F3 Knoxville

Just 10 reps


Close to 3 mile ruck shuffle stopping about every 3/4 mile for ladder work

. 10 thrusters ,

10 thrusters 20 curls ,

10 thrusters 20 curls 30 OH,

10 thrusters 20 curls , 30 OH 40 squats
Just 10 reps on the football field . Start at the goal line. Every 10 yards stop and do 10 reps of the said exercise  until you get to the other goal line. Always carrying your sandbag . When you get to the other goal line , Ruck back w sandbag to the start , do the next exercise on the list. Do this until all 10 exercises are compete. When rucking back to the start, you have to at least baby carry and ruck shuffle back w sandbag, exercises were ;

10 push-ups
10 squats
10 sit-ups, ruck on front
10 overhead presses
10 Bent over rows (sand bag rows)
10 hand release push-ups
10 jump squats
10 butterfly sit-ups, ruck on front
10 Ruck Curls;
10 burpee thrusters

1000 reps total plus the ladder reps of 200 and of you count how many times you had to dead lift the sand bag add another 100….

warm down lap around the track.
just over 5 miles and 1300 reps of good living . All with ruck and sandbag

stay loaded my friends !!


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4 ruck bruhs
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Burbs 9-11

THE SCENE: 76* and muggy again
Warm up lap: take off through the park and head towards West Hills Elementary, stop in the lot for 11 reps each of merkins, squats, curls.  Continue ruck, make a left on Vanosdale, left onto Bennington, left onto Corteland, and left onto N Winston.  At every road intersection, stop for another round of 11 reps each of merkins, squats, and curls.  Total of 9 rounds by the time we make it back to parking lot.

Meaning: The breakdown of the first responders killed on September 11th as follows: 37 Port Authority officers, 23 NYPD, 8 EMTs, and 343 firefighters.
The Work: Farmer carry ruck in one hand and sandbag in the other hand the length of the parking lot and back to simulate first responders carrying gear into the fray.  Once back to start, pay homage to the first responders with the following exercises (carry down and back, do one exercise; down and back, move to next exercise):

  • 37 brickyard manmakers
  • 23 eight-count bodybuilders
  • 8 bear complex with sandbag
  • 343 flutter kicks

Flutters were done as a group ring of fire style until we reached 343.  Back to your feet, ruck and sandbags over to the base of the N Winston hill.

Meaning: We don’t have stairs, but we have a huge hill.  Also, going over the bridge mirrors FDNY ladder 118 crossing the Brooklyn bridge heading for the towers.  The six giants on that firetruck all perished on the day.
The Work: Carry the sandbags up the hill.  Once everyone makes it to the top and safely into the parking lot, we honor ladder 118 with 11 eight-count bodybuilders.  Sandbags back up and mosey back down the hill.  Quick set of 10 counts for everyone (me) to get their breaths, turn around and do it again for the second tower.  Again, at the top we honor ladder 118 with a set of 19 reps each of merkins, squats, and curls (brings our total of each on the day to 118 reps).  Mosey back down for Mary.

20 flutters
20 hammers
15 flutters

In NYC last year I visited the 9/11 memorial, and just taking it all in I leaned against the memorial.  After a minute I looked down and noticed the name my hand was on, Abraham Zelmanowitz.  I remembered the name just because of how odd it was at the time.  Later while walking through the museum, I came across this man’s story.  Abraham worked on the 27th floor of tower one of the WTC.  He very easily could have gotten out of the building after the planes hit, but his friend and coworker Ed Beyea was a quadriplegic.  With the elevators out of service, Abraham chose to stay with his friend until help arrived to get Ed down the stairs and out of the building.  Unfortunately that help never came, and they were both killed in the collapse of the tower.  The selflessness and heroism of that day can never be overstated, both in first responders and in stories such as these.  19 years ago we vowed to never forget, and I hope that promise is one that we keep.

Do Work

THE SCENE: Humid. Like being in a mouth.

Put on ruck

Ruck 1.3 miles to Bearden Middle

20 min AMRAP (yes, Ruck on)

  • 10 OHP
  • 20 push-ups
  • 30 sit-ups
  • 40 squats
  • 100 meter ruck

Ladder Part 1: 12 min begin with one rep of each exercise and continue to add till time runs out. Remember how many rounds completed for Part 2.

  • curl
  • press
  • bear hug squat
  • Ruck high pull

Ladder Part 2: 12 min using #of reps from Part 1 work back down ladder with two exercises below.

  • Ruck Burpee
  • 4 ct Mtn climber

Ruck back to SP

30 Flutters IC ruck OH



Man who farts in church, sits in own pew.

Build-A-Blocks Play Date

THE SCENE: Mod humidity, clear and warm

25 SSH IC, Toy Soldiers x 10 IC, Donkey Whips x 10 IC, (B) Hip Circles on all 4’s x 10 (B) IC, Tempo SQTS IC x 10, OH Claps x 25 IC, Seal Claps x 25 IC
Mosey w/ CMU’s around the lot to the cones.  Perform Constructed Ex as follows:

  • 25 Hand release squats with CMU–> lunge to next cone
  • 25 UR Rows–> lunge to next cone
  • 25 Curls–> lunge to next cone
  • 25 (B) Trunk Rotation w/ CMU
  • 25 OH Press w/ CMU
  • Combine all previous exercises as one in order x 25
  • Leave CMU and do a lap back to it
  • Repeato in reverse except only do 5 reps of the combo and 25 each of the rest, lunging b/w cones w/ CMU in tow
  • Perform Cherry Pickers until last HIM has done 5
  • Perform another lap around p-lot
  • Crab walk to AO
  • lap back to CMU and walk it back to AO
  • MARY:

Star Gazer x 1 (for Tractor who used two brick instead of his CMU), Supermans x 10 IC, Press Ups x 10, Alternating single arm raises in plank position IC x 10, Flutter kicks x 30, Freddy Mercuries x 20, Crab Reachers x 10 IC, Boat-Canoe x 3
Suave, Biohazard, Tractor, Oscar, Fast-n-Easy, A-Rod, Mr. Wedgie, Herbie, & Natty all made it with proper attitudes!
talked about planting the seed, inspired from Armstrong (from Arizona) who is currently in Bend, OR planting the F3 seed. Check out 1 Cor 3: 6-9
Pray for A-Rod on his trek to Idaho as well as all the teachers, students, admins, and families that must deal with the challenges presented by Covid-19
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Mouth breather 3.0



grab sand bag , ruck up around lovers land

Between each set below , ruck run a lap around lovers , the last lap before beginning the next round , sandbag ruck that lap. Total 15 laps , just over 4 miles and 900 reps of the following ;

  • Round 1

    5 sets

    1.Merkins x 20

    2.Reverse lunges x 10 per leg

    3.Ruck on chest BBS x 20

    Round 2

    5 sets

    1.Thrusters x 20

    2.Calf raise x 20

    3.Plank jack x 20 2-count

    Round 3

    5 sets

    1.Mtn climbers x 20 4-count

    2.Squat jumps x 20

    3.Ruck hammers x 20

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4 mouth breathers , one fish out of water gasping for air (me)
Work was done
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