F3 Knoxville

Friday is for 11s (on the 11th)

Workout Date: 11 Oct 2019
QIC: Steam

THE SCENE: Cool – felt good. Character-building good.

Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith. My name is Steam and I’ll be your Q this morning. Couple of things: Not a professional, you’re here on your own volition, you made a choice to be here. You know your body better than anyone, if you need to modify anything we do feel free to do it but push yourselves and push those around you. It’s Big Orange Friday, RED Friday, and the 11th of October. More to come on that…


SSH (Side-Straddle Hop) 11×4 in cadence

Rockette: 11×4 in cadence

Baby Arm Circles: 11×4 in cadence (Forward & Back)

Squats: 11×4 in cadence

Merkins (cmon, did people really expect a Friday Q without merkins?): 11×4 in cadence

Theme of the day is 11s (11th of October – ha ha ha…..)

[ Mosey to Playground by AO parking lot ]

  • 11s (Shoulda seen this coming from a mile away)
    • 1 Incline Merkin (benches)
    • Run to pavilion
    • Execute 10 box jumps
      • CORRECT FORM – Q demonstrates correct box jump form. Quality over quick. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
        • Jump up (feet planted on box (bench, etc)
        • Extend through the heels and legs, standing up straight and bringing hips up and forward
        • Jump down
    • R&R (Rinse and Repeat)
    • PAX gets spread out
    • Q identifies this and huddles PAX together at Pavilion
    • All-together –> PAX completes 11s –> runs back to the playground – executes 10 incline merkins –> sprints back to the pavilion and executes 1 good box jump in correct form

[ 10 count from PAX – walk and talk ]

[ Mosey to hill next to AO parking lot ]

  • Battle buddy up
  • “What the Hill”
    • Q explains what the hell “What the Hill” is
    • All PAX in bear crawl position
    • Move up the hill in bear crawl position
    • Counts off 11 paces of bear crawl
      • Executes 5 merkins
    • Q starts the 11 paces count-off, other PAX step up and counts the 11 + 5 merks
    • Reach the top of the hill
    • Q reminds PAX that its the 11th of October. Just because it’s not September 11th anymore, doesn’t mean that we should forget the sacrifices of 9/11 until next year. Ties in the hill element of pushing through the pain, climbing up/down that hill, without 60+ lbs of gear.
    • PAX heads back down hill in same movement
    • 1/2 way down Q gives the RECOVER and invites PAX to take 10
    • switches position from facing downhill to uphill –> crawl bear (Backwards)
    • Same movement: 11 paces + 5 merkins
    • Reaches the end of the hill

[ 10 count from PAX – walk and talk ]

[ PAX mosey to playground next to AO ]

  • Battle buddy it up
  • 11s (lol surprise)
    • 1 Man-Maker
    • 10 buddy situps
    • As a team
    • 75% of the way through –> Q gives a buy-out option: 25 squat holds with Seal Claps or finish out
    • Seal Claps win
    • PAX executes 25 seal claps while holding the squat position

[ 10 count mosey and count ]

[ PAX mosey to pavilion ]

  • New battle buddy it up
  • Circle around the flag post by the pavilion
  • All PAX execute 5 merkins THEN
  • 1 battle buddy at a time –> sprint to AO lot and starts flutter kicks
  • PAX recovers at AO lot and finishes out flutters together (25)


  • Q leads PAX in closing stretches (recover muscle groups)
  • Same way we came in this morning – we go out: PAX executes 11 loud and proud SSHs to end well

10 PAX – no FNGs

It’s the beginning of the end of the workweek (for most). I find Fridays are a good time to remember. Remember the past week – what worked, what didn’t, where you saw God show up.

  • It’s Big Orange Friday. REGARDLESS of how tomorrow turns out (Vols fans know exactly what I’m talking about) TODAY is Big Orange Friday and I will celebrate and live well in it.
  • RED Friday: Remember. Everyone Deployed. We are able to do this because people are over there doing that. Remember the brothers we have overseas serving a country who can so quickly forget about them. We won’t forget.
  •  I’ve been on a Lord of the Rings kick lately, for about the past 20 years. And was watching the Fellowship of the Ring yesterday and something really got me.
  • “Needless were none of the deeds of Gandalf in life. We do not yet know his full purpose.”
    •  What a way to describe someone. Needless were none of the deeds of______.” I want to be like that. Life full of purpose and the things I say and do not be needless. Also I think there is a beauty in not knowing our full purpose yet. The God we serve knows and it’s a beautiful thing when he gives us glimpses of what he has created us for in this life, but we don’t know our full purpose yet. That’s part of the adventure of walking with Him.
  • Way to end the week strong men – as we go to our families and loved ones this weekend – Keep the Faith & Fight the Good Fight.


Keep the Faith & Fight the Good Fight.


2nd F Convergence with F3 Northeastern TN/Goliath at the Gorge next weekend at Doe River Gorge! Check the F3 Knoxville GroupMe calendar for info or contact Abscess, Tank, Steam for more info on how to get signed up. It’s sure to be a blast.