F3 Knoxville

Clash of the Titans…

Workout Date: 2 Feb 2019
QIC: Belding

THE SCENE: Dark and Cold, but not too cold.

We recounted the 1981 classic movie, Clash of the Titans.  Perseus was charged with saving his beloved Andromeda from the Kraken.  First he had to trick the Gorgon sisters by stealing their eye, using his shield as a mirror to see Medusa and cutting off her head.  He used the snake filled head of Medusa to turn the Kraken to stone.

So…we started on our journey on the Powell Greenway with a Route 66.  On the way we encountered our own Gorgon adventure in the form of 9 cards of a Memory Work Out game consisting of Squats, Hand Release Merkins, LBCs, Mtn Climbers, and Burpees.  After we conquered this, we continued on the Route 66.

Our next challenge was thrust upon us when we found a dry erase board and a half deck of cards.  Hearts were burpees, Clubs were Shoulder Taps, Diamonds were Merkins, and Spades were Reverse Lunges.  We filled cards and did the # of reps that were found on the card.

After we passed this challenge, we moseyed back to the AO as time ran out on us….the Kraken will have to be defeated another day….

We did have a few moments to complete a Ring of Fire with pushups starting with 5 and counting down.

9 HIMs
We discussed Servant Leadership and finding ways to help those we lead.

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