F3 Knoxville


The Dog Pound
Workout Date: 28 Aug 2018
QIC: Waxjob

THE SCENE: 72. Pretty humid.  Wispy clouds scuttling across the pale face of the waning gibbous moon.

SSH x30 IC
Crab Kicks x(something… PAX lost the count after 1. I blame Mayberry.)
Windmills x10 IC
Travoltas x10 each side IC
Cossack Squats x20 IC
Hand Release Merkins x10 OYO

Special add-on of 5 burpees for every vote of “*&$## Waxjob!” in last night’s poll about swimming in the beatdown… Surprisingly, only 5 burpees!


Grab a battle buddy, grab one CMU per team, and mosey to the hockey rink.

Line up on one side for some Humpty-Dumpty Dora 1,2,3!
Partners share 100 merkins, 200 big boys, and 300 squats.
As one partner does reps, other partner:
-Runs to opposite wall,
-Picks up CMU and sets it on the wall
-Vaults over the wall
-Sets CMU on the ground
-Runs to the asphalt and does a burpee
-Reverses the wall process with CMU and does another burpee
-Runs back to partner

After a 10 count, line up along the end line for 7s OYO: 8-count Body Builders on one end, Squat Jumps on the other.

Gather up CMUs and head back to the AO

Surprisingly, only one Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. 10 burpees all around in memoriam.

On your six for 15x Flutter Kicks IC, hard switch to 15 more Slutter Kicks IC
Left-Right-Center LBCs OYO until time
19 PAX today including FNG Earwig! (Jerry Valentin)
Ps. 37:4 – “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”.

Sounds great. “God’s gonna give me everything I want!” But that’s not what it says. He will give you the desires of your heart. His desires for you will be planted in your heart, such that they become your desires. These are his best for you, and these are what He will fill!

I posted a poll last night to see who was interested in a swimming leg for today’s beatdown. Can’t say I was surprised by the responses to the negative, but also just a hair disappointed. That cool water woulda felt good this morning…
Lunch this Thursday… It’s gonna happen! Also don’t forget F3-Versary first weekend in November.