F3 Knoxville

Operation CMU Extraction

Bomb Shelter
Workout Date: 4 Jan 2020
QIC: Drifter

THE SCENE: It was a drizzly day in the South American jungle that day. Which is to say it was pouring. Hard.

We didn’t have much time to prepare. The situation was too dire. Word had reached us that things had grown beyond what we had feared in the CMU concentration camp. So we did the only thing we could, saddled up for a black ops extraction (i.e. 10 SSH). The mission would be high in the mountains (10 mtn climbers 4ct) so we loaded up the choppers and they waved us out (10 overhead claps).
They must have known we were coming. They shot down two of our choppers and only my team was left to get those CMUs out of that hell hole. There were five of us. Moses, our squad lead, took some shrapnel in his arm and leg, so it was up to me to get things underway. We made an emergency landing in the Swamp. It was tricky getting out of there but we managed.

1. Leaving the swamp (softball field):

  • 10 iron squats
  • 10 sprint line touches (20 yards)
  • 10 right side lunge
  • 10 left side lunge
  • Ascend to the camp

The security in the camp was much tighter than we thought as well. We could only get one CMU to the extraction point at a time. We code-named the camp, The Summit. Once there; Fins, our gunner; Hammy, our medic; Butterfingers, our explosives expert; and I took up support positions while Moses moved in for the first extraction.

Support positions held any of the following while extraction was underway:

  • Hold onto pullup bar
  • Knees above parallel bars
  • Squat on balance board
  • Low dip on bench
  • Low plank

Extraction Person:

  • 10 upright rows
  • 10 squat thrusts
  • 10 curls
  • Move CMU to extraction point
  • Repeat for as long as support team can hold position

I’m not sure who broke position. But after that, it was sheer chaos. We hightailed it out of there until we were able to regroup on the far side of the camp. From their we tried another ascent. We recalled Ma’am’s training and got back to the camp. Butterfingers affectionately named that little mudhole “Ma’am’s Bottom”

2. Ascent from Ma’am’s bottom:

  • 10 BBS
  • Sprint (I’m up, they see me, I’m down)
  • 10 WW2 sit ups
  • Sprint (I’m up, they see me, I’m down)
  • Repeat 3 times then continue to camp

We attempted another rescue attempt, but it wasn’t long before we had to make another retreat. We found ourselves in a strange place. An old bridge that no one seemed dumb enough to cross but us. Getting back across was another story…

Paying the troll toll:

  • 10 body builders
  • 10 SSH 4ct
  • 10 meekins
  • 10 mtn climbers
  • Ascend to camp

This process continued for about an hour. Retreat to the swamp, extract a CMU, retreat to Ma’am’s bottom, extract a CMU, retreat to troll bridge, extract a CMU, and back to the swamp.

Unfortunately, they caught on to our reuse and we had to leave…. I wish we could have got them all, but it was just too much without the other two teams…

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Though it can seem like we are doing things just to get them out of the way to be happy later, we really need to enjoy what God has put right in front of us. Like Daniel, God has us where he wants us, and asks us to be faithful to him. So like Daniel both sought the good of Babylon while still remaining faithful to God (in not eating pig for example), he trusted God to take care of punishing Babylon. So too we need to be faithful to God’s commands to love and be patient with those around us, and trust Him to give us Joy and Purpose for the things we set out hands to. He has you where you are right now for a reason.

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