F3 Knoxville

OYO Together

THE SCENE: Colder than it should be

Abe Vigoda x 7, Hairy Rockettes x 10, Tempo Merkins x 7, Cherry Pickers x 7, Moroccan Nightclub x 20

Mosey to the big parking lot and line up on the curb.

The thing: Run to the first line and back and perform 10 of any exercise (Dealer’s Choice).

Run to the second line and back and perform 20 of any exercise.

Repeat for all ten lines. Culminating in 100 reps of your last exercise.

Caveats: No repeating any exercises and must change muscle groups each round. Also, the first person to get to each line has to perform one burpee and Bernie back.

All of the PAX completed all ten levels of this “Choose your own adventure” workout. Dartgun and Butterknife took turns on the Burpee/Bernie combo.

Poolboy gave the PAX a generous 30 count recover as we lined up for a longer than normal jailbreak back to the shovel flag.

In the shovel flag parking lot, perform 11’s with Bobby Hurleys and Diamond Merkins.


12 men made the hard choice this morning.
Re-emphasized the monthly JUCO challenge. Prayer. This challenge has been difficult to be consistent with. It’s important that you make a concerted effort each day to set aside a time and place to truly get 10 solid minutes of focused prayer/meditation in. Something I have added to the challenge in this past week is to have a specific topic/focus each day for your prayer time. So far we have had: Immediate Family, Extended Family, Church Family, The Lost, Personal Growth, and Government. I encouraged the PAX to experiment with having a different focus each time they pray to allow for more meditation on these specific areas. Also encouraged the PAX not to avoid prayer due to embarrasment/shame over how long it’s been since they prayed. God will welcome you with open arms, not shame you for your negligance.

Dartgun and Butterknife are fast…

Still collecting items for the Street Hope Project: Trash bags, copy paper, and napkins

Escalator vs Stairs

THE SCENE: Warmish (relatively) and clear
Abe Vigoda x 7, Cherry Picker x 8, SSH x 20, Tempo Merkin x 10
Mosey back to the new parking lot in front of Sophomore Hill.

Escalator workout with the following exercises:

  • 10xBurpees
  • 20xBBS
  • 30xHand Release Merkins
  • 40xSquats

Start with just the 10 then run one lap, then do 10 and 20 and run a lap, continue until you’ve completed all 4 exercsies and 4 laps. For the laps the PAX had the option to pick their own distance with the shortest of the three options being .1 mile and the longest ~.25 mile. The goal was for each man to pick the lap distance that would keep them even with the rest of the PAX. Erector was so far ahead even using the longest lap that nobody had a chance. Should’ve added a 1 mile lap option.

Mosey over to the coupon pile and grab your coupon. Surprise JAILBREAK! halfway there.

More escalators, but this time with stairs! Perform the following in the same fashion as above.

  • 10xPicture Hangers
  • 20xTricep Extensions
  • 30xCurls
  • 40xRows

Run up to the pull-up bars for max pull-ups in between sets.

Recover back to the shovel flag.

Flutterkicks x 50
12 men riding the escalators at JUCO
March JUCO monthly challenge:

The challenge for March is to set aside a block of 10 minutes every day for prayer/meditation. If you would like to join the challenge, like the post in the JUCO slack page and I’ll add you to the JUCO monthly challenge channel.

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Launch of the new AO “The Arsenal” is next Saturday at 7am in Maryville


THE SCENE: 25* and a tad bit nippy

10xAbe Vigoda, 10xHairy Rockettes, 6xCherry Pickers, 20xLBAC fwd/bck, 10xTempo Squats, 10xTempo Merkins
Mosey to the hill above the big East parking lot for some 11’s.

  • At the bottom of the hill: Heels-to-Heaven
  • At the top of the hill: Jump Squats

Mosey down to the main road to the welcome center and use Judge Judy’s Light Poles for the following:

  • Move forward two light poles with a Jailbreak, once there perform 10xHR Merkins & 10xBBS
  • Bernie back one light pole and perform 10xBobby Hurleys & 10×4-count Mtn Climbers

Once we made it to the Welcome Center the Q called Recover to move on to the next exercise.

Battle Buddy up. One partner performs exercises in front of the Welcome Center while the other runs a loop around it. Exercises were:

  1. 100x Little Baby Merkins? (Not sure there’s a name for these. From a squat position place your hands on the ground and do limited range of motion merkins. Works the triceps more than chest.)
  2. 200x Squats – Called time shortly into these

Mosey back to the shovel flag. On the way the PAX completed one round of Reverse Indian run with 5 burpees each.

No time!

11 Men braved the subzero temps this morning.
Make sure you are not living in an “Echo Chamber”. Constantly being fed the same information and ideas that you already believe without testing that truth. We live in a world that is designed to act as an Echo Chamber. Social media, advertisements, news articles are all tailored to you based on your interests and beliefs. It’s our duty to hold our truths and beliefs to the ultimate Truth, God’s Word. Nothing else in this world can prevail. 

Kudos to Booster for coming out to ruck around us since he’s on the IR at the moment. Appreciate his support of the JUCO PAX.

Also, the PAX is requesting proof from Butterknife that he actually had COVID. His first workout back out and he ran laps around everyone. Hmmm…

Blood Drive today! CSAUP tomorrow!

Foggy Sea Biscuit

THE SCENE: Foggy, cold, gloomy

7-Cherry Pickers, 15-Hairy Rockettes, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Calf Raises
Reverse Indian Run back to sophomore hill area with lead guy dropping for 3 burpees every five seconds.

In the new parking lot facing sophomore hill we prepared for a modified Sea Biscuit:

10xMerkins, 15xSquats, 20xBBS

Followed by 1 lap (pick your poison for the laps with three options for distance .1 mile, .15 miles or .21 miles)

Repeato but add 1 lap after each round up to 4 laps then work your way back down.

No time

Great showing out at JUCO today with plenty of options to get better. 3 men got in a pre-run, 5 hit up JUCO: Rush for some speedwork, and 7 got a little taste of JUCO: Rush during the regular beatdown. High mileage day today.
We are (most of us) naturally impatient. Impatience typically stems from being put in situations where we do not have control. Waiting at a red light, waiting for your food to come out at a restaurant, waiting for your wife to finish getting ready. This impatience is often manifested as anxiety and sometimes anger. This is pretty evident if you look around right now with the way people are reacting to politics. There is very little we can control in the political arena, let’s not allow our impatience with politics to creep into our lives in the form of anxiety and anger. Focus on what is in front of you and what you can control. That is where our time and energy is best spent. Focus on Christ and the peace that surpasses all understanding.

We were all blessed with a Glass Cutter’s Association member today. It’s a bear, it’s a wildman…it’s Waxjob!

Blood Drive on the 29th and CSAUP on the 30th. Get signed up!

21, 21!

THE SCENE: 40ish with a threat of rain

LBAC fwd/bck x21, SSH x21

Welcome to 21!

Mosey to the Pull-through and perform 21s with Merkins and BBS. This is such a simple, but hard workout. I do this at home and time myself periodically throughout the year as a gauge for my fitness. I’m giving you this great workout for FREE! *Cheers and applause from the PAX followed*

Mosey to the coupon pile for another set of 21s. This time we alternated with Curls/Tricep Ext and Plank Dips/Imperial Walkers.

Wow time flies in 21! Mosey back to the shovel flag.

None, perfect timing.

6 men drug themselves out of bed after some late nights (Wanderer took the cake with a 12:45 bed time). Glad to have some thick-skinned men out in the cold to kick off the new year.
This world is not our home. Quit trying to make it more comfortable.

The devotional in the Bible app this week hit on this point. It’s a very poignant point that can be hard to swallow. The verse that typically comes to mind is:

Romans 12:2

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

This verse gets the point across very clearly, but there is another verse that hits a little harder and maybe a little closer to the heart:

James 4:4

You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

We are called to deny ourselves a friendship with the world. Would the world call you a friend? Something to think about as we go into 2021.

Kept waiting for a late Houndog showing and all we got was a lost Gump. We did have an enjoyable Switchgrass visit.

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