F3 Knoxville

Le Kraken

Workout Date: 3 Apr 2017
QIC: Sparky

57 degrees & storms-a-brewin

Welcome & Disclaimer


SSH x 25 IC
High knees across parking lot
Little bit o’ this
Little bit o’ that
Butt kicks back across parking lot

Mosey towards the Kraken; wagon wheel at halfway point for 1 round of circle burp.


8 cones are placed in a circle.
Complete the exercise at one cone and then run around
the circle of cones to the next cone (i.e., one loop +
one cone). Rinse & repeat until you have completed
all exercises.

Dry Docks x 30
Narrow Squats x 30
4ct Flutter Kicks x 20
Star Jacks x 30
4ct Should Taps x 20
Reverse Lunges x 30 (each leg is 1)
4ct Hello Dolly x 20
Smurf Jacks x 30

Super 21s:

Perform 1 situp & sprint to opposite side of parking lot.
Perform 1 merkin & sprint back.
Rinse & repeat, adding 1 rep to each round until you perform 21 sit-ups & 21 merkins. (Total rep count is 231 of each exercise if you finish)

Mosey back to AO for Mary:

Shoulder blasters (1 round)
Box Cutters x 25 IC
Mountain Climbers x 25 IC

Number off & Name-o-Rama


My wife and I were recently discussing the end of our 20s/beginning of our 30s and she commented that quite frankly she’s glad her 20s are over because they honestly didn’t start off very well. I found it to be an interesting note because it is so easy to remember “the good ole days”. We tend to relish in our past glory and forget the pain & angst that may have also been present.

Joshua Fields Milburn, 1/2 of the due known as “The Minimalists”, published an essay about this titled “30 is NOT the new 20”. Below are a few excerpts that echo what I’m getting at here:

“I officially turned 30 today…They say 30 is the new 20, but to be honest I’m glad that’s not true. I’m moving forward, not backwards.  I’m growing and I’m happy to be 30…today marks a new decade for me, a decade of opportunity…I will embrace this life, even though it scares…me at times. It is the only life I have. And I will love my life–a beautiful, terrifying, wonderous life–through the good times and the bad. Here’s to another 30 years, and then another”

(The full essay is here is anyone is interested: http://www.theminimalists.com/30/)

I think we are all guilty of some remorse when crossing into a new decade. Often we are not where we want to be financially or socially or emotionally or physically. It’s easy to think about how much better we could have been over the last decade if we’d only known what we know now. I challenge all of you, myself included, to focus on the present and plan for the future. Instead of looking backwards on what you haven’t done, remember to seize the opportunities that lie ahead and focus on what you CAN do now blessed to wake up and spend some time in the gloom with out brothers. Relish in that, and seize the day. Conquer the Kraken, and then move on the next one. AYE!