F3 Knoxville

Slot Cars (The Grateful Grid)

Workout Date: 31 Jul 2019
QIC: Trolley

THE SCENE: 73 very nice.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER ( I got the order right!)


20 SSH, High Knees + Burpee + toe-tap-shuffle, Cherry Pickers, Plank Destroyers, Donkey Kicks, Crabets, Clap Merkins, Freddy Mercuries, Mtn parkers, Peter Parkers, Squat Walkers, Iron Mikes.


Welcome to the Grid! A 10×10 square parking lot with over a 100 stalls in it.  We did one exercise per stall in a snaking fashion in teams of two.  The 10 rows of exercise were:

  1. Plank Destroyers
  2. Crabets
  3. Freddy Mercuries
  4. Mountain Parkers
  5. Peter Parkers
  6. Squat Walkers
  7. Donkey Kicks
  8. Iron Mikes
  9. Burpees
  10. Clap Merkins

The exercises stayed the same for each column and only changed when you completed a row.  The distance between columns were determined by the painted lines of the parking stalls.  We did one rep per stall.

So we did 10 reps of each exercise, but each rep was separated by about 30 feet.  So we got up and got down at least 100 times in addition to the exercises.

We started off in teams of two (the slot car drivers) and launched successive teams as the previous team reached the next column of stalls.  It spread out nicely but we were all close enough to encourage one another on the passes or the different directions.  The “slots” were the rows of stalls we tried to stay in.

We finished one round then started on the next round. In round two, instead of moseying from stall to stall we burnied down and bear crawled back.  Almost finished the crabets and then called time.

Freddy Mercuries
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