F3 Knoxville

Driftwood VQ – Catchin the Tail

The Dog Pound
Workout Date: 3 Dec 2019
QIC: Driftwood

THE SCENE: 33F and calm, dark and overcast – not as cold as yesterday!


Also included Tony Cozy (A-di-das) but he is not registered on site

  1. SSH (Side-Straddle-Hop) 15×3 in cadence
    • 1 Burpee on your own
  2. Imperial Walkers 15X3 in cadence
    • 2 Burpee on your own
  3. Cherry Pickers 5×3 in cadence
    • 3 Burpee on your own
  4. Baby Arm Circle 15×3 in cadence forward and backwards
    • 4 Burpee on your own
  5. 15 Air squats 15×3 in cadence
    • 5 Burpee on your own


[PAX mosey’s to stop sign at parking lot split] (0.18 miles)

  1. 15’s at stop sign 3X each exercise
    • 5 Burpee on your own
    • 5 air squat on your own
    • 5 Merkin on your own

[Pax mosey to parking lot and split into teams of 3-4 people] (0.13 miles)

  1. Catch the tail – 4 loops (0.56 miles) – run circle of outside parking spaces at Lakeside parking lot
  2. Parking lot 4 corners X 3 times Double row parking with handicap (0.21 miles)
    1. Corner 1 start
      • 15 shoulder taps (both shoulders =1)
      • 20 big boy sit up
    2. Bear Crawl to Corner 2
      • 15 hand release merkins
      • 20 hello dollies
    3. Sprint to corner 3 – full speed give it everything
      • 20 Overhead press
      • 10 squat jumps
    4. Lunge to Corner 4
      • 15 side crunches left
      • 15 side crunches right
    5. Sprint to Corner 1
  3. Mosey to grass hill – directly across from restaurant facing house X 3 times 120 length of grass (0.13 mi)
    1. 15 Dry docks using curb at top of grass hill
      • Run down the hill
    2. 15 Star jack at bottom
      • Bear Crawl to top
    3. Pax return to AO (0.23 miles)
    4. Suicides in tennis court
      1. Suicide 1 (down and back)
        • 15 big boy sit ups
      2. Suicide 2 (down and back)
        • 15 side crunch left and 15 side crunch right
      3. Suicide 3 (down and back)

ABSCESS – 10 Merkins OYO



Positive Thinking / Positivity is a current leadership trend and buzz word.  If you take it serious and not as Pollyanna (“an excessively or blindly optimistic person”) there are great habits and leadership skills that can be learned. Don’t just be positive, when life is easy. If you stay positive when life is hard it’s not Pollyanna. It’s about trusting God, overcoming obstacles, finding a way forward, and believing the best is yet to come!  Many COT’s provided by F3 HIM’s will give you fuel to stay positive.  The one thing that has really helped me to create a positive environment with my family is to Pray Continuously – what that means is that when you know it is about to erupt – stop for 2 seconds and say a prayer – pray for words, humility, and patience, it works – I always wondered how to Pray Continuously and by starting when I knew things might erupt I learned.

I encourage you (this means it’s really for me!) to take a 23 day challenge up to Christmas (this is practice for the Woodshack eating challenge), you don’t have to commit to eating better just try to do one “Positive” thing for the next 23 days … Truly Spread the Spirit of Christmas, Smile first, say thank you more, open the door for everyone, choose faith and not fear – Pray Continuously.

Special thanks to Mr Jinky for getting me into F3 (it took persistence, but I am forever grateful) and Abscess the “fake gloomers” that got me hooked on F3 and for coming all the way out to the Dog Pound (my AO home) in the early morning hours.  Only true friends/HIMs do this for their fellow brother.

Also, special thanks for La-Z-Boy for putting on the Q101 a few weeks ago, that was an EH for me to step up to the Q plate.  For those that have not Q’d yet, do it sooner rather then later, you’ll be glad you did.  And don’t worry you won’t remember most of the work-out, you will only remember the great support of F3 HIM!

3rd F convergence at the Truck Stop – Saturday at 7AM Workout followed by 3rd F at Two Rivers Church