F3 Knoxville

Showing Up for Life

Workout Date: 17 Jan 2019
QIC: Pele

THE SCENE: low 40s and drizzly… sure lived up to the GLOOM in Fake Gloom!


20 SSH (IC), Little of this and that, 10 Cherry Pickers, 10 Baby Arm Circles forward/backward, 20 Tempo Squats (IC)


  • Mosey up the tail of the dragon and around, down baby Everest, and back to AO to warm up.
  • MINI TABATA (20 sec on/10 sec off x 6):
    • Carolina Dry Docks *
    • American Hammers *
    • Peter Parkers *
    • LBCs *

* Run up Baby Cardiac after each set.

Mosey to parking lot across street

LIEUTENANT DANS (split into two groups)

  • Two lunges+ Squat =1, Ascending reps, to group, which is holding Al Gore. Then second group returns.
  • Rinse and repeat, adding a Bobby Hurley to the squat rep.


  • Run forward ¼ across parking lot, Bernie Back.  5 star jumps
  • Repeat ½ way across. 5 star jumps
  • Repeat all the way to curb. 5 star jumps
  • RINSE AND REPEAT, but with 5 Burpees instead of star jumps.


  • 20 Hello Dollies (4-ct), BERNIE SANDERS TO NEXT CORNER
  • 20 Mountain Climbers (4-ct), HOP TO NEXT CORNER
  • 20 Smurf Jacks (4-ct), regular JOG TO NEXT CORNER.

30 Bicycle kicks (IC)

Nine Strong!


Showing up for Life

This past Tuesday marked the 10 year anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson, when Captain Sully Sullenberger safely landed an aircraft with 155 people on board on the Hudson River.  There were no casualties, in large part due to the preparedness and quick thinking of Sully, his crew, and the first responders. After reading about the incident, I was incredibly impressed with how Sully handled the situation, his ability to work under pressure, his humility, and his leadership.  I purchased his book, HIGHEST DUTY, and found some thought-provoking passages in there about his outlook on life that I wanted to share .

In the chapter “Showing Up For Life”, he begins by recounting an incident he heard on the news when he was a 13 year old growing up in Texas. A woman named Kitty Genovese had been sexually assaulted and killed outside her apartment in Queens.  Apparently, her screams were heard by others, but no one did anything about it.  The “Bystander Effect” was partly to blame; people are less apt to help in an emergency when they assume or hope that others will step up and help.  Sully made a pledge that day that if ever someone needed help, he would act. No one in danger would be abandoned.  Not on his watch.

When Flight 1549 crashed into the water, his crew assisted in getting everyone out of the airplane. Sully was the last to leave.  He walked the plane up and down, twice, to make sure no one was still on the plane.  No Man Left Behind.  Only when he was CERTAIN that no one still needed help in evacuating the plane did he himself jump into one of the rafts. When describing why he feels that ordinary people act courageously in extraordinary situations he says: “I believe many people in those situations actually have made decisions years before. Somewhere along the line they came to define the sort of person they wanted to be, and then they conducted their lives accordingly.  They told themselves they would not be passive observers. If called upon to respond in some courageous or selfless way, they would do so.”

Sully did that when he was 13, when he heard about Kitty Genovese.  It helped him act instinctively to save 155 people that cold January day 10 years ago. HIMs do not go through life as bystanders!  My coach used to say, if you visualize it, you will do it.   Take a moment and visualize how you would react in an emergency, what you would do if someone needed help in a life or death situation.  Will you be a bystander? Or will you act.

Prayers for Puddle’s roommate, who is a young man recovering from an illness.