F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: 40ish, windy

  • Hillbillies x 15 IC
  • Tempo Diamond Merks x 10
  • Cherry Pickers x 8
  • Little this/that


Line up on the curb.

Partner up

Man carry Route 66. Alternate carrying each other between cones. Stop at every cone for increasing reps starting with 5 of:

  • Merkins
  • Thruster Merks
  • Burpees

Decrease reps by 1 on way back

Mosey to greenway hill


Iron Mike’s 4 count

Bernie up hill

Bicycles 4 count

Bear Crawl down

Mosey to AO

Global Warming

Everyone Al Gore in circle

AGT x 5 2 man at a time going in opposite directions.

2 passes


  • Peter Parkers x 12 IC
  • ABCs on Q
  • Captain Thor 6:24 IC
  • Scissors for 1 min on Q

44 including 1 FNG – BVD. Also there was Kentucky but couldn’t tag him.

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.


I can sometimes lose sight of what I’m working towards. Throughout the year I have to refocus myself because I’ve strayed from the path I wanted to be on. Whether because of some new shiney thing distracting me off to the side or because I backslid on my habits. I don’t have trouble making fitness and fun thing habits. Where I struggle to find my destiny is in work. Sometimes I just feel like I’m on cruise control and not actively thinking, acting and making habits. I think the hardest place to make habits and form our destiny is in the things that we like to do the least. Take some time this week to think of some place in your life you know you need to be taking care of business but haven’t been able to shape that destiny by making good habits toward that end. Make a gameplan to get it done.

Hiding in the Bushes

THE SCENE: High 40s, drippy and drizzly but not pouring

SSH x25 or something like that.  Q screwed up the cadence so reps uncertain
LBAC x20 each way IC
TN Rocking Chairs x15 IC
Al Gore Tuck Jumps x8
Hindurkins x15 IC

Mosey to the steps by the ball. Hop up first flight of stairs on right foot,
head south and down the steps, circle back around to hop up stairs on left foot.

Keep heading south and down the steps that some idiot decided should be painted with high-gloss paint. Successfully navigated without injury.
Pair up in groups of 3, each group picks up one large and two small coupons from the bank of the stream.

Cross the street to the safe, unpainted set of stairs.
One PAX at top, one PAX at bottom, one PAX in motion for each group
Small coupon exercises on the streetcorner at the bottom of the stairs until relieved:
-Side Raise
-Wax On/Wax Off
-Raise the Roof

Large coupon exercises at the top (hidden by the bushes to avoid indecency citation during Hip Thrust)
-Fwd Raise
-Hip Thrust

2 rounds through the circuit and it’s time to head back.

Squeaked in some Protractors and 3 rounds of Row your Boat
15 strong, no FNGs braved the drizzle. Good to see Acapella visiting the gloom from South GA
Jeremiah 2:13 – “For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, The fountain of living waters, To hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns That can hold no water.”

Last week I had to replace my water heater. It was old, and had a good run, but it sprang a small leak. Fortunately I managed to get it out before a catastrophic failure. Pulling the old, leaking tank, partly full of sediment, out of the house made me think of Jeremiah 2:13. Be careful where you are looking for your water, your fulfillment. Anything but the source of Living Water is just a cracked and useless cistern.



Playtime at the Asylum

42 and clear

Welcome & Disclaimer

SSH x20 (IC)
Atlas Stretch x10 each leg (IC)
Dive Bombers x15 (IC)
Arm Circles Forward x15 (IC)
Arm Circles Backward x15 (IC)

Split into to groups, one group to playground the other to the parking lot next to the playground.

Group 1…
Zig-Zag Run
Run to each cone and do x15 of stated exercise, then run to next cone. At the last cone run on the outside of the parking lot to start line. Rinse and repeat.
Cone 1 – BBS
Cone 2 – Narrow Squats
Cone 3 – Merkins
Cone 4 – Hello Dolly
Cone 5 – Jump Squats
Cone 6 – Shoulder Taps
Cone 7 – Diamond Merkins
Cone 8 – Burpee

AMRAP for 15 min

Group 2…
Bench Bonanza
5 Rounds, each round 2.5 min with 30 second break between rounds. One person does Ex 1 while other does Ex 2. When the person finishes Ex 1 switch, rinse and repeat until time expires.
Round 1: Ex 1 – Step Ups x15/leg; Ex 2 – Bench Dips
Round 2: Ex 1 – Box Jumps x15; Ex 2 – Flutter Kicks
Round 3: Ex 1 – Bulgarian Split Squats x15/leg; Ex 2 – Incline Merkins
Round 4: Ex 1 – Side Step Ups x10/leg; Ex 2 – Decline Carolina Dry Docks
Round 5: Ex 1 – Elevated Reverse Pickle Pounders x15; Ex 2 – Derkins

Group 1 and 2 switch places

After both groups have completed each sequence, mosey to parking lot as one group


Thor Hammers – (1 BBS + 4 American Hammers, then 2 BBS + 8 American Hammers, 3 BBS + 12 American Hammers…)
x6 IC

Number off and Name-O-Rama


To be a HIM, we have to be leaders who know where we are going and why we are going there. Life is full of distractions, but HIMs stay committed and focused. One of they keys to living this type of life is to establish and stay true to your N.U.T.s – Non-negotiable, Unalterable Terms! Without our NUTs we can’t be men of impact.

For your YHC it starts with looking beyond this life. Matthew 6:33 – “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”


The PAX came out hungry and ready to attack this morning’s workout! We used every minute of the 45 we had, and got better together.


Mid-week Beatdown

39 degrees clear

Intro and Disclaimer

Side Straddle Hops x20 (IC)
Rockettes x15 (IC)
Michael Phelps’ x15 (IC)
Windmills x15 (IC)
Arm Circles x 15 (IC)

Mosey to lacrosse field.  Pick up coupons on the way

Line up on end line of lacrosse field and partner up.  Complete the following reps of each exercise each round as a team.
1st Round: 200 Squat Jumps with Coupons
2nd Round: 150 Merkins
3rd Round: 100 Lunges (Audible to 50)
4th Round: 30 Man Makers

Mosey to top of Cardiac Hill (return coupons)

Flutterkicks x25 (IC) then run to the bottom of Cardiac Hill
Inclined BBS x25 (IC) then run up Cardiac Hill
Heel Grabbers x20 (IC)

Mosey back to parking lot

Count Off and Nama-O-Rama

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuJTqmpBnI0 (Beauty and the Beast- Gaston “the Man”- The world tells us that to be a man we have to be like Gaston. Strong, good looking, skilled, have girls falling at our feet etc. Even the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast portray a manly man in this manner. Larry Crab, famous author, says, “The only way to be manly is to be Godly,” and being Godly looks extremely different than how most men act today. To be Godly is to live a life modeled after Jesus, who freely gave to all of us by sacrificially coming to earth to give himself away, so that through him we may have life. Now, that is MANLY! Giving our life away to others, instead of taking, and trying to live out the life of a “man” that this world portrays.

“There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to death”- Proverbs 14:12

The pack was ready to get going this AM with several new FNGs in the house to take on their first F3 workout. The PAX hung tough on the LAX field, even in some dark and gloomy conditions and chased after the stars to complete a great DORA workout. Cardiac Hill never disappoints, but only doing it once this morning was a slight tease, more to come later at the next Bandwagon Beatdown!

Submitted by Bandwagon

No Jokes…Just Work!

58 degrees and damp

Welcome & Disclaimer

COP (5 min)

  • SSH 25x IC
  • Diagonal Lunges 12x IC
  • Dive Bombers 10x IC
  • Imperial Walkers 15x IC
  • Arm Circles Forward 15x IC
  • Arm Circles Backward 15x IC

All done in order with no rest (without leaving plank position)

  • 15 Alternating Shoulder Touches (4-count IC)
  • 10 Tempo Merkins (4-count IC)
  • 10 fast Merkins (single count IC)

Rinse and repeat 3X then run the hill and touch gate.

Line up on the curb and partner up.

No Pain No Gain Sprinters – Parking Lot (20 min)

  • Battle Buddy 1 performs 20 BBS while Battle Buddy 2 holds their feet in a plank position.
  • Battle Buddy 1 switches to Wide Merkins while Battle Buddy 2 sprints to a cone and completes appropriate burpees and sprints
    • 1st cone = 5 Burpees
    • 2nd cone = 10 Burpees
    • 3rd cone = 15 Burpees
  • Battle Buddy 2 then performs the progression.
  • Rinse and repeat until time.

Mosey to covered area

Let Me Ups / Jumping Squats
Let Me Ups 30 sec, 10 count
Jumping Squats for 30 sec, 10 count
6X of each exercise

Hello Dolly 20x IC
Superman / Bananas IC
Lance Armstrongs 20x IC

Number-O-Rama & Name-O-Rama, 1 FNG – 2 Stroke

Manhood is more than being male, it’s about how we do life.  Men are life-givers, not life-suckers.  One problem is when asked, most men can’t give a clear and concise definition of what it means to be a man.  Almost 13 years ago YHC learned a definition of manhood that not only stuck, but has guided me and I am now seeking to impart to my boys.  The definition consists of 4 simple maxims:

Real Men…Reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously and expect a greater reward (God’s reward)

We were created for impact, to bring life to the situations and relationships we find ourselves in.  Today is a new day…don’t memorize the definition, LIVE IT and go be a HIM in your world!

Some mornings are tougher to get to the AO than others…this one was tough for YHC.  But as soon as I got there it felt like home and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!  The PAX showed up and did the hard thing, and we all got better…AYE!