F3 Knoxville

Roll, Roll, Roll your boat

THE SCENE: 55 , wet wet wet oh yea it was wet.

  • 10 ssh- IC
  • frankenstine to end of court
  • 10 LBAC each direction- IC
  • Keen hugs back to other end of court
    We used the 14 sided workout dice today. Each HIM took a roll of the dice.
  • Wild Card- 5 line Suicide
  • 18- Jump Squats
  • 30- BBS
  • 15 Drydocks
  • 15 V ups
  • 15 SL lunges- 2ct
  • 18- Jump squats
  • 15- Divebomber push-ups
  • 18- decline push ups
  • 30- mountain climbers- 2ct
  • 30 American Hammers
  • 15 – Apollo Ono’s
  • 15- Burpees
  • 15 Pike push ups


LBC for time – 45 seconds
4 HIM’s
We each took a moment to reflect on what F3 has meant to each of us. While each member of the PAX’s experience has been unique there was one major theme across all of our stories. That was that F3 is more than a workout and the brotherhood, support and connection the PAX provides is the most important thing. We can all get a workout in but F3 stands for more and that’s what drives us to get up in the morning or to get out into the rain or cold or heat.

Swerve begins his Doctoral program this week!!
Arsenal launch 3/6 at 7am SHARP!

Racket on the Courts

THE SCENE: Warm, overcast, ground was a little damp.

20 SSH, 10 Merkin pumpers, 10 boxer jacks, warm up lap: butt kicks, high knees, side lunges, sprint, hold plank.
Part 1: tennis courts | 25 min

Start at baseline. Crab walk 1 court, 5 reps. Bear crawl 2nd court, 10 reps. Crab walk, 15. Bear crawl, 20. Run back to start.

  • Merkin pumpers all the way down
  • Then single count side lunge all the way down
  • Bear hops
  • Rinse and repeat

Indian run long lap back to grinder. 5 min

Part 2: grinder | 25 min

Now, do all exercises in a row. 5 reps, then 10, 15, 20. When you need a break, run to pull up bars and 2 pull ups. Be sure to fully extend your arms.

  • Up and over merkins single count
  • Iron squat leaps (Iron squat where you jump over the cmu)
  • CMU curl/overhead press
  • Rince and repeat after 20 reps (i.e. back to 5 reps)

20 ankle touches in cadence, 10 six inch crunches, 20 shoulder taps, 10 six inch crunches, 10 super man swims, 10 six inch crunches. Calf raises for time.
8 PAX including 1 2.0

You never know what someone is going through. There is still a lot of bad out in the world. And even when you look at someone, you don’t know what is going on inside for them. So reach out. Connect. Find that one small good thing you can do today, and do it. Maybe in March you can raise some awareness for the hurting people of the world. Do 100 reps of something every day, and show your willingness to reach out and connect with the hurting. Invite them in even if it makes your day a little harder. You might need them as much as they need you.


Arsenal Launch on Saturday March 6! Let’s keep the covid guidelines in mind to help any new folks feel good about coming.

Don’t stop truckin

THE SCENE: Insert info about the weather, etc.

Insert information about the warmup.

Mosey to Field 2 for some Krakken
cone in center of field. Cones at 4 corners and 2 on each sideline. Do exercise and qty listed at cone then run to center cone and more to next cone. Keep going till you do two laps or Q says stop. Exercises are:
Imperial walkers 3 ct  x25, merkins x40, SSHx50, , dry docks x40, low squats x20, dips on bench x20, wide Merkins x25,  toe touch planks x20
After completing 1st round run around the perimeter of field and then start second round.

Mosey back to the AO to play some memory. Make a match just do the exercise once and run down to the other end of the parking lot. Don’t make a match, do both exercises and run down to the end of the parking lot.

Stuff on  the ground

6 pax quidditch not tagged

Make a list of how you serve others. Are you happy with it? Is your obituary going to be a few sentences or a few paragraphs?

this week I was asked why we do back blasts. And my answer was so people can see what we did and pretend like they’re going to do it at home if they missed. Or people want to see who was at the work out, or they would like to use it another time, or for no reason at all. I told him I’d like to do backblast because I like to write all kinds of weird stuff like the fact I saw a cat that was the largest cat I’ve ever seen this morning. It was white with black spots. it looked like a friendly cat. If I was a cat I think we would be friends. I often wonder about being a cat myself. What would I look like. Would I have a personality like a cat or would I have a personality like a dog. I think I would like to be a cat with a dogs personality. I think that would be funny. Do you like funny things? I like to laugh. Laughing is good. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Do you like soup? Soup is delicious. I’m just kidding I don’t like soup. I like sandwiches. F3 is fun except for when it’s really hard. Then it’s not so much fun. Sometimes I feel like I’m a bird and I can fly way. Again I am kidding, birds creep me out, I’d much rather be a dragon. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Adios amigos.

Meal train- Butters, Maryville launch

Touching Dwayne and doin laps


We did some side straddle Hops because it is mandatory at every F3 work out, we did some push-ups we did some Rockettes, and we did some cherry pickers for the old men including me.
X marks the spot (for not necessarily pain stations but slightly uncomfortable stations that some people may not find that uncomfortable, but some people might so we’re going to call them not necessarily pain stations.)

at every exit along the loop you do the following exercises adding one quantity at each X. Start with Merkins and do one on first X 2 on second X etc. Total of 10 Xs. at X 5 run up hill to touch Dwayne (The Rock) and back down to continue loop. Change exercise each lap. They are:

  • Merkins
  • Squat jumps
  • Shoulder tap Merkins
  • Lunges per leg
  • Arm raise Merkins

We circled up for some plank ring around the Rosie. Doing push-ups each time someone completes a lap. Then we did some leg raises and V ups.
10 pax
I didn’t have anything formally prepared but I wanted to speak to the packs about service. We have a God given gift as men to help others. Often times we don’t look for ways to serve but wait until they’re given to us. I challenge them in to look at Waze this week and try and find opportunities to serve someone else. Whether it be talking to someone that needs help, bringing food to someone, whatever. Just look for opportunities. Then butters shared about a woman he met through his work that needs help With food while she is down with a hip injury.
It has been several weeks since I have been out to the dog pound or any F3 work out for that matter, and before that I was very sporadic. I’ve been dealing with several injuries as well as straight up laziness. I miss the camaraderie and they work out very much. My day was so much better after working out although I am pretty darn sore today. It was also great to see @underhand out there again after a two-year hiatus.
Maryville launch announcement,

Bear Crawl Chain gang

  • What @ Shamrock 5:30am  — rumors of bears roaming about.
  • Welcome: All free – All the time
  • Warmup:
    • 20 SSH
    • 10 Slow Werewolves
    • 10 very slow tempo – Peter Parkers
    • 10 very slow – good quality – “official” Iron Mikes
    • 10 very slow Rainbow Drops
    • 10 very slow Cherry Pickers
    • 10 slow Tennessee Rockin Chairs
    • 10 very slow – deep squat – Imperial Squat Walkers
    • 10 very slow to fast – Windmills
  • Workout:
    • Part 1: Bear Crawl Chain gang:
      • 90 seconds running, 30 seconds bear crawl, 30 seconds rest – Taking turns.
      • Everyone in a single file line.  The head of the line HIM decides where to run to for 90 seconds (Any direction).
      • That same HIM then leads the group in bear crawling wherever for 30 seconds.
      • Then we rest for 30 seconds as the HIM in the back of the line comes to the front for their turn.
      • Rinse and Repeat.
      • Bonus’ given to the craziest bear crawl path taken.  Started in bleachers – and then went down hill and off the reservation from there.  Good thing God was in control – cause I sure wasn’t. #hearding-cats
    • Part 2: CMU Pile Sprint Cleanup
      • As fast as possible in 4 minutes deconstruct the CMU pile with an eye towards neat re-stacking.
      • Then take the next 4 minutes to neatly restack them and clean up plaster.
  • Warm-down
    • 20 Captain Thors
    • Revers the Warmup (Windmils, Squat walkers, rockin chairs, cherry pickers)
    • 10 Captain Thors
    • Rainbow drops, Iron Mikes, Peter Parkers, … and that’s time.
  • Wrap Up
    • Discipline over motivation.  Will over feelings.  Quality over quantity.  You come here not cause you feel like it. You come because your will and discipline overpower the feeling to stay in bed.  Reminded the men today to go out and strive for Quality over quantity. Sure we only did 10 reps of these exercises, but we did them with excellent form and slow – they had good quality and that provided a great workout.  Quality builds stronger muscles, more flexible muscles, more agility, more balance.  Push and strive for quality today gentlemen.