F3 Knoxville

JUCO Slaughterhouse revisited

Workout Date: 16 Dec 2019
QIC: Sargent Slaughter

THE SCENE: 53 degrees and Smoky

Identified 1 FNG- later to be named Hurri-can

Side Straddle Hops 10x 4-count

Tempo Squats 10x 4-count

Cherry Pickers 7x 4-count (SLOW)

  • Indian run from AO to new parking lot below sophomore hill, count off by 4s to create 4 groups; begin 4 station (20 rep per exercise) AMRAP.  Complete reps at your start point, then run 3/4 of a lap counter-clockwise to the next station, rinse and repeat.
  • Station 1- diamond walk + box cutters
  • Station 2- CMU pullovers + Big Boy Sit-ups (self-AAR; next time give a demonstration of CMU pullovers)
  • Station 3- Imperial Squat Walkers + 4-count Flutter Kicks
  • Station 4- Big (12″x8″x16″) CMU rows + Gas Pumps
  • Mosey back to AO

60 seconds to spare upon return to AO, completed tempo squats until 6:15 on the dot.

Paraphrased C.S. Lewis- I want to live my life such that when I die, ALL of hell rejoices knowing that I’m out of the fight.  To be fighters, we not only have to be physically ready, but mentally as well.  I carried a rucksack through the beatdown to represent the burdens that we bear.  1 Peter 5 says “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, CASTING ALL YOUR ANXIETIES ON HIM because he cares for you.”  As men, we tend to treat this action like fishing, and we cast our anxieties, burdens, and worries on God, only to reel them back in like a crank-bait.  We have to find a way to cut the line, and that can only be done through teamwork.  Use your support structure, use the team that has been created for you, not only at home, but within the brotherhood of F3.  The enemy prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.  We have to fight as a team, dropping our excess burdens in preparation for the fight.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the pre-order on Bro-lympics shirts, we need 2 more to complete it so that they’ll print them!