F3 Knoxville


Big Ball
Workout Date: 12 Oct 2019
QIC: Magic Mic

THE SCENE: Cloudy, 60-ish

SSH x 20 (4 count)

Baby Arm Circles x 15 (4 count) forward and backward

Shoulder Taps x 15 (4 count)

Cherry Pickers x 10 (4 count)

Little of this, little of that

  • Mosey to amphitheater for 11’s – Box jumps onto stage, inverted rows at top of seats
  • Ring of Fire on stage – American hammers adding a rep each revolution from 1 to 5
  • Mosey to lower parking lot at edge of park for Doras – 150 merkins and 150 big boys total per duo
  • Mosey back to amphitheater for Ring of Fire – Same as earlier but with squats instead of hammers
  • 11’s again with choice of exercises – Any ab exercise on stage, any chest exercise at top of seats
  • Easy Mosey back to fountains – 10 more merkins + 10 flutterkicks (led and picked by Duggar and Midas)

7 Total
Spoke about the use of the term “remember” in Genesis. As a verb the Hebrew word “Zakar” means “to remember”, but as a noun it means “male”. We were made to bear the image of God and to remember Him, but the Old Testament gives a detailed record of Israel’s failure to do so. So just as we remember to set alarms and set out clothes, we should be men who remember God and who we were designed to be
Pray for Drive Thru and his wife as they are trying to conceive and have just begun therapy, Midas for exam grades, and myself and my wife as we try to buy our first home.