F3 Knoxville

Backstage – Guest Q

Note: Backstage from central Illinois was our Q.



Motivators, Mountain Man Poopers, Tappy Taps, Plank Line Jump Overs (200 yards)

Thang 1:

Conductor Dueling: 2 Pax raced to 10 Blockees while everyone else does whatever exercise is called. Losing Pax does 3 more blockees.

Tree Trimmers
Boot beaters
Over Unders
Slo Mo Throws
Turkish Getups
Big Boys

Thang 2:

Murder Kings / Dr Ws
Cusack Carry / T-Bombs-Bear Crab Rolls

Thang 3:



One Calls
Twerkin-Sun Salutations
10 Reverse Snow Angel Toe Touches


When your in the wrong truck you can pretend you’re not, be demanding or admit it and get out. Pretending is Sadclownism. Being demanding (blaning others) is a mid life cridis. Tge most correct thing to do is get out. Thats what F3 is all about! Aye!?

How to Lunge

THE SCENE: Clear & 59.

SSH IC x30, IW I.C. X10, Tempo Merkins x10, Peter Parker’s I.C. X10, LBAC 4-ct x10, LB(ankle)C x10, Tempo Calf raises x10, tempo side stretch x10.
1) Howling Monkeys- Group performs monkey humpers while one PAX does 5 merkins. Rotate clockwise until all PAX took their turn.

2) Angry Gorillas- everyone groaned so we repeated above. This time, gorilla humpers with x10 lat pull-ups. We Mosey’d into the park.

3) BB Up. One partner performs the circuit below while the other catches a breather by lunging. Once the circuit was complete, trade places.

  • BBS x20
  • Merkins x20
  • leg raises x20
  • burpees x10

We completed 6 rounds per team to lunge from Alcoa Rd to Faraday St. we did SSH until the 6 caught up. Meanwhile, Hundo hid behind a tree. mosey back to grindstone. Someone mentioned bear crawls so we did some of those along the way.

4) Dora w/ battle buddy: one runs to troll bridge & back. The Other…

  • 50 Alpo’s
  • 100 Curls
  • 150 CMU Presses

40 ankle taps OYO, 20 Hello Dolly’s I.C. X20.

7 & 1 FNG
Summary: Your level of “Grit”= persistence + passion. F3 requires persistence as seen at every beat down this week. Apply that same persistence to other areas of your life & see massive change.


The two-headed monster

THE SCENE: Warm mid 50s

10 SSH (IC), 8 Imperial Squat Walkers (IC), did a quick mosey through circuit 2 with 5 reps of each exercise, but only two body builders.
This was a battle-buddy style beatdown from start to finish. Two circuits were in place, one with CMUs, while the other was running + PT. After AO loop was completed, PAX switched and picked up where left off.

Circuit 1: each Pax had 2 CMU, PT was completed with 1 CMU, farmer carry both CMU 10m to next station:

  • Blockees x10
  • Thrusters x20
  • Curls x30
  • CMU swings x15
  • Tricep extensions x20
  • CMU flutter kicks x50

Circuit 2: Run from AO to Apex, complete AO lab with the following PT nested within:

  • 15 Mountain Man Poopers
  • 15 Diamond Merkins
  • 40 1x Iron Mikes
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Jump Squats
  • 10 Body Builders

Modified MARY:
We kept up with the BB theme. One PAX completed the following core work while the other participated in a CMU wall sit. We did this for 10 minutes.

  • 15 Box Cutters
  • 20 1x Peter Parker
  • 15 WWII

Scoutmaster, Drifter, Taco, Smoky, Postpone, Veep, Rep Sleepy, Radioshack, Clothesline, Toad, Avocado, Limbo, Swerve, Webelo (2.0), Hellbender
“About thirty years ago there was much talk that geologists ought only to observe and not theorise; and I well remember some one saying that at this rate a man might as well go into a gravel-pit and count the pebbles and describe the colours. How odd it is that anyone should not see that all observation must be for or against some view if it is to be of any service!” — Charles Darwin

I was asked to interpret this quote last Friday. While it’s intended for science, the applicability of this quote has relevance to this time. Every day we make observations, but many times we let them stay as observations. Sometimes this is okay.. but if we extend this quote to our lives today, I think what Darwin is linking is the connection between observation and action. Observations of rocks are useless without taking action into how and why the observations matter. In the same way, F3 nation seeks to inspire HIM who not only can make observations, but transform those observations into actions to make our communities a better place. Let’s not be passive, but instead take a stand for justice and truth in our communities, and inspire others to do the same.


The mumblechatter was high today! Good work everyone.

Drifter moving party next week.

Race around Bombshelter

THE SCENE: Clear day at Bombshelter. About 50 degrees


PAX splits into 2 groups. Each group Indian runs to base of Mt. Crumpet, handing off 60lb sandbag to whoever is in front
1 member of each group performs sand bag throws along loop from base of Crumpet, to road, and around the fountain. Other members of group run a lap. When HIM reaches the sandbag, they perform 10 BBS, 15 Merkins, and 20 flutter kicks before continuing run. Bag is passed to the person who started behind the current man with the sandbag

Pax choice of in cadence exercises.

Cherry pickers

Box cutters

Hello Dolly

Mountain man poopers

Tempo Merkins

V ups (not in cadence)
14, including Scoutmaster’s 2.0, Webelo
The mind will quit 100 times before the body does. Take this into everything in life, give it your all.

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.


THE SCENE: 2nd winter cold but the sun warmed it up nicely.

Drifter took the pax through a loop around the parking lot. From what i could see as i was coming in on two wheels were some lunges and a jog back to the grindstone. Then there was some mountain man poopers.
Dora #1- Musical Dora– Exercises are done for the full duration of the song no rep count. We also switched up the partner movement between bear crawls, crab walks, broad jumps.

  • Song 1- Everlong- Foo Fighters- OH CMU Press- Bear Crawl
  • Song 2- Thunderstruck- AC/DC – Squat Hold Curl- Crab Walk
  • Song 3- Sick Boy- The Chainsmokers- Pull Ups/Body Rows- Bear Crawl
  • Song 4- Believer- Imagine Dragons– BBS- Crab Walk
  • Song 5- Power- Kanye West- Prisoner Merkins- Broad Jumps

Dora #2- Heartbreak Hill- We moseyed to Mt. Crumpet for our Second Dora- 15 min to complete – Partner ran to top and around Tree.

  • 50 Iron Mikes
  • 100- Turkish Getups no weight – ( This was a challenge but two of the groups finished the full set in time)
  • 150- Leg Raises

Dora #3- DORAcide- We moseyed to the tennis courts for a four-line suicide run Dora. Burpee’s at each line 1,2,3,4. We had about 10 min to work the pax got into Foxholes.

  • 100- Gas Pumps
  • 200- Foxholes
  • 300 Star Fish

Crowd Pleasers- 1-4
Sacrifice is key in leadership. The best leaders have always been servant leaders. A great leader will put others in front of himself to lift those up around him, they do not need the glory. In my professional life i have see both kinds of leaders and the leaders that have put themselves first failed. The only way a team can over come challenges is with strong leadership. DORA’s are a great example of sacrifice in leadership. Your brother is reliant on you to not stop moving even when you’re tired. We have to sacrifice ourselves for the pax and our brothers.
Keep Drifter in your thoughts as he goes through the moving process.

The Q was late today, because i allowed the fartsack to trick me into thinking i had 5 more min. Because of that i was rushing and left my phone at home. Impossible to run a musical DORA without music so Q had to drive back home to find his phone. I appreciate Drifter picking up for the Q’s slacking and took the pax through the warm up.
Backstage- Regional Nan’tan for Mid-Illinois is going to be Q’ing two beatdowns on April 13th at the Bombshelter and 14th at the Arsenal. This is going to be a great beatdown you don’t want to miss. lets show what F3 Blount is all about and show up in force.