F3 Knoxville

Back in business

THE SCENE: 64* and dry
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER (new extended remix)

  • Tempo squats
  • Mountain climbers
  • Windmills
  • Four count merkins
  • SSH

Mosey lap around the WFP lawn and back to the side of the convention center. Chalk on the ground waiting.

Rise Up 19 WOD:
  • 19 Squats
  • 19 Flutter kicks (4 count)
  • 19 OH claps (4 count)
  • 19 hand release merkins
  • 19 lateral hops
  • 19 sit ups
  • Lunges

Run a lap around the WFP lawn. Lather rinse and repeat for round two with slight modification. Instead of a lap at the end, run 40-50 yards and back after each exercise.

Short mosey over to the large landing beside the Big Ball for the Big Bang. Everyone circles up, distanced out. Each round increases by ten, slowly expanding the universe. Run X steps, do X number of reps of given exercise. Return back to your plank around the circle and wait for everyone to finish up.

  • 10 burpees
  • 20 squat jumps
  • 30 Hello Dolly’s
  • 40 LBCs
  • 50 SSH

Mosey back to start point for Mary

Fairly simple, ATMs then 90 seconds of boat/canoe
COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 13 Strong coming back: G6, Sunshine, Postman, Orkin, Ariel, Swanson, Amazon, Backdraft, Passport, Jenner, Bareback, 8-Seconds, Abort

Word of the day is inertia.  Inertia in a physical sense is that an object will remain at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external force.  Unfortunately that is also true when that velocity is zero.  When we went into the safer at home mode and halted workouts, I didn’t think I would struggle with workout discipline like I did.  I had a few minor physical things, but the mental battle of getting up and working hard absolutely smoked me.  The fartsack was victorious more times than not.

My velocity was basically zero, and though I wish it weren’t true I am sure I wasn’t the only one who struggled without the accountability of my brothers standing in the gloom.  So now the external force is back in my life.  My brothers, standing at the fountains at 5:30 eagerly awaiting whatever silly nonsense I’ve come up with or whatever beatdown someone else has concocted.  They’re there, acting upon me and accelerating me more than they know.


Down Pour at the Big Ball

THE SCENE: Started out great in the 50’s but ended with massive down pour.

Welcome to F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith).  I’m Duggar and I am not a professional.  You made the decision to be here and you know you’re injuries and limitations.  Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.  There is no charge to be here, just your motivation to get better and push those around you to get better.

SSH x 25 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Squats x 20 IC

Using the info from the Q101 last Saturday:

Mosey to the amplitheater –  Battle Buddy

  • 100 Merkins (partners alternate doing 10 reps each until 100 reps total is reached, holding plank between rep cycles)
  • 100 LBCs (Same: holding shoulders up 6 inches between rep cycles)
  • 100 Squats (Same: holding Al Gore between rep cycles)

Was going to mosey to the nearby field but the rain forced us to stay under cover – The BEAST

Start at #1 stairs, run to #2 for 6 reps, run to # 3 for 6 reps, run to #4 for 6 reps, back to #3 (6 reps), #2 (6 reps), #1 (6 reps)

  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Squats
  • Wide Merkins
  • Burpees


Let people pick various exercises for a little ring of fire.

Mosey back to AO (again, due to rain we elected to finish in the dry) for some rounds of Flutter Kicks x 25 IC and Big Boy Sit-ups x 20 OYO.


Quote from Gen. Jim Mattis book “Call Sign Chaos, Learning to Lead”.  Jackie Robinson epitaph “A life is not important except in its impact on other lives.”
Let’s live our lives in a way that benefits others.  Encourage, help, mentor, serve, listen.

Prayer requests:  Huffy’s shoulder, family who lost a loved one  Announcements:  Morristown launch April 4th

Big Ballin’ Monday


The Big Ball Ruckers just got done, cars started pulling up, the weather was cooked to perfection.


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness/Fellowship/Faith
  • Name is Steam and I’m honored to be your QIC this Monday morning
  • Any FNGs?
  • Let’s get a couple things out of the way before we jump in:
    • I’m not a professional
    • You’re here on your own volition
    • I don’t know what injuries you may or may not have so while this is a workout I planned – no one is going to make you do every single rep to perfection so if you need to modify anything we do this morning feel free to do so!
  • Here’s the challenge with that – push yourself and the men around you – let’s get to work this morning.



( The 1st exercise is________ )

( Ready position: Move! )

( In Cadence: Exercise! )

  • SSH: 20 x 4 IC
  • Imperial Walker: 15 x 4 IC
  • Rockette: 10 x 4 IC
  • Merkin: 5 x 4 IC


[ Ring of Fire – Inside AO ]

  • Assemble battle buddy teams
  • As a team:
    • 50 Incline Merkins
    • 50 Dips
    • 50 pole-pulls
    • 50 box jumps
  • BB1 is executing their exercise while BB2 is taking 2 laps around this ring because we’re 2 days into March
  • If you get done: flutter kicks on the bench

(10 count please)

(Mosey to the top of Amphitheater)

[ 11s ]

  • Top: chin-ups/pull-ups
  • Bottom of your respective side: Squat (1 count)
    • Start with 1 chin-up :: 11 calf-raises
  • Recover on the stage when you’re done
  • PAX executes core work and then picks up the 6 team

(Mosey to Big Ball Stairs)

– PAX bear crawls up 2 flights of stairs and then holds the squat until everyone bear crawling is on top

*1 of the PAX goes down – breathing and conscious, but just some lightheadedness*

Everyone recovers back at the bottom of the stairs.

Q instructs Swanson to lead PAX up stairs again while Q and north provide support for downed PAX member.

Q talks and provides minimalist support while Abort sprints back to cars to get water. Q had a ruck with medical gear & CPR but made the final decision before leaving the car to not bring water in the ruck.

LESSON: You don’t need it until you do. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Downed PAX recovers, slowly, drinking water, and the rest of the PAX finish from bear crawl stairs.

Abort and Jenner provide support as Q leads PAX in 1 final bear crawl/merkin charge up the stairs and beyond and back. When they arrive back down where Abort and Jenner and downed PAX member is, the decision is made for one final exercise and to hold the COT here,  instead of moseying back to AO, taking into consideration the recovering PAX member (Great suggestion by G-6).

PAX circle it up and execute 20 down/up merkins. Done.


17 PAX – No FNGs


(1) 2 Timothy 1: 1-7 & (2) 2 Timothy 4: 6-7

(1) You then my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also. Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him. An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules. It is the hard working farmer who ought to have the first share of the crops.

(2) For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

My aunt read this to us at the dinner table this past weekend and it made the hairs on the back of my neck step up. It challenged me to ask myself a few thought-provoking questions (TPQs) such as:

  • What do I allow myself to get entangled in throughout the week that is preventing my from being who God is calling me to be?
  • Who am I aiming to please this week // Who is enlisting me?
    • Work? Circumstances? Jesus? Etc Etc Etc…

The run you race as a man is a long one. It’s one that is righteous, but it is one that is long and difficult as well sometimes. I love in 2 Timothy 4:6 that it says “I am already being poured out as a drink offering…” You are being utilized for the Kingdom and for the Lord already, in your home, in your relationships, in your work, in every sphere of influence He has uniquely placed you in. To bring glory to Him – keep running that race, keep fighting that good fight, and keep the faith, even when the race gets dark and heavy, remember to look up and realize the name of the game is one foot in front of the other.


  • It’s okay when things don’t go to plan. You must learn to react and adapt swiftly and appropriately, especially when there is potentially a life at stake/a downed PAX member


  • You will never be 100% prepared for every single scenario that you might encounter. HOWEVER, it is important to be as prepared as you can. I did not put water in my ruck when I left my car and walked to the AO this morning. It was right there and I left it in my car. And a time came when one of the PAX under my command/responsibility needed it and I didn’t have it on-hand. You don’t need it until you do – and it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. This was a great example of that this morning.
  • This is what High Impact Men do – step up, react, and adapt. Special shout-out to Abort and Jenner and Clark for doing just that this morning.


friday friyay

THE SCENE: cold, but dry
10 ea:
Flutter kicks
Baby arm circles (both ways)

R & R


Mosey to the coupon pile at Nicholas Cage’s temple. Pick your coupon wisely!

Go to hill between the church and masonic temple

20 curls at bottom
Over head carry to top of the hill
20 coupon squats
Drop coupon
Run back to the bottom of the hill
20 merkins
Run to the top of the hill
20 ssh
Over head carry to the bottom of the hill

R and R

Mosey to the parking lot on Hotel

CMU Circut:
25 KB swings
20 OH press
15 squat press
10 curl & tricep ext
5 block burpee press

25 bbs

R and R (total three rounds)

hold plank in front of CMU for no particular count.
move hands on top of CMU and perform 2 merkins
move back to ground, then to elbows, back to standard plan, to CMU and perform 2 merkins.

R and R


King, Queen , Jester

Q 101 Saturday at Asylum

Sweet, Steamy 16


Colder than a polar bear’s toe-nail in the middle of winter in Antarctica – BUT GOOD TO BE ALIVE


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness/Fellowship/Faith
  • Name is Steam and I’m honored to be your QIC this morning
  • Couple things before we begin:
    • Not a pro
    • You’re here on your own volition – you made a choice to be here this morning: make it count!
    • If you need to modify anything we do this morning feel free to do so but push yourself and those around you. They deserve it and so do you.
  • I will have my phone, water, CPR and a med kit inside my ruck just so everyone is aware as well. If you got keys/wallet/whatever go ahead and throw em in there



  • SSHs: 12×4 IC
  • Rockette: 12×4 IC
  • Windmill: 12×4 IC 

  • Baby Arm Circles: 6×4 F & 6×4 B
  • Mountain Climbers: 12×4 IC
  • Army Standard Merkins (shoutout to Soot): 12×4 IC



(Mosey to new small track)

  1. The 50 Cent
  • Battle Buddy up
  • Execute 10 BB sit-ups (only 1 BB)
    • Take a lap together
  • Execute 10 BB sit-ups (other BB)
    • Take a lap
  • Rinse & Repeat until each BB has completed 50 total BB sit-ups
    • As a team y’all will switch who is executing the BB sit-ups before the lap = 10 laps total as a team

(15 count)

(Q calls on the 2 FNGs to share a fun fact about themselves as PAX are catching their breath)

(mosey to closer side of the small bridge over WFP water)

  1. 27s
    • Battle buddy up
    • 1 side of the water/abyss: merkins (1 count)
    • Roundabout (other side): lunge (1 count)
    • Start with 26 merkins here :: 1 lunge there

(Q reminds PAX that it’s okay if the plan doesn’t go exactly as planned – push hard for 10 minutes and see where we are together)

  • PAX gets down to 20 merkins together and CRUSHES 10 minutes of 27s

(PAX mosey up the stairs towards the big ball and then back down facing the greenspace)

  • 2 columns
  • BB American Indian Run back to the AO
    • BB team in the back sprints up and recovers to the front
  • A Big Ball Classic: Cadence Call on the mosey back home aka Call & Repeat
    • “F3”
    • “Good for You”
    • “Good for Me”
    • HOOAH”
    • “HA-HA”
    • “HOOAH”
    • HA-HA”
    • “1 2 3”
    • “I love F3”
    • “4 5 6”
    • “Picking Up Sticks”
    • ” 7 and 8″
    • “F3 is great”
    • “9 and 10”
    • “Let’s do it all again”
    • “HOOAH”
    • “HA-HA”



(PAX circle back up in the AO with 60 seconds left in the game)

  • SSH: 20 x 4 IC


14 PAX – 2 FNGs

PAX: G-6, 8 Seconds, Clark, Swanson, Backdraft, Post Man, Half-Calf, Abort, Amazon, Dovetail, Bubblewrap, Reverb, Walrus, Steam

FNGs: Juice Box and Waco



[ The Process of Pruning ]



  • John 15:1-2 = “I am the true vine and my father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.”
  • Definition = “to trim by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth”
  • Wikipedia: The practice entails targeted removal of diseased, damaged, dead, non-productive, structurally unsound, or otherwise unwanted tissue from crop and landscape plants
  • This is not an easy process or even a fun process for the tree I’m sure.
  • Thinking about the process of pruning, think about this: The pruner cares too much/loves too much to let their tree/shrub be covered with structurally unsound or diseased/damaged limbs. The Father loves us so much – that He would lead us into the fire and walk with us through it as He continually prunes us and refines us as High Impact Men for HIS glory.

Keep the Faith & Fight the Good Fight men!