F3 Knoxville

False finish five

THE SCENE: 67* or so, great morning

Even/odd stretches – middle left right
Short mosey to overpass
Shoulder taps x15 IC
Super squats x10 IC
Tempo merkins x10 IC
Wall sit OH claps x15 IC
Very short mosey to amphitheater .  Assemble at the stage for 11s’s big brother, 25’s.  Same concept as 11s except increase/decrease by 5 reps.  Start at the stage and do 20 feet elevated crunches (legs straight out and 6″ off the ground, hands on head and crunch), run up the stairs to the top and do 5 pull ups/inverted rows on rails.  Return to the bottom for 15 crunches/10 rows, etc. working up and down in count.

Mosey out of amphitheater and across bridge adjacent to railroad.  Stop in the parking lot just below Church St. United Methodist for a round of leg blasters before tackling the hill.  In cadence and with no rest in between: 15 squats, 10 lunges each leg, 10 jump squats.  Then immediately run up the hill beside the church and over to the parking lot beside Henley St. Bridge.  Lots of chalk on the ground for some fun with rocks.

Each time you perform the exercise, then drop your rock and run across the street, up the ramp to the front door of the church, do 5 merkins, and return for the next exercise.  Exercise list:

  • Curls x20
  • OH press x20
  • Curls x20
  • Front rock raise x20
  • Curls x20
  • Mr. Spectacular (rock on ground, walk your hands out to plank, merkin, walk back in, lift rock and press overhead for 1 rep) x20
  • Curls x20
  • Lap around parking lot holding rock overhead
  • Curls

This was the original list on the ground when we got there.  I’d hidden some chalk during set up and started adding exercises as people started getting the near the finish.  I may have gotten some groans and poopy faces. Added exercises still had run across to the church and do 5 merkins in between.  Exercises added:

  • Rock OH squats x20
  • Curls x20
  • Rock pressed flutters x20

After everyone had finished, I thought it would be good to do some curls.  So we did tempo 21s with rocks.  7 reps of bottom to halfway nice and slow in tempo, 7 reps halfway to top in tempo, 7 reps full range in tempo.

10 count and start mosey back to SP.  When we got back to start point everyone kind of stopped and I kept running right through it and told them we weren’t finished yet.  So we ran through the start point and up past the playground and around back to start point.

Flutter kicks x25 IC
Boat/canoe typical Abort finish
False finish five: Duggar, Anchorman, Hang Tight, Amazon, Abort
The whole idea of the workout was that sometimes you think you’re almost to the finish, only to find out there is more work to be done.  The lesson was to always be prepared, and that you obviously place limits on yourself when you think you know where the end is.

TCLAPS to Hang Tight graduating Saturday (and fighting off the merlot Sat morning)!!

A friendly visit

THE SCENE: Clear 70 degrees humid

Over Head Clap x 40 IC

Tempo Squat x 20 IC

T-Plank Arm Circles x 15 EA ED

8 Count Body Builders x 10 IC
Aiken Legs: on benches complete two rounds of 20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunge (10 EL)

Mosey to Stairs

Jelly Legs:

  • R1: Hold squat for 10 seconds; 10 squats; run up stairs; 2 burpee
  • R2: Hold squat for 20 seconds; 20 squats; run up stairs; 4 burpee
  • R3: Hold squat for 30 seconds; 30 squats; run up stairs; 6 burpee
  • R4: Hold squat for 40 seconds; 40 squats; run up stairs; 8 burpee
  • R5: Hold squat for 50 seconds; 50 squats; run up stairs; 10 burpee

Grizzcalator: Merkin crawl up stairs completing push-up on every other step and three push-ups on landings.

Mosey to bridge

Burpee Broad Jump across bridge and then lunge back across bridge.

Mosey back to AO

Pick card- 3 rounds of 10 squat, 10 flutters (4 ct), 10 lunge (10 EL).


  • Justice
  • Judgement
  • Dependability
  • Initiative
  • Decisiveness
  • Tact
  • Integretity
  • Endurance
  • Bearing
  • Unselfishness
  • Courage
  • Knowledge
  • Loyalty
  • Enthusiasm

When we’re enthusiastic about something, we’re willing to sacrifice for it. People who are enthusiastic about a cause will sacrifice time and money for it. People who are enthusiastic about their jobs will make personal sacrifices to spend time at work and educate themselves to do a better job.

Do the Hard Thing First. Lead by example. People/family is watching you to see how to act/react to situation and life.



OTB Goruck day 6

THE SCENE: 58* and clear, perfect weather.

All warm-ups with ruck:
BAC forward x10 IC
BAC reverse x10 IC
20 merkins OYO
20 squats OYO
Everyone with rucks, challenge weight.  Ruck up and grab one 60lb sandbag (Irene).  PAX cannot carry sandbag the usual way, carry the bag on one shoulder, floppy log style.  This rule applies for duration of post.  Ruck up and move out, heading away from start point towards campus.  Alternate whenever, or when someone steals the bag.  Mosey up towards Ayers on the hill, going behind halfway to the giant stairway on the side.  One man starts at the bottom and carries the sandbag as quickly as possible to the tippity top of the stairs and returns.  While he is doing that, other PAX alternate between 10 curls and 10 overhead presses until they die or their teammate makes it back.  Everyone takes a turn to the top.

Ruck back up and move out, toward the library.  Make a right turn and head toward Cumberland and back up the hill into the fort.  Find 17th Street and mosey to the Cadillac soccer fields.  Ditch Irene for a the Day 6 workout from Goruck’s Lucky Seven challenge.  As follows:

  • 110 yard suitcase carry (can switch hands at halfway point)
  • 10 ruck swings
  • 10 squats (alternating between front and rear load)

10 rounds of that.

Grab Irene and ruck back to start point.

Approx 3.55 miles total

3 weirdos: Amazon, Swanson, Abort

eight counts with a rock

THE SCENE: 41* – a little cooler than lately but clear and no wind.  Perfect weather.  Amazon and Abort Co-Q shooting from the hip.

BAC Forward x10 IC
BAC Reverse x10 IC
Moroccan night club x15 IC
Tempo squats x10 IC
8-ct bodybuilder x5 IC
SSH x15 IC
Mosey out of start point in the direction of the amphitheater, running through it (not uphill and around for some reason…) and across Cumberland Ave, stopping on the bridge.  Everyone down for some early ab work, flutter kicks x25 IC and American hammers x20 IC.  Back up and continue mosey to parking lot of Church Street United Methodist Church.  Everyone grab a rock and get ready to roll.

  • 8 count body builders (OH press rock going up) x10
  • Curls (for the girls) x10
  • Squat thrusters x10
  • Sit ups with rock pressed x10

After each round of PT, place rock on ground and run up the hill to the Church, high five the church, and return to rocks.  Repeat for 3 rounds total.  Quick 10 count and change up exercises, same routine.  Go through 4 exercises of PT, drop rock and run to the church and return.  Three rounds of second set as well.

  • Rock overhead squats x10
  • OH tricep extension x10
  • American hammers (left right 1) x10
  • Front lateral shoulder lift x10

Recover, replace rocks in pile and mosey in the direction of the Big Ball. Quick repeat of Dead Hang Dora.  Pair up, one man dead hangs from the beams of the Big Ball, while the other man knocks out merkins.  When the partner drops, they swap and cumulatively knock out 150 merkins.  This sucks BTW.  Recover and mosey back to start point.

All done in succession with no rest, because Abort is a jerk:
Box cutters x10
Edward scissor legs x15
Flutter kicks x20
13 Strong, including some faces that haven’t been seen in a bit: Operation, The Voice, Cowbell, Swanson, 2×2, G6, Duggar, Petey, Rousey, Quarantine, Misfire, Amazon, Abort
Operation and Misfire spoke about consistency.  One quote Operation shared was “Don’t choose what you do well, choose what you do consistently.”  He may correct me on that, but it was the idea.  Great word to think about.  We were also fortunate to have Misfire, Soot’s father, speak about Soot’s recent deployment and how F3 was a positive thing to give consistency outside of the military and how we as men NEED that.

Also big thanks to Petey who picked up a card for us all to sign to send to Soot, great stuff there.

Grateful for the Big Ball!

THE SCENE:  Warm and a little damp – beautiful day with a slight drizzle

  • 25 SSH (a little more since QIC forgot how to count…)
  • 15 baby arm circles each direction
  • 10 Cherry Pickers
  • 10 tempo squats
  • 10 tempo Merkins
  • 5 Annie’s (baby arm circle from plank, each arm, each direction)

Mosey over to the stairs at the foot of the glorious Big Ball.

Elevens of Big Boy Situps at the bottom of the stairs and 8 count body builders at the top

Mosey to the far bridge near the edge of the park.

Find a battle buddy. While one partner runs to end of bridge work together to complete: 100 Merkins, 200 2-count Penguins, 300 squats.

Cut it short (most PAX on squats) due to time and mosey back to the AO

Ain’t nobody got time for that!
9 HIM!

Make gratitude part of your daily practice. Those that do so, according to Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, experience higher levels and feelings of joy, love, and overall satisfaction. They also have lower overall levels of stress and recover from illness more quickly. Implement it in 3 steps:

  1. Pay attention – Notice small opportunities to be grateful
  2. Writing it down – Journal or keep a running note of reasons, helps prevent it from being a fleeting thought.
  3. Express it – “gratitude is inherently relational” Share with others your grateful for them or what you are grateful for. Try sending regular letters or notes of thanks and appreciation.

Prayers for some of our fellow Big Ballers working through injuries!