F3 Knoxville

Lincoln logs

THE SCENE: 82* and humid as crap

20 curls
10 squats
10 merkins
Ruck up and grab two 60 lb sandbags.  Walk over to bridge where we have Swanson’s log stored and grab it as well.  Everyone gets to carry something.  Head up towards the L&N building and up the stairs to reach Western Avenue.  Head west toward the Emerald Youth soccer fields.  Swap the log for a sandbags at the halfway point and continue on to the soccer field.  Ground everything once there.

Continued warm up thanks to Pfeiffer, we did 10 three count merkins, rushed to the 50 yard line, 10 three count merkins, rushed to the opposite base line, 10 three count merkins, rushed to the 50 and then walked back to the near side where our coupons were.  Three count merkin begins laying prone, go up halfway and pause, go to the top and pause, go down halfway and pause, back to prone.  Pausing hurts in case you were wondering.

Two ruckers perform log PT while the other two bear crawl sandbag drag to the 18 yard box, turn and come back, then do 3 cling and press explosions with the sandbags (cling and overhead press but launch the bag and step back, let it hit the ground and start next rep).  Log PT as follows:

  • Bench press: place rucks on your chest (no straps) and lay the log across your ruck.  Together with your partner bench press the log 10x
  • Curls: just partner curl with log 10x
  • Ground up and over: pick the log up from the ground and shoulder it, OH press and down to the other shoulder, OH press it back to original side then lower it back to the ground 10x

Repeat this through doing log PT and bear crawls twice.  I gave everyone the option of rucking with the log or doing more log PT, we decided to stay for more PT.

With same partners (poor Swanson got stuck with me the whole time), burpee sandbag toss back and forth until the other pair finishes their log exercise.  New log exercise begins with PAX laying on your six with ruck on your feet, log across your chest.  Bench press the log, do a sit up with the log, OH press the log, then back down.  10x and swap with burpee bag throw.  Again, repeat through twice.

Ruck and log up, head back the way we came.  Once back to the bridge, we put the log back to bed and finish the last few minutes with just sandbags and covered a little more distance, swapping every 2:30.  I know by the time we got back, I was drenched from sweat.

4 weirdos: Amazon, A Rod, Swanson, Abort

Return the ring to Mordor

THE SCENE: 72 degrees. Heckin sweaty

SSH – x25 IC

Cherry Pickers – x10 IC

Annie’s – x7 ea front and back IC

Imperial Walkers – x15 IC 4CT

Captain Thors – x5 IC

Indian run with the One Ring (my 3-y/o’s hula hoop) held high over head to the bridge that crosses the creek below the hill. Welsh Dragon across the bridge. Mosey to bottom of Stairs to Mordor for some Dora.

  • 150 LBCs
  • 150 Merkins
  • 150 American Hammers 4CT
  • 150 Jump Squats
  • 1 PAX does the exercise while partner runs to the top of the stairs for 1 burpee and then back down to pick up where partner left off. Repeat until finished.

Indian run back to AO with the One Ring – stopping at bridge to Welsh Dragon across.

Flutters – x15 IC 4CT

Edward Scissorlegs – x10 IC 4CT

Boat / Canoe for time


Half Caff, Swanson, Abort, Reverb, Jenner, The Voice, Cowbell, Filter, Amazon on ruck.

From Gandalf –

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.”


Anders Brothers Beatdown

THE SCENE: Perfect weather at the Big Ball.

Squat benders x 10, Rows x 10, Obliques x 10

With battle buddy, worked through stations.  While one team was going through stations the other teams did “brick planks” (In plank position each person taking bricks off raised board and placing them back).  When the first team returned from stations they switched with another team.


  • Carry buckets / cinder blocks
  • Drop buckets/ cinder blocks and curl x 20 water filled pipe
  • Drop pipe, bear crawl to last cinder block and overhead press x 20
  • Bear crawl/lunge back to pipes, curl x 20
  • Carry buckets/cinder blocks back to beginning and switch with another team.

Mosey around pond stopping for flutter kicks, LBC’s, Merkins, stairs at the big ball with 8 count body builders.  Returned to AO to rinse and repeat stations with slight modification of 10 reps instead of 20.

One more mosey around the field and back to AO for Mary.

Rows, Jane Fonda’s, Overhead claps with bricks, should taps, arm raises with bricks, ATM’s

John 15:2 “Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.”  We all have things in our lives that needs to be pruned.  It’s never comfortable or easy but necessary.  What in your life needs to be pruned so that you are more fruitful and Christ-like?
Prayer requests:  Friends family whose baby passed away at 5 months old, Aborts friend who lost their Dad in an drowning accident, and Bear Traps daughter going on a mission trip with Samaritans Purse.

pretty simple routine

THE SCENE: 75* and humid, perfect for watering the sidewalk with sweat

Moroccan night clubs x25 IC
Tempo lunge x10 IC
High knees x25 IC
OH claps x25 IC
Static stretches – middle, left, right for 20 sec each
Fairly simple this morning, mosey out of start point and over to the amphitheater.  Routine is the eight exercise escalator.  Do the first exercise, run a lap out of the amphitheater (heading away from start point), left across pedestrian bridge, left by the Big Ball and back around the pond to the amphitheater.  Do first exercise and add an exercise each lap.

  • Plank jacks x20
  • Merkins x20
  • Box jumps (or step ups) x15
  • Pull ups on Big Ball x10
  • Lunges x20
  • Burpees x5
  • Dips x20
  • American hammers x20

Had to call an audible at lap 4 (the loop was too long).  All things stayed the same except the loop was to run out the flat part of amphitheater, turn right and run up the ramp to go to the high side, do inverted rows instead of pull ups, then run down the other side and return to the amphitheater stage.

No time for Mary, the escalator took too long.
5 strong in the sweat box: Cowbell, The Voice, Misfire, Amazon, Abort
Friday was the 14th anniversary of Operation Red Wings, which led me to look up lessons learned from that event (depicted in the book and movie Lone Survivor).  Marcus Luttrell detailed one of his experiences not of those events particularly, but it stuck with me.  That is, that we have a tendency to put ourselves in a pecking order by comparing ourselves to those around us.  “That guy can lift more, he can solve the Pythagorean theorem faster, etc etc.”  In Luttrell’s case, during Hell Week of his BUD/s course the strongest swimmer in the class tapped out.  His immediate thought was, if that guy can’t make it, there is no way I can make it.

But courage, grit and determination are much harder to quantify to allow you to place yourself in a pecking order.  Just because someone might be more talented, doesn’t mean you can’t beat them.  The man that is hard to beat is the one who won’t quit.
Continue praying for Carrot and his 2.0, and for Crawdad and his M.

Amazon Abort co-Q

THE SCENE: Forgot to look, felt like about 75* and humidity wasn’t yet too bad

Led by Amazon:
BAC forward x20 IC (evidently at Brickyard these are know as manly arm rotations)
BAC backwards x20 IC
Moroccan night clubs x20 IC
OH claps x20 IC
Led by Abort:
Pulse squats x15 IC
Tempo lunge x10 IC
Cobras x10 IC
Sumo squat x10 IC
Mosey across Emory Road to the First Tennessee bank parking lot and pair up.  Dora style work, one partner does Galway Hookers across parking lot (4 lunge steps, 1 supersquat, 4 lunge steps, 2 supersquats, continue) to cone and the run back.  The other partner works through:

  • Burps x100
  • Calf raises x100 (on 4-ct)
  • 200 high knees (left/right 1)

Once the partner returns, swap and continue through the exercises.  All groups ended about the same time, so a quick mosey through the parking lots, and back across Emory Road right in front of splash pad.  Quick round of ATM’s to even out the leg work we just did, then continue mosey to pick up a pet rock at the lot just beyond the park.  Grab your rock and mosey with it across Emory to the Health and Wellness parking lot (fitting right?).

Four corners routine, sort of.  Each exercise set with rocks, then run carrying rock overhead to the next corner.

  • Front rock raises x20
  • Eight count bodybuilders x10
  • Rock OH squats x20
  • Brickyard manmakers x10

Finish the four corners, then rinse and repeat for a second round.  After a quick joke about a third round, its time for the shoulder shredder.  Overhead claps on a 4 count, stopping every quarter to pick some cherries.  TAKE US TO 100!

Get rock overhead and mosey back across Emory Road for the last time and take the rock back and return it.  Mosey back toward start point for a little cardio.

Sprints are around 30 yards, all done together.

  • 80% sprint, immediately followed by 10 merkins on 4-ct IC
  • 80% sprint, immediately followed by 10 cobras on 4-ct IC
  • 100% sprint, AYG, immediately followed by 20 SSH IC

Flutter kicks x20 IC
Flutter kicks x20 IC
Boat/canoe cash out – in canoe doing flutters, Moroccan night clubs, OH claps
9 strong with plenty of visitors: Herbie, Biohazard, Fob, Manilow, Pele, Lilydipper, Fast N Easy, Amazon, Abort
Amazon spoke about the importance of focusing on others who might be struggling.  Lessons he has learned in GORUCK events, specifically his most recent HTL.  During those events, and in life in general, we find ourselves struggling and contemplating giving up.  But if you look around, there is generally someone worse off than we are.  If you focus your energy on them and helping them keep moving, its funny how you forget the pain you’re in or how tired you are.  Focus on helping someone else, and you’ll be amazed how far that takes you as well.  AYE!!