F3 Knoxville

Touching Dwayne and doin laps

The Dog Pound
Workout Date: 25 Feb 2021
QIC: Tank


We did some side straddle Hops because it is mandatory at every F3 work out, we did some push-ups we did some Rockettes, and we did some cherry pickers for the old men including me.
X marks the spot (for not necessarily pain stations but slightly uncomfortable stations that some people may not find that uncomfortable, but some people might so we’re going to call them not necessarily pain stations.)

at every exit along the loop you do the following exercises adding one quantity at each X. Start with Merkins and do one on first X 2 on second X etc. Total of 10 Xs. at X 5 run up hill to touch Dwayne (The Rock) and back down to continue loop. Change exercise each lap. They are:

  • Merkins
  • Squat jumps
  • Shoulder tap Merkins
  • Lunges per leg
  • Arm raise Merkins

We circled up for some plank ring around the Rosie. Doing push-ups each time someone completes a lap. Then we did some leg raises and V ups.
10 pax
I didn’t have anything formally prepared but I wanted to speak to the packs about service. We have a God given gift as men to help others. Often times we don’t look for ways to serve but wait until they’re given to us. I challenge them in to look at Waze this week and try and find opportunities to serve someone else. Whether it be talking to someone that needs help, bringing food to someone, whatever. Just look for opportunities. Then butters shared about a woman he met through his work that needs help With food while she is down with a hip injury.
It has been several weeks since I have been out to the dog pound or any F3 work out for that matter, and before that I was very sporadic. I’ve been dealing with several injuries as well as straight up laziness. I miss the camaraderie and they work out very much. My day was so much better after working out although I am pretty darn sore today. It was also great to see @underhand out there again after a two-year hiatus.
Maryville launch announcement,