F3 Knoxville

Better Than Money

Workout Date: 14 Sep 2019
QIC: Lillydipper

THE SCENE: Almost 80 and humid.

20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Lunges each leg, 10 Windmills, 8 Cherry Pickers, 7 Forward Baby Arm Circles, 5 Forward Wide Arm Circles, 7 Backward Baby Arm Circles, 5 Backward Wide Arm Circles
Mosey to driveway that goes to northeastern corner of Admin Bldg.  We will divide into teams of two men each to do Doras.  While one partner runs to end of driveway, does ten merkins, and runs back the other partner will be doing the exercises.  Then partners switch places. The exercises will be done with a set of bricks that will be available.  These are the exercises the partners will do as a team:

  • 100 Overhead Presses
  • 100 Curls
  • 100 Tricepts
  • 100 Rows with bricks at sides
  • 100 Punches where both hands = 1
  • 1000 Upward Wings
  • 100 Downward Wings
  • 100 Outward Wings

Mosey to grass area that is marked with lines at ball field closest to flag.  20 Hello Dollies.  We will then do sprints from one sideline to other on marked field.  We will do six sprints.  Then 20 more Hello Dollies.  Then six more sprints.  Then football toss where each man must do an out and each man must throw a pass.  Any missed balls or bad tosses equating to a missed ball equals two burpees for the entire squad.  All men not throwing or passing will do Big Boy Sit-ups.

Mosey to Pavilion that is close to flag.  We will do 30’s starting with 5 bench dips and 25 picnic table pull-ups, then going up and down in increments of five until we end up with 25 bench dips and 5 picnic table pull-ups.

Mosey to bottom of mini cardiac hill.  Sprint up cardiac to AO.

25 Box Cutters.  10 Shoulder Taps, each shoulder.
11 men with two FNGs:  Pigsticker (Mark McKeen) and Party Pooper (Shaun Wynne)

Loving Us Back

Let’s face it, commercials work because we love the products that commercials sell.  We love nice things and we love entertainment.  One thing those of us in modern society love is technology.  We spend a significant amount of time on our cell phones.  We love our computers and our Flat Screen Televisions.  We often ignore other things around us because we are so consumed.  I remember a television commercial where a family was in a majestic nature spot – I think it may have been the Grand Canyon.  The family notices a large TV screen on a cliff overlooking the majestic canyon.  The TV screen the family sees is showing the same scene that they can observe via the view of the canyon.  They are fascinated with the TV shot and look at the TV rather than the natural view.  The idea of the commercial was to show how amazing the particular company’s television was, that it could create a picture so much like the real thing.  But, I couldn’t help but laugh at the social commentary that the commercial makers probably didn’t mean to imply.  Here was a family in the middle of the Grand Canyon and they would rather look at the TV screen than the real thing!

We are also consumed with entertainment.  People spend thousands of dollars to take their families to Disney each year.  Ocean liners offer the best of vacation cruises.  Hotels offer us all the luxuries money can buy.

And, speaking of money, we are consumed with that.  Money Magazine annually ranks the best places to live for your dollar in the United States.  We push on in our careers hoping for greater salaries so that we can buy bigger houses and get more “things.”  A favorite past-time of many is to go to malls to buy “things” or go online to buy “things.”

I am certainly guilty.  I find myself looking at homes in neighborhoods more costly than I can afford, wishing I could live in THAT house.  I was making fun of the TV Commercial of the nature scene above.  I may not be consumed with televisions but I am consumed with Nature Gear.  I love looking at camping gear, dreaming of getting a newer tent, the greatest pair of hiking boots, the most comfortable sleeping bag.

We love technology, products, entertainment and money.  The problem is that these things don’t love us back.  They are what they are and they can be nice and great to have.  But do these things build us up?  Can we talk to them to obtain better understanding?  Do they form relationships with us?  Do they have our back in times of trouble?  Do they lead us to be better men?  Do our products and money love us?

We need to invest in relationships, men.   People love us back.  And when we give our time to others, we get rewards back that fill us up in ways that products cannot.  Our relationship with God is the most important.  Thanks you, Lord, that you love us back.

I am thankful that I have friends like those of you in F3.  I have brothers that love me back.  I have brothers that share something that is more than words can describe.  I have relationships with men that have my six.  That raise me to a higher standard.  That push me to be the best that I can be.  That lead me to more than money can buy.  That bring me closer to the Glory of God.

And another thing – what we have in F3 doesn’t cost money.  It is Free 99!!

Prayers for Junk’s wife, for Pinto and Mr. Jinxy’s health, for Mayberry, and for Mr. Rogers and his family.

Coffeeteria at Panera with Pluto who joined us for the BOM.