F3 Knoxville

Muggy Friday

Workout Date: 30 Jun 2017
QIC: Bartman

Low 70s & muggy

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Imperial Walkers IC x 10
Tempo Squat IC x 10
This/that/these/those stretches

Indian run toward the Asylum building

Cone course of 5 cones + steep hill.  3 laps around the course performing exercises at each cone.
Everything on a single count x 20 reps.
Rd1:  Hello Dolly , Diamond Merkins, Squats, Downhill bear crawl, Dive Bombers
Rd2:  Squat Jumps, American Hammers, Dry Docks, Burpees, Smurfjacks
Rd3:  Starjacks, Iron Mikes, Plankjacks, Box Cutters, Wide Merkins

Mosey back to hill beside AO

Battle buddy up & grab 1 CMU per pair.  Buddy A runs to top of hill and performs 10 Windmill Merkins while Buddy B does the following.
Rd1:  Curls
Rd2:  Overhead Press
Rd3:  Upright Rows

Pyramids.   10 reps of each exercise with a 10 pace bear crawl out & back between rounds.
Rd1:  Merkins
Rd2:  Merkins, Squats
Rd3:  Merkins, Squats, Big Boy Situps
Rd4:  Merkins, Squats, Big Boy Situps, Lunges

Final minute:  1 minute of Merkins

Number Off and Name-O-Rama

Does your marriage serve as a witness for Christ?  How do you treat your wife…do you treat her as a daughter of God, just like you want to be treated as a son of God?  When other people look at your relationship with your wife do they see a picture of the gospel?

I recently watched a video series that revolved around these questions and it really impacted me.  The take home point was that I do indeed need to be looking at my marriage in light of eternity.  Instead of focusing on the benefits or frustrations I personally receive from my marriage, I need to put the focus on Christ.  Once I do that I become stronger and more purposeful in everything I do.  I no longer focus on how my wife has frustrated me, or made me mad, or how she doesn’t live up to stereotypical expectations.  Rather, I begin to view her as my partner for sharing the gospel.  Marriage is a perfect union that is a picture of how Christ loved the church and we should be using our marriages to bring glory to Him.