F3 Knoxville

Crazy 48s

Truck Stop
Workout Date: 8 Jun 2019
QIC: Waxjob

THE SCENE: 70s… Wet and muggy! Not raining though.

SSH x25 IC
Tempo merkins x10 IC
Rockettes x15 IC
Tie Fighters x10 each way IC
Hindurkins x10 IC
Tempo CDD x10 IC

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Start in the parking lot:
1 lap around the lot, 24 Merkins at each end for 48 total.

Mosey to the Watt Rd field:
1 lap, 12 Merkins and 12 Iron Mikes at each corner for 48 reps of each exercise.

Mosey back to field #1:
1 lap, 8 merkins, 8 Iron Mikes, 8 hand-release dry docks at each corner plus midfield for 48 reps

Mosey to the upper field:
1 lap, run in a figure 8 to make 8 stops
6 merkins, 6 Iron Mikes, 6 hand-release dry docks, and 6 8-count body builders at each stop for 48 reps

Sure doesn’t sound like much, but we’re outta time!

48x 4-ct Flutter Kicks IC
2 rounds Row your Boat
7 4-ct LBCs until time up!
12 PAX with one FNG knocked out a total of 356 Merkins and Dry Docks, according to Cornhole and Cosmo!
Today is my second F3versary… All of your HIMs have been a real encouragement to me, and I look forward to embracing the suck with you every time I post. I love you guys!
When I was planning this Q, I wasn’t sure about that last lap around the field… Only 6 reps? I was both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised at the sufficiency of suck provided by those 6 reps!
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