F3 Knoxville

Deck O Cards

THE SCENE: 70ish and muggy

25 SSH Baby Arm circles

Deck O cards

13 Man makers to make up for the 13 cards we didn’t get through in the deck.

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Forgiving the Deck of Pain

THE SCENE: 9 brave souls came out today. Threats of rain, but dry-ish pavement in most places.  Wet grass and hills but a nice 70 degrees.

  • CRISS CROSS: We’ll be criss crossing the campus today – somewhat of a campus tour if you will.
  • CROW FLYS: It’s up to you to find the shortest distance between exercise stations.
  • JAILBREAKS: We’ll be doing a jailbreak sprint between each exercise…

No cadence. Silent count, more by time. Keep going until I say the next one.

SSH, High Knees, burpees, merkins, hand release merkins, wind-mills, cherry pickers, slap merkins, burpees.


Each person takes a turn picking a card from a deck of 18 cards.  These cards have an exercise that is specific to a location around campus.  Sprint to that location using any trail, path, or road possible and do the exercise.  Once several people have finished the exercise, some one counts off a 30 second count and then another card is chosen.

Of the 18 cards we completed:

  1. Burpee Base Run ( 1 burpee per base on baseball diamond)
  2. 5 Stadium Hill Runs (on Success way)
  3. 30 Guard Rail Derkins (behind Maple Street)
  4. 3 Reverse Bear Crawl loop in front of ERC Building.
  5. Alternating Side straddles in Parking Lot 05 (go one full lot length)
  6. Bernie two lengths of the Welcome Way Parking Lot.
  7. 40 CMU Push Presses.

To find out what the other 11 cards are you’ll have to show up to JUCO when we do the rest.

Jailbreak back to AO was Mary enough.

Peter asked Christ how many times he should forgive his brother and Jesus said 70*7 times.  As we celebrated Fathers day last Sunday this can be a challenge for some of us who need to forgive our fathers.  But all things are possible through Him who strengthens us.  If forgiving someone seems way beyond your capability … way beyond what your heart wants to do.. way beyond what you think is deserved … Then ask your heavenly Father to give you strength, courage and grow your heart so that you can obey him and forgive others.  I believe Jesus enjoys answering that prayer.


PT test


OH claps

Cherry pickers

Arm circles


2 minutes max merkins

2 minutes BBS

1 mile run for time


Mosey to outhouse

Lung 3 parking spaces, 5 calf raises

Repeat and add 5 calf raises each time.  Got to 50 calf raises

Bear crawl across the end of the lot

Repeat lunges for 3 spaces, 50 calf raises and decrease by 5 each time.

Inch worm merkins across the end of the lot

Mosey to AO

WE did some

Insert the WORD here.
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Beyond Words

THE SCENE: Cloudy and very humid

20 Side Straddle Hops.  10 Burpees.  10 Tempo Squats.  10 Windmills.  5 baby arm circles forward and backwards.  5 wide arm circles forward and backwards.

Mosey to stop sign at southeast corner of Admin Bldg.  20 American Hammers (four count).

Mosey toward Northshore gate of the park.  Stop at shade tree near Area 51.  20 Hello Dollies (four count).

Mosey to the perimeter trail that crosses road near the Northshore Gate.  We will do Nickel, Dime, Quarters (running one light and stopping for five of an exercise, running two lights and stopping for ten of the exercise, and running five lights to stop and do 25 of the exercise) heading south on the perimeter trail and staying on the perimeter trail until it reaches the Southeastern Ball Park.  We will do the following exercises during our stops:

  • Merkins
  • Squat Jumps
  • Big Boy Sit-ups
  • Star Jumps
  • Dive Bombers

Mosey to the Pavilion by Southern Ball Fields. We will do Elevens at the picnic tables starting with one decline merkin and ten bench dips.

Mosey to the Outdoor Chapel

We will pair up into teams of two men each.  While one man on time runs around the chapel on the sidewalk the other man does bench dips.  Partners switch off after one circles the chapel.

Mosey on roadway back toward the Admin Bldg.  We will stop 1/3 of way their to do 20 Flutter Kicks (four count) and 2/3 of the way there to do 20 Bicycle Kicks.

Mosey to AO.


Eight men, no FNGs.

Last Friday, I was reading a book when my wife, Jan, happened across the movie Steel Magnolias on television.  I had seen the movie back in 1989 when it came out.  I kept reading my book but as the movie went on I gradually cast the book aside and focused on the screen.  OK, my wife and kids make fun of me for crying at movies and I cried at this one.  The movie centers around a group of women who are friends played by famous actresses and a famous songwriter, Sally Fields, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, and Olympia Dukakis.  It also focuses on two younger women played by young actresses who would later become famous:  Daryl Hannah and Julia Roberts.  All of these women are bonded to one another and their bond becomes stronger over time.  They keep that bond, despite the quirkiness of each individual.  They also keep the bond despite the fact that they sometimes say idiotic, off-base or even hurtful things to each other.  But what they say counts, is relevant, and helps each of them to grow – they are not therapists, they are friends and the power of their love for one another GOES BEYOND WORDS.

In the movie, Sally Fields plays the mother of Shelby who is played by Julia Roberts.  Shelby dies of medical issues.  The friends are together at the cemetery after the funeral.  Daryl Hannah’s character is a simple young woman and a quirky religious fanatic.  She at first sounds trite when she says to Sally Fields, “we should all be rejoicing because Shelby is with our king.”  Fields gets pissed off at this saying “excuse me if I am selfish and don’t feel like rejoicing.”  But it is the simplicity and earnestness of Daryl Hannah’s character who, thereafter, touches Field’s heart.  Hannah talks about how Shelby had to fight to stay alive and about how her “body just couldn’t keep fighting any more.”  She apologizes for her simplicity but talks about how she views heaven as a better place with Shelby there.

In another scene in the cemetery, Fields is breaking apart with her friends, hurting, angry, questioning the unfairness of her daughter’s death, and screaming that she just wants to hit somebody.  The Olympia Dukakis character pushes her friend, a sort of curmudgeon character played by Shirley MacLaine, in front of her and says, “Here, hit this.  It will make you feel better.  Go ahead and sock her one in the face.”  MacLaine stomps off pissed while the remaining women, including Fields, break down laughing.

You then see the apology scene between Dukakis and MacClaine, a touching scene where Dukakis explains she was just trying to break the tension of the moment.  She playfully nudges MacClaine and MacClaine nudges back.  The two end up bumping each other off the park bench.  It is the simple, joking act of pushing each other back and forth that shows the love between them.

I bring all this up to say that as F3 brothers, as friends to one another, we do not have to always say the right thing.  If you care for your brother that care is gonna show through, no matter what kind of stupid thing you say to him.  It may be a silly joke, it may be a bopping of hands, it may be you placing your hand on your brother’s back during prayer time in the Circle of Trust.  Our connection between one another GOES BEYOND WORDS.  It is the being there that counts.

Prayers for Tank and for two people who were killed by drivers under the influence of substances this past weekend.

Oh What Luck

THE SCENE: Felt steamy, a little drizzle at the end.

20 SSH

10 Windmills

8 Cherry Pickers

10 Arm Circle F/B


Grab CMUs and mosey to Crumpet.

3 rounds of 7s with CMU exercise at the tree.

Round 1:

1 Get Up

6 Mr. Spectaculars

Round 2:

1 Bodybuilder

6 Goblet Squats

Round 3:

1 2-count Iron Mike

6 Thrusters

Bonus for the 6:

10 BBS at the bottom

10 Merkins at the top


15 CMU up Flutters

15 Chest Presses

15 second isometric hold

Repeated twice
9 Mighty men fought the fartsack and won
“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

-T.S. Eliot
Those get ups start to bite after a couple rounds.