F3 Knoxville

surf and turf ruck

Big Ball Ruck
Workout Date: 6 Feb 2019
QIC: Abort

THE SCENE: 52* and rainy, great day to build some character

Gear inspection and move out, no warm up here.  Gear included: all ruckers with rucks at challenge weight + water, one 60 pound sandbag (Irene), one 80 pound sandbag (Black Betty).  Ruck up and move to Emerald Youth soccer fields.

Quick warm up there:
Tempo squats
BAC forward
Chinooks (or Sudokus)

Workout began with pushup and situp test from APFT/Heavy PT test.  Partner up and hold each other’s feet, then fist on the ground for pushups while partner performs 2 minutes max pushups and 2 minutes max situps.  PAX to try to remember and see how they improve after 2 month winter challenge from Charity Challenges.

Next was to dine on some surf and turf, stolen from Brickyard workout A-Rod posted last week.

  • 100 yard bear crawl
  • Take a break with 5 rounds of Amazon complex with 60 pound sandbag
  • 100 yard crab walk (this was funnnn)
  • Another break with 5 more rounds of Amazon complex (burpee over bag, strict curl, clean, squat, press toss to next man)

Ruck up and move back towards start point.

Once back at start point for false finish, take sandbags off shoulders and hold them in front for some extra distance carries.  Basically walking and kicking the sandbag while smoking already toasty shoulders.  Trade out sandbags at even intervals.

No time for Mary, which was nice since it was soaking wet (though we already were too).

4 weirdos: Swanson, Pfeiffer, Amazon, Abort