F3 Knoxville

Fog and sandbags

'Burbs Ruck
Workout Date: 22 Jan 2021
QIC: Abort

THE SCENE: 36 and foggy

Quick warmup lap, jog pace around the greenway. Return back to pick up sandbags
Grab sandbags and take the greenway back to the field between baseball fields and tennis courts. 5 cones lined up hiding in the fog.

Line up with sandbags at first cone. Each cone requires 10 merkins/10 squats.
  • Bear crawl sandbag drag to second cone
  • Side toss to next cone
  • Other side toss to next cone
  • Bear crawl sandbag drag to final cone

Repeat going back, substituting 10 curls and 10 OH presses with ruck at cones. Grab sandbags and walk back to cars. Triangle drill set up. Go through exercise at each cone, lunge to next. 10 reps of each

  1. 8 count bodybuilders x10, bear crawl to next
  2. Mucho lego (wide squat narrow squat, lunge each leg) x10, bear crawl to next
  3. Ab smoker (sit-up with ruck on chest, press ruck, lower back for a four count flutter kick, feet down) x10

After round 1, carry sandbag up to first level of  parking lot. Round 2 up to second level. Round 3 up to third level.

Take sandbags up and touch Trader Joe’s

Flutters and presses
Capn Crunch, Drive Thru, Swanson, Abort