F3 Knoxville

Desert Storm

Workout Date: 31 Aug 2016
QIC: P-Nut

THE SCENE 71 degrees and DARK

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

Side Saddle Hop        ICx20
Imperial Walkers        ICx10
Baby Arm Circle         ICx15
Reverse Arm Circle    ICx15
Squats                        ICx15
Calf Raises                 ICx15
Burpees                      OYOx10

PAX divided up into groups of three for a set of grinders at the AO.  One member started on a set of 250 merkins at one end of the parking lot, while another member started 250 squat presses with a CMU.  Third member of the team carried a sandbag from one end of the parking lot to the other.  Rinse and repeat until groups finished 250 of each exercise.

Mosey to Cardiac Hill

PAX did 30 merkins OYO at the bottom of Cardiac Hill, sprinted to the first turn and did a bearcrawl to the second turn- before sprinting to the top and finishing with another 30 merkins.

Mosey back down to start point (bottom of Cardiac Hill)

30 lunges at the bottom of Cardiac Hill, with a sprint to the firs turn.  Lunge to the second turn and sprint to the top.  20 squat jacks at the top.

Mosey back to the AO

PAX did 20 merkins in the parking lot, then divided into two teams.

Mosey to the playground parking lot

PAX formed two lines and took turns racing 100 yards to the end of the parking lot and returning to the starting line.  While a team member was running, the rest of the PAX were doing lunges, squats, LBC’s and merkins.

Mosey back to the AO

Hello Dolly      ICx25

Number off and Name O Rama

YHC read Proverbs 17:17 and discussed that we need to lean on our brothers when we face adversity.  We also need to have the awareness to see when our brothers need a lift.

YHC then prayed us out.

Lots of spirited mumblechatter and general male goofiness.  It’s a blessing to begin the day with this group.