F3 Knoxville

Bear Crawl Chain gang

Workout Date: 26 Feb 2021
QIC: Trolley
  • What @ Shamrock 5:30am  — rumors of bears roaming about.
  • Welcome: All free – All the time
  • Warmup:
    • 20 SSH
    • 10 Slow Werewolves
    • 10 very slow tempo – Peter Parkers
    • 10 very slow – good quality – “official” Iron Mikes
    • 10 very slow Rainbow Drops
    • 10 very slow Cherry Pickers
    • 10 slow Tennessee Rockin Chairs
    • 10 very slow – deep squat – Imperial Squat Walkers
    • 10 very slow to fast – Windmills
  • Workout:
    • Part 1: Bear Crawl Chain gang:
      • 90 seconds running, 30 seconds bear crawl, 30 seconds rest – Taking turns.
      • Everyone in a single file line.  The head of the line HIM decides where to run to for 90 seconds (Any direction).
      • That same HIM then leads the group in bear crawling wherever for 30 seconds.
      • Then we rest for 30 seconds as the HIM in the back of the line comes to the front for their turn.
      • Rinse and Repeat.
      • Bonus’ given to the craziest bear crawl path taken.  Started in bleachers – and then went down hill and off the reservation from there.  Good thing God was in control – cause I sure wasn’t. #hearding-cats
    • Part 2: CMU Pile Sprint Cleanup
      • As fast as possible in 4 minutes deconstruct the CMU pile with an eye towards neat re-stacking.
      • Then take the next 4 minutes to neatly restack them and clean up plaster.
  • Warm-down
    • 20 Captain Thors
    • Revers the Warmup (Windmils, Squat walkers, rockin chairs, cherry pickers)
    • 10 Captain Thors
    • Rainbow drops, Iron Mikes, Peter Parkers, … and that’s time.
  • Wrap Up
    • Discipline over motivation.  Will over feelings.  Quality over quantity.  You come here not cause you feel like it. You come because your will and discipline overpower the feeling to stay in bed.  Reminded the men today to go out and strive for Quality over quantity. Sure we only did 10 reps of these exercises, but we did them with excellent form and slow – they had good quality and that provided a great workout.  Quality builds stronger muscles, more flexible muscles, more agility, more balance.  Push and strive for quality today gentlemen.