F3 Knoxville

Christmas Eve at the Project

The Project
Workout Date: 24 Dec 2019
QIC: Erector

THE SCENE: 40’s and dry, a little foggy

15 SSH, 15 Mountain climbers, 5 tempo merkins, 15 Moroccan night club, 10 temp squats, 10 windmill
Mosey to the K2-5 hill for 12 days of Christmas.  Perform 1st exercise and run up the hill. Then the 1st and 2nd exercise followed by running up the hill…and so on.

  • 1-Dive Bomber
  • 2-Heels to Heaven
  • 3-SSH (4-ct)
  • 4-4x4s
  • 5-Freddie Mercury (4-ct)
  • 6-Lunges each leg
  • 7-Diamond Merkins
  • 8-Flutter Kicks (4-ct)
  • 9-Squats
  • 10-Merkins
  • 11-Big-Boys
  • 12-Iron Mikes

No time!
11 at the Project with some help from the JUCOnians.
This time of year many people around the world increase their focus on Jesus and His birth.  I was actually raised not celebrating Christmas as a religious holiday, because the Bible doesn’t provide instruction to do so.  I am sure this sounds odd to many, but we instead focused on the things the Bible does teach us throughout the year.  What if the people who increase their focus on Jesus during this time of year did the same all through the year?  What could the world be like?  I definitely appreciate all the good words that are shared during our F3 COTs.  So, how exactly can we shift our focus throughout the year?  In Galatians 5:16-23, Paul mentions the ways of the flesh (worldly) that we need to steer clear of and the fruits of the Spirit that we need to cling to.  He mentions jealousy and outbursts of anger as sins that will cause us to “not inherit the kingdom of God”. Those aren’t things I typically think of when I think of “sin”, but there it is in God’s word…plain as day.  Increasing our focus on Jesus and His sacrifice for us throughout the year will help us to live by the fruits of the Spirit and not the deeds of the flesh.
Thanks to all the JUCO PAX for coming out to celebrate 12 days of Christmas with us.
Merry Christmas!