F3 Knoxville

2nd F at Abridged Beer Company

The fine people at Abridged Beer Company have agreed to host a 2nd F “Fellowship” on February 15th at 6:30pm. $2 for every beverage will be donated by Abridged to our selected charity. This month…Operation Enduring Warrior. Come out, have some fellowship, and do good! See you all there!!

Alcoa CSAUP Event – February 24

Mark your calendar and make the HC, 2018’s first CSAUP event is next month, and it’s FREE!

On SaturdayFebruary 24th we will gather at 6:00am at the Bomb Shelter (aka Springbrook Park Rec Center) for an epic morning.  UPDATE! Due to another event starting from the Springbrook Recreation Center later that day, please park in the church parking lot at 617 Gilbert Street! It’s just a short walk from there to the start point at Springbrook. We’ll start with a quick warm up workout and then head out.  The event will cover approximately 10 miles and include 5 different “stops” along the way where various PAX members will lead us in a short workout before continuing on.  You can check out the route at this plotaroute.com map.

This event is NOT about speed, it’s about working hard and getting better together!  We start together and finish together.  Set the goal and then come out and give it all you have.  No man left behind, no man left the same.

Check out the awesome shirt design at: https://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-alcoa-csaup-shirt-pre-order.
Then put one in your cart and order it!
Spread the word, get to training and let’s crush it!

Great day at the 1st F3 Knoxville Inner-City Kids Workout

God blessed us today with beautiful weather for F3 Knoxville  to come downtown and hold a kids workout for kids that need male leadership in their lives. 18 F3 HIMs came out to bond with 21 of their kid partners and crush the workout. We also had 8 F3 2.0s in attendance as well as an adult FNG or two that need to come out again!

During the BOM, We shared the importance of leaning on each other in tough times, keeping each other out of bad situations and trusting God to help us through those difficulties. At the end, Christmas came a little early as men brought a small gift for each of the kids. They were very happy and had a great time. Several were asking when F3 would come back again….This may be the start of a good relationship with these kids as we can plan other activities as well. Praise God for the opportunity to be with these awesome kids today. A special thanks to @Tinder (program director at WH) for getting the kids together and allowing us this opportunity to serve theses kids. He is a true HIM!


F3 Knoxville Inner City kids workout

F3 Knoxville wants to REALLY make a difference in a Knoxville inner city kids life.
On Sunday Dec 3rd from 2pm-3pm, we will be doing a special workout with kids from the Mechanicsville and Broadway areas. All of the kids have no active fathers or positive male role models in their lives.
This is our opportunity to show them what real men are like.
We will have a fun workout, interact with the kids and let them see positive role models in action. There will be a 45 min workout with the kids where we will partner up for team building exercises and have a special BOM at the end. Many of the kids get very little if any gifts during the season, so the PAX will also be bring a small gift to give to their kid partner from the workout.