with no rest in between: 15 squats, 10 lunges each leg, 10 jump squats.  Then immediately run up the hill beside the church and over to the parking lot beside Henley St. Bridge.  Lots of chalk on the ground for some fun with rocks.

Each time you perform the exercise, then drop your rock and run across the street, up the ramp to the front door of the church, do 5 merkins, and return for the next exercise.  Exercise list:

  • Curls x20
  • OH press x20
  • Curls x20
  • Front rock raise x20
  • Curls x20
  • Mr. Spectacular (rock on ground, walk your hands out to plank, merkin, walk back in, lift rock and press overhead for 1 rep) x20
  • Curls x20
  • Lap around parking lot holding rock overhead
  • Curls

This was the original list on the ground when we got there.  I’d hidden some chalk during set up and started adding exercises as people started getting the near the finish.  I may have gotten some groans and poopy faces. Added exercises still had run across to the church and do 5 merkins in between.  Exercises added:

  • Rock OH squats x20
  • Curls x20
  • Rock pressed flutters x20

After everyone had finished, I thought it would be good to do some curls.  So we did tempo 21s with rocks.  7 reps of bottom to halfway nice and slow in tempo, 7 reps halfway to top in tempo, 7 reps full range in tempo.

10 count and start mosey back to SP.  When we got back to start point everyone kind of stopped and I kept running right through it and told them we weren’t finished yet.  So we ran through the start point and up past the playground and around back to start point.

Flutter kicks x25 IC
Boat/canoe typical Abort finish
False finish five: Duggar, Anchorman, Hang Tight, Amazon, Abort
The whole idea of the workout was that sometimes you think you’re almost to the finish, only to find out there is more work to be done.  The lesson was to always be prepared, and that you obviously place limits on yourself when you think you know where the end is.

TCLAPS to Hang Tight graduating Saturday (and fighting off the merlot Sat morning)!!

Big Ball Circuit

THE SCENE: cool but warmed up quickly
25 – Side Straddle Hop, A little bit of stretching, and I cant count to 8 while doing body builders

  • Disclaimer
  • Warm up
    • Side Straddle hop – 25
    • Stretching
  • 8 count Body builders – 5
  • Mosey to the big ball
  •  Circuit 1 – lap around pond after circuit with bear crawl down stairs, R & R
    • Toe touch sit ups – 12/15
    • Plank – 30/45 sec
    • Jump squats – 12/15
    • CDD – 12/15
  • Circuit 2 – lap around pond after circuit with bear crawl down stairs, R & R
    • Squat thrusters – 12/15
    • Bear crawl shoulder taps – 12/15
    • Plank row – 30/45 sec
    • Hello dolly – 12/15 4 count
  • Circuit 3 – lap around pond after circuit with bear crawl down stairs, R & R
    • Frog squats – 12/15
    • Flutter kicks – 12/15 4 count
    • Plank one arm – 30/45 sec
    • Pull-ups – 12/15
  • Mosey to fountain

7 FNG’s

be present in someone’s life. take the time to find out what is going on.

11 is the magic number

THE SCENE: 47* – perfect weather

Arm circles forward x11
Arm circles reverse x11
Calf raises x11
Imperial squat walkers x11
SSH x22
Mosey over to amphitheater.  PAX line up along the edge of the stage.  Perform exercises with no rest between.

  • Side step ups left leg x11
  • Side step ups right leg x11
  • Box jumps x11

Once complete Al Gore waiting for everyone to finish.  Once everyone is finished perform next set of exercises no rest in between.

  • Derkins x11
  • Dips x11
  • Ranger merkins x11

Once complete plank and wait for everyone to finish.  Once everyone is finished, perform next set no rest between.

  • Side step ups left leg x11
  • Side step ups right leg x11
  • Box jumps x11
  • Derkins x11
  • Dips x11
  • Ranger merkins x11

Once complete Al Gore and wait for everyone to finish.  Once everyone is finished, repeat last round of 6 exercises and run up center steps and around, back to stage and plank waiting for everyone to finish.  PAX plank, alternating between holding at 6″ and up top.  Recover and 11 count.

Mosey over bridge to the base of the Big Ball.  Next exercise is… 11’s on the stairs.  Start with 10 pull ups on the beams of the Big Ball, run up stairs to the top and perform 1 WWII Sit up. Repeat going through the 11s routine, working down in sit ups and up in WWII sit ups.  Jack rabbits perform flutter kicks, penguins, and LBCs waiting for everyone to finish.

Recover and 10 count.  Mosey back to start point for Mary.

Only time for box cutters (22)
19 strong – Careless, Rousey, Cowbell, Blazer, Anchorman, G6, Kibbles, Singlet, Hang Tight, Petey, Amazon, Threadcount, Downhill, Soup, Bullseye, Zachias, Couger, Crawdad, Abort
Charles Plumb flew 75 combat missions over Vietnam before being hit with a surface to air missile.  Even though he was flying too low and too fast, he survived but was captured and remained a POW for six years.  Years after returning home, he was sitting in an airport and a man came up to him who knew his name and that he flew missions off the USS Kitty Hawk.  Colonel Plumb, kind of amazed, asked the man how he knew that.  The man had been the one to pack his parachute the day he was shot down.

Always remember who is packing your parachute, those that do things for you that you may not think about that end up being huge in your life.
Continue praying for Sam and Brandt.


THE SCENE: 40ish… and moist. Felt like 60 after the last couple of weeks!

FSH x20 IC
SSH x20 IC
TN Rocking Chair x15 IC
AGTJ x10 IC (gettin’ easier!)
Crabwalk Toe Touches x15 IC
Hindurkins x15 IC
Tempo Cossack Squat x20 IC

Line up on the curb link arms, 10x 4ct calf raise IC
25% across the parking lot
20x single count calf raise OYO (too hard maintaining balance)
50% across the lot
20x calf raise
75% across the lot
20x calf raise
AYG across the lot

Mosey up to the rock pile by the Asylum building, one stop along the way for some Al Gore and 20x BBS

Line up in the grass about 50yd from the rocks and pair up.
One man does exercise (Merkins|Curls|Rows) AMRAP while waiting
Other runs to pile, gets a rock, 10x squat-OHP and returns with rock. Switch up.
3 trips each. Should finish with a 6-pack per team.

Regroup at the pile, leaving 6-packs at the grass

Merge into 4-man teams

2 men run to grass, 20 leg-pushdowns, and return with one rock each.
Meanwhile, other 2 men are doing kegstand squats
Switch up, R&R until all rocks are returned to the pile.

Time’s running out! Bear crawl down Everest halfway or so, then mosey back to the AO, one stop for Tempo Squats with Crawdad.

Q did a bad job of time management today… Crawdad led the cheetahs in some Hello Dolly.
30 strong today, including one FNG: Welcome Beans! (Clay Daniel)
Will you “Go out” without knowing?
“He (Abraham) went out, not knowing where he was going” (Hebrews 11:8)
See My Utmost for His Highest, Jan. 2
When God tells you to go, he usually doesn’t tell you His end game. Have faith that He knows what He’s doing and obey!
Thanks, Crawdad for taking care of all the cheetahs in the group and making sure they didn’t get bored waiting for the rest of us… My apologies on running over. I really need to get over there sometime during the day to get a good mental map of the place. Doesn’t help planning that the satellite images are all outdated!
Alcoa CSAUP coming up 2/24… Be on the lookout for shirts on Mudgear

Intentional Beatdown

THE SCENE: Dark and chilly into a beautiful crisp TN sunrise over the water.

-Side Straddle Hop x25 IC, -Monkey Humpers x10 IC, Baby Arm Circles F/R x10 IC, Side Straddle Hop x 25 IC

PAX form two lines and mosey to flag pole at by The Pavalion. Grab a battle buddy and AMRAP for 15 mins the following…


  • candlestick burpees (overhead clap at end) x10 reps
  • 10 pull-ups at baseball dugouts
  • 10 box jumps at playground area

PAX circle up and do 20 squats IC and head to AO…Once at AO split up 11 PAX on both sides of AO for spacing purposes and complete the following…

“BEAR W/ ME”  Complete this circuit 3 times

  • Bear crawl 12 yards to cone and do 20 Pickle Pounders
  • Bear crawl 12 yards to next cone and do 20 Merkins
  • Bear crawl 12 yards to next cone and do 20 Squats
  • Bear crawl 12 yards to next cone and do 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Bear crawl 12 yards to last cone and do 20 Flutter Kicks on a 4 count

PAX Circle up and complete 25 Side Straddle Hops IC and mosey to bottom of Baby Hill with their battle buddy…

“Baby Hill Pain” PAX complete 4 rounds of the following

  • Partner A sprints the hill and does 25 Derkins while Partner B awaits at bottom jumping rope.  Partners interchange.
  • Rounds 1 and 3 PAX do Derkins
  • Rounds 2 and 4 PAX do Incline Merkins

PAX mosey to AO and circle up…

Hello Dolly x20 IC, American Hammer x20 IC, Pickle Pounders x12 IC, Flutter Kicks x20 IC
22 PAX Count & 0 FNG’s
Everyone wants to make New Year’s resolutions and those imo are pointless.  Resolutions are a hopeful map that leads to disappointment.  As HIM’s at home, work, our workouts, etc. we have to focus on intentionality and specific goals to have the right direction toward our purpose as leaders in our respective homes and environments.
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