F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: Slightly tolerable. Mid to upper 70’s and plenty humid.

40x SSH IC
40x Squats IC
40x LBAC (20 each way)
40x Calf Raises OYO
20x Asphalt Kissers IC

Mosey up to the near field.
4x suicide of 40ft, 40 cubits, 40yd, and 40m. 10x squat jumps between each suicide.
Mosey down the hill to beside the baseball field
40x 4-ct LBCs IC
Trot onto the field, run 40 bases, do 40 8-count body builders. Any order.
(Most everyone did 4 body builders after each lap)
Mosey to the Watt Rd field
Bear crawl 40yd, 5x 4-ct Asphalt Kissers
Crab walk 40yd, 5x 4-ct Asphalt Kissers
Crawl bear 40yd, 5x 4-ct Asphalt Kissers
Walk crab 40yd, 5x 4-ct Asphalt Kissers

Mosey back to the concrete bleachers
Pick up flying EH along the way!
40x Box Jumps OYO

40’s on the hill beside the bleachers… Start with 5 BBS at the bottom, 35 Merkins at the top. Then 10/30, etc.

Ran outta time about halfway through… Wanted to make sure to get in some Mary:

40x 4ct Flutter Kicks
40x 4ct Side Crunch (20 each side)

9 PAX this morning, including flying EH Swayze
Today is my 40th birthday, and there’s no way I’d want to start it other than out getting better with some like-minded HIMs. Looking at the number 40, though, it’s a number that represents testing, trial, or refinement. Jesus spent 40 days and nights in the desert. The Israelites wandered for 40 years in the desert. The flood was 40 days and nights of rain. Most of us are somewhere in the neighborhood of that 40 year mark… If today were the end of your 40 years in the wilderness, would you be found ready to enter the Promised Land?
Great to have Lillydipper and Pele clown car their way over here. And it’s always fun when a flying EH actually lands. Makes for some great mumblechatter between the huffing and puffing!
Convergence next weekend! Everyone at Big Ball 7am sharp! Also, save the date 9/14 for Truckin’ to the Pound. Be on the lookout for more info…

Interior Obliques Anyone?

THE SCENE: Nice and warm… Rain amount varied from zero to “all of the rain.”

SSH x25 IC
TN Rocking Chair x15 IC
Let’s go ahead and get the Wettening out of the way:
20x Superman Swims IC
15x Cobra Merkins (each side) IC
Donkey Kissers x15 IC
Cossack Squats x16 IC

Lemur Hop from AO to CMU pile (hands forward on the ground, hop feet up between hands, lift hands and rise to Al Gore position and hop forward w/knees bent)
Overhead Carry back to AO
Plyo Box Merkins x15 OYO
CMU Kettlebell Swings x25 OYO
CMU overhead pass: Circle up close, place CMU outside right foot. With left hand, reach across body and lift CMU. Press overhead, then set down outside left foot (next PAX’s right foot). R&R. Don’t hit anyone with CMU. Switch directions and arms after apx. 10 reps.

Head over to the curb:
40 Calf Raises OYO with CMU
Bear Crawl dragging CMU across parking lot
40 Calf Raises OYO with CMU
4×1 Lunge w/ CMU twist, blockees back across parking lot
40 Calf Raises OYO with CMU
Crawl Bear (/swim… raining pretty hard) dragging CMU
40 Calf Raises OYO with CMU

Back to AO:
25x Lawn Mower (each arm)
10x Upright Row
20x Bent Over Row
10x 4-ct CMU American Hammers

Just enough time for some Row Your Boat – Pretty appropriate given the conditions.
5 thoroughly moistened PAX
Psalm 150:
1 Praise the Lord!
Praise God in his sanctuary;
praise him in his mighty heavens![a]
2 Praise him for his mighty deeds;
praise him according to his excellent greatness!

3 Praise him with trumpet sound;
praise him with lute and harp!
4 Praise him with tambourine and dance;
praise him with strings and pipe!
5 Praise him with sounding cymbals;
praise him with loud clashing CMUs!
6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!

OK, so I changed that last word a bit… We should praise God whatever we are doing, wherever we are, with all that we have!

I don’t know which exercise did this, but I need more of it: Something made the muscles over my kidneys sore. I had to look ’em up… I think they’re the “internal obliques”
3rd F event next month, with convergence at Big Ball preceeding!

CMU, CMMe… CM4always, That’s the Way It Should Be

THE SCENE: There was weather.  I think.  It might have felt a little cooler than recent, I forget.  Once we got going, sweat volume was unchanged.

SSH x25 IC
CherryPickers x9 IC
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 IC
Tempo Merkins x15 IC (reduce cadence speed after each 5)
Go get some CMUs and circle back up!
Round-the-Blocks merkins to the right, then to the left (11 each way)
Blockee Hop x5 OYO (demo exercise for later) – Burpee with hands on CMU, leave it on the ground and hop over.
Blocky Hurley x5 OYO (demo exercise for later) – Bobby Hurley holding CMU
Merky-Derky x5 OYO (demo exericse for later) – Merkin on block, bear crawl forward, derkin with feet on block, bear crawl back (that’s 1)

Mosey with blocks over to the Dragon and pair up in groups of 3.
One PAX up the hill (with CMU), one at bottom (with CMU) one in transition.
Do each exercise until relieved by PAX in transition. Advance to next exercise in list upon return.


Uphill: Bernie Sanders
Downhill: Bear Crawl

Top of the hill:
Overhead Press
Lawn Mower
Upright Row
Forward Press
Merky Derky

Bottom of the hill:
Step-up (onto vertical CMU)
Overhead Lunge
Calf Raise
Blocky Hurley
Blockee Hop
Lunge (back foot on block)

PAX complained about lack of preparation for Q by YHC – Grass on the hill had not been adequately dried off in advance, leading to somewhat slippery conditions.
Dagnabbit, outta time again.
11 PAX came out for this CMUesday!
This week marks the second anniversary of my first Q. I encourage everyone, if you’ve not tried it, take the plunge. It’s leadership, it’s service, and it’s fun!
The AO was a bit of a mess this morning due to someone firing off a bunch of fireworks in the parking lot. Thanks to everyone for hanging around afterward and cleaning it up!
Watch for info about 3rd F coming next month!

Twofer CMUesday

THE SCENE: Both of my weather apps claimed it was 72°.  The sweat dripping to the ground by the third warmup exercise begged to differ…


SSH x25 IC
Failure to Launch x8 IC
Travoltas x15 IC each side
Tie Fighters x10 IC each way
Hindurkins x10 IC
Cossack Squats x16 IC (8 each leg)
Calfkiller (5 sets of 20 calf raises punctuated by runs across the parking lot)

Grab a CMU and head around past the ballfields and adjoining parking lot.
Battle buddy up. One PAX does traversing exercise until the other other completes 20 reps of stationary exercise and relieves him.
Switch to next exercise pair after each PAX has done both stationary and traversing twice.
Traversing – Stationary
Bear Crawl w/ CMU Drag – CMU Curl/Press/Tri
Crab Walk carrying CMU – CMU BBS
Farmer Carry (both CMUs) – Merkins (no CMU)
Blockee Broad Jump – Crabette (no CMU)

Ran out of time after just one set of the last exercise… Head back to the AO, stopping at the flagpole for 20 curls OYO

No time today
6 PAX this morning
Last week I had the privilege to spend four days with family and good friends in Elkmont. It was a sweet time of disconnecting from phone/internet/tv/etc (no service out there!) and intentionally connecting person to person with others. We can’t always take four days, but I encourage you to try one hour a day in the evening, intentionally disconnecting from distractions and connecting with your family.
Second Tuesday in a row I’ve been on Q out here with CMUs… Is CMUesday gonna be a thing?
None today… That I could remember anyway.

CMU Thieves

THE SCENE: 72°F. Apx 1000%RH

SSH x25 IC
TN Rocking Chair x15 IC
Crabettes x15 IC
Mtn Parkers x15 IC
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 IC
Grab some CMUs!
20x hop over CMU (side to side) OYO
20x hop over CMU (front to back) OYO
10x Merky-Derky OYO (Hands on CMU, Merkin, bear crawl forward until feet on CMU, Derkin, crawl bear back. That’s 1)

Leapfrog run with CMUs:
Split into two groups.
First group stays put and does exercise.
Second group runs about 100 yards, stops, and does exericse.
First group catches up and runs about 100 yards beyond, stops, and does exercise. R&R for a bit more than a mile.
Each group does each exercise for 2 stops, then switches to the next exercise:
Overhead Press
Bent Over Rows
Tricep Extension
Upright Rows

Finished up near the playground… Doubtfire wanted to play, so we moseyed in for 25 box jumps OYO before returning the CMUs to the AO

Does this have a name? Whatever it is, we did 10 of them:
From BBS position, hold CMU with straight arms, bring it down and touch the ground above your head.
In one smooth motion, bring it back up, out past your knees, and rise to a standing position, then back down.
Cash out with about 25 Merkins

Just four PAX today… One on Q and 3 that forgot to check the Q schedule and found themselves at a Waxjob beatdown.
During today’s Q, there were times of just standing still, doing work, while others cruised on by. Life can seem like that sometimes. You seem stuck in one spot, not making progress no matter how hard you work, while others seem to be moving at a rapid pace. In those times, be patient. Wait on God. Keep doing the last thing He told you to do. When it’s His time, He’ll move you.
We definitely looked the part of Asylum inmates today, stealing CMUs one at a time and running off with them…
Farragut Independence Day Parade on the 4th… Come out and put the EH on some sad clowns!