F3 Knoxville

12 Days of F3 Christmas


19 HIMs enjoyed 50f and overcast – Great morning for burn of the weekend


30 Side straddle hops

10 Front and 10 back baby arm circles

After a quick warm-up it was off to the CMU pile – Grab a block and mosey down to Circus Maximus for a 12 Days of F3 workout.

Starting at baseline, HIMs made their way around the loop and back stopping at each station representing the 12 Days of Christmas – Just like the song…

  • Baseline to station 1 for 1 overhead CMU Press then back to the baseline.
  • Baseline to station 2 for 2, 4-Count Box Cutter, then station1 for 1 overhead CMU Press, then back to the baseline.
  • Baseline to station 3 for 3, 4-count Knee to Elbow, then station 2 for 2, 4-Count Box Cutters, then station 1 for 1 overhead CMU press, then back to baseline
  • Baseline to station 4 for 4, single count Big Boy Sit-ups, then to station 3 for 3, 4-count Knee to Elbow, then station 2 for 2, 4-Count Box Cutters, then station 1 for 1 overhead CMU press, then back to baseline
  • Baseline to station 5 for 5, 4-count side straddle hops, then to station 4 for 4, single count Big Boy Sit-ups, then to to station 3 for 3, 4-count Knee to Elbow, then station 2 for 2, 4-Count Box Cutters, then station 1 for 1 overhead CMU press, then back to baseline
  • Baseline to station 6 for 6, 4-count Merkins, then to station 5 for 5, 4-count side straddle hops, then to station 4 for 4, single count Big Boy Sit-ups, then to station 3 for 3, 4-count Knee to Elbow, then station 2 for 2, 4-Count Box Cutters, then station 1 for 1 overhead CMU press, then back to baseline
  • etc. etc. all the way to the 12th station (BURPEES!!) & back

Mosey with CMU block back to AO

In total HIMs put in 2.5 miles of running plus the following totals per station:

  • Station 1 = 12; Overhead CMU Presses
  • Station 2 = 22; 4-count Box Cutters (Four count factor = 44)
  • Station 3 = 30; 4-count Knee to Elbow (Four count factor = 60)
  • Station 4 = 36; Single-count Big Boy Sit Ups
  • Station 5 = 40; 4-count Side Straddle Hops (Four count factor = 80)
  • Station 6 = 42; 4-count Merkins (Four count factor = 84)
  • Station 7 = 42; 4-count Overhead Claps (Four count factor = 84)
  • Station 8 = 40; 4-count Flutter Kicks (Four count factor = 80)
  • Station 9 = 36; Single Count Squats
  • Station 10 = 30, 4-Count Mountain Climbers (Four count factor = 60)
  • Station 11 = 22; Bobby Hurley
  • Station 12 = 12; Burpees


19 = Charmin, Snitch, Honeydew, Jenner, Enos, Rusty, Pacman, BlueBird, Rousey, Pusher, Carney, Gibbler, Bunny, Cat Gut, Rainbow, Hands, Cheatsheet, Doublewide, Timber

Sharing HOPE with others.  Each and every one of us is dealing with difficulties in life.  Some large, some small…. some known by many, some known by only a few.  Encouragement to each of us to seek out help to provide hope for yourself and also to be that resource of hope for others.

Special prayer request out for a few folks.


Lifting one another up

THE SCENE: Wet ground, 50 degrees, calm and perfect
  10 bonus burpees as I fumbled the order of the F’s (don’t do that!)

Twinkle Toes (calf raise squats)
Tempo Squats
Baby Warrior Circles (Warrior pose with arm Circles)
Overhead Clap (as we numbered off 1/2)
Guardrail top and bottom: 3 laps, first with 15 exercises, then 10, then 5.  Half started with upper, half with lower

Tops: Tricep Dips & Dirkins on the Guardrail| Mosey to the light… then | Bottoms: Guardrail hops & Guardrail foot taps

Black snake (Slalom Indian Run) through Courtyard

Pair up and run 3 laps (15 on first lap, then 10, then 5) of Canyon Merkin, Partner carry up the ramp, swap and repeat, then mosey to Pull up bars for helping your partner do pull ups, and low pistol squats, then Mosey to cover for 15 bro-pees (high 5 burpee)

Finish on 30 calf raise, Bernie, Mosey, 30 Calf Raise, Imperial Walkers, 30 Calf raise, Bernie

Do not repay evil for evil but seek to do good to one another and everyone  1 Thessalonians 5:13
We need to be quick to forgive, not repaying evil for evil but actually seeking to do good for everyone.  This busy time of year you may be thinking you don’t have time to do one more thing or help one more person. But we have an awesome opportunity to help each other, and everyone: through prayer.

Friday’s COT by @FingerFood, he called out by name guys who have impacted and helped him – that process of calling people out by name is bold, and it’s powerful to encourage.  We have been called to boldly pray for one another (See James 5:16)

Today as you carried each other, literally, let this remind you of our chance to carry each other’s need before the Lord – and as a bonus, it isn’t sweaty, a little gross and personal space invading.  As you lift a guy up doing pull ups, we lift each other up to the Lord -that God’s glory would shine through their life.

There is Someone I know who lived this verse of doing good for one another and everyone perfectly –  His birthday is coming up.  I hope you know Him too.  He is Jesus and He died for you – He prays for each of you by name.

Today, the prayer time will included a chance to lift up for you by name: Your kids (kids in your life), Wife (or women in your life), Pastor, someone older (dad, shut in, elder, mentor), coworkers, HIM’s not there and even our enemies.

21 HIMS for a powerful prayer time of lifting to the Lord one another and everyone – now continue to pray for people by name, listen to Lord’s calling to reach out, help, bless ans SEEK to do Good for the people you prayed for by name.

More Doras for the Explorers

THE SCENE: Upper 40’s, damp and dark

SSH x 20, Baby Arm Circles x 20 forwards and 20 backwards, Cherry Pickers x 10, Tempo Squats x 10, Tempo Merkins x 10

  • Doras at the parking lot: each partner does one set of Squats, Big Boy Sit Ups and Flutterkicks while the other partner crabwalks to end of lot and lunges back
  • Doras at the lot again: this time with Smurf Jacks, American Hammers and Boxcutters while the other partner Bernies out and lunges back
  • Doras at the smaller lot next to the church: Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins and Cobras while partner bearcrawls out and back
  • Ring of Fire: First with squats then with merkins. Started with 1 rep each, adding 1 rep as we went around until we reached 5, then went back down to 1
  • Bearcrawl Ladder: Bearcrawls up the hill with parking spots, stopping to do 3 merkins at the end of each parking spot
  • Finished with a lap around the park

Although “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, it’s actually Advent. Historically this was a time in which the Church would wait in expectation for the arrival of the Messiah through the birth of Christ. This was also a time of mourning and hypothetical reflection on the thought of what would life be like and who are we without a savior and without the grace of God. I encouraged us all to take a moment this holiday season to disengage from the food, music, parties and lights to re-engage with an ancient tradition of waiting in expectation for the coming King
None that I’m aware of

Truck Stop Convergence

THE SCENE: 40 and clear….perfect



  • Side Straddle Hop x 25
  • Tempo Merkins x 15
  • Tempo Squats x 15
  • Grady Corns x 31
  • Crabettes x 10


  • Mosey to the concrete bleachers (Bartman)
    • 11’s on the hill – squat jumps at the bottom / carolina dry docks at the top
  • Mosey to the end of the soccer field (Waxjob)
    • 50% run across the field
    • 75% run back the other direction across the field
    • 100% run across the field 25 v-ups at the other end
    • 100% run back – 25 big boy situps at the other end
    • Tunnel of love
  • Mosey to the bottom soccer field (Bartman)
    • Kraken style run around 6 cones.  Start with 5 burpees, 5 merkins, 5 squats at the first cone, then increase by 5 reps after each lap around the cones.  When you get to the last cone you’ll be doing 30 burpees, 30 merkins, 30 squats.  Time ran out, had to cut this short.
  • String of pearls mosey back to the AO (Waxjob)
    • Monkey humpers facing the road
    • Freddie Mercury by the outhouse
    • Pledge of Allegiance by the flagpole

MARY:  (Waxjob)

  • Boat/canoe while singing row, row, row your boat

41 strong!   Snorkel, Waxjob, Brick, Mr. Jinxy, Driftwood, Woodshack, Kickflip, Drive Thru, Curveball, Herbie, Bagman, Mustard, Snitch, Swimmies, Full House, Choir Boy, Gibbler, Tweet-E, Swanson, Cosmo, MC Hammer, Tank, Face Plant, Manilow, Abscess, Cavalier, Poyo, Mermaid, Mailbox, Slag (FNG), Guardrail, Lillydipper, Pele, Butters, Frosty, Sparkler, Moses, Steam, Rosetta, Hammy, Bartman

2019 has been a tough year among our F3 brotherhood – we have dealt with illness, injury, death.  In light of that and also in light of the Christmas season I decided to share several scriptures of encouragement to remind us that GOD is ultimately in control and we can find our rest in him.

It’s always fun to have a big group together for a convergence workout – today was not different.   It was great to see many faces I hadn’t seen in a long time.

3rd F immediately after the workout at Two Rivers church

Q on the fly

THE SCENE: upper 30’s



  • OYO stretches
  • Tempo merkins
  • Tempo squats

Mosey to the playground

  • 10 pullups, 10 merkins, 10 big boys – then run to top of hill and do 2 burpees.   Rinse and repeat dropping 1 rep each time until you get to 1 pull up, 1 merkin, 1 big boy.
  • Stay at top of the hill for some Paula Abdul across the parking spaces.  Bear crawl forward 2 spaces, do 10 dry docks, then crawl backward 1 space and do 10 SSH.   Keep this up until you reach the garbage cans.
  • Mosey to the CMU pile
    • 50 overhead press
    • 25 bench press
    • 25 cmu merkins
    • 25 squats
    • maybe some other stuff….it’s all a blur now!
  • Mosey back to the AO

Pickle Pounders x 25

Snitch, Stretch, Stripped, Bartman

Talked about my wife’s recent mission trip and how it has opened her eyes to the materialistic world we live in here in America.

Today was a shotgun Q, because the scheduled Q was MIA.   We got in some good work though….big thanks to Snitch for co-Qing the CMU part.