F3 Knoxville

My final Q

The Dog Pound
Workout Date: 30 Jan 2018
QIC: Waxjob

THE SCENE: Cloudy, cool, with a few snowflakes drifting into view… Ratchet and Bowflex to name a couple.

SSH x25 IC
Cherry Pickers x10 IC
LBAC x20 each way IC
Russian Dance x10 each leg (holding squat, alternate forward heel taps)
Outhouse Run, Bernie back
Shoulder Taps x20 IC
Plank Twist with reach through – x10IC each arm

Form 2 lines and Indian Run over to where the boats were for 11s on the hill.
Box jumps at the bottom, Ranger merkins at the top.
First and last trip up the hill are backward bear crawl.
Other trips alternate sprint and Bernie Sanders.

Finish up at the top, mosey across the parking lot and down the path and stairs for
10 burpees at the bottom
20 BBS between staircases
30 Merkins at the top of the hill
20 BBS betweeen staircases
10 burpees at the bottom
Gas pumps or other ab work until 6 up

Mosey around to the base of the Matterhorn, circle up for Tempo Sumo Squats – x20 IC

2 lines Blacksnake back to the AO

Bicycle x20 IC
Side Crunches x20 IC each side
Row your Boat a few times
Superman Swim x15 IC
AMRAP Merkins for the last minute.

18 PAX representing! (sorry, Pirate… working on your tag)
Nothing extremely profound today. It was my final Q… for the month of January. February is a new month with a bunch of opportunities to step up and lead!
Over January I snagged a Q at each of the 7 Knoxville AOs. Getting out and working with men from all the areas of town was a real joy and privilege. If your AO’s slots get filled up, grab a Q or two at another AO. You’ll be glad you did!
Apparently box jumps on the big rocks by the hill are deemed a bit risky by most of the PAX. Something about not wanting to fall down a cliff or something? I dunno. Some of them managed to not jump all the way over their rocks…
3rd F opportunity this Sunday delivering basketballs and leading 2.0 workout at Wesley House, Alcoa CSAUP