F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: slightly chilly

SSH IC x 15

T Merk IC x 10

T Squat IC x 10

Lil baby arm circles IC x 10

Cherry Pickers (with the short shorts on) IC x 7

Insert information about the workout.


Lil merks and flutters at base of Maddercorn

  • Pavalon
  • 10 Pullups, 10 burpees, 10 BBS, then 9,8,7…..

Mosey to the tavern

5 turkish get up, 5 man makers at the top

Mosey back

10 merkins OYO

Sometimes life hands you what seems like a bad set of circumstances, but you must not get down and frustrated. Sometimes this bad situation is actually something good. A friend of mine received what was seemingly bad news, but now (not for sure) it seems like what was previously bad conditions are actually something better. So, roll with the punches life throws you filthy animals.

Frosty smiled at the verrrry end
Hardship Hill

Convergenec on the 30th



Usual for me


Cherry Pickers IC

T Squat IC

T Merkin IC

OYO Stretching
Insert information about the workout.

  • Mosey over to (Sophomore hill?) along the way we got some good livin in via flutter kicks
  • DORA action (100 burpees, 200 merkins, 300 squats)
  • Some more flutter kick and IC work in the parking lot next to sophomore hill
  • Some suicide action a lil down the ways as well

Actually did Mary at the AO this time


The highlight was Cheatsheet leading us in some IC Merkins…. those got me good


A short quote from The Brothers Karamazov from Dmitri

“… I mean that’s where the trouble lies, for all the world is an enigma! And whenever I’ve occasion to wallow in the very deepest ignominy of lust (and that’s all I’ve occasion to do), I’ve always read that poem about Ceres and man. Has it set me on the right road again? Never! Because I’m a Karamazov! Because if I throw myself into the abyss I do it straight, head first and heels last, and am even glad that I’ve fallen in such a degrading posture and consider it flattering to myself.”


Interesting note, apparently there is a suggestion in the text that the name Karamazov is associated with another surname which translates to “black smear”

Dmitri is one of three brothers in the story who is a scoundrel that makes trouble constantly. This quote is a good summary of the conversation he has with his brother Alyosha. What struck me about this conversation and this quote particularly is the nature of Dmitri’s reaction to his realization that there are undesirable parts of him (perhaps necessarily so given it being suggested that he is born with them… I am sure there is plenty to be said of the symbolism here) More practically, I must ask myself what is my reaction to my confrontation with the pathological parts of my personality. I decided to share one with the group.


I have a complex relationship with both of my parents. Although there is little explicit conflict (arguing, overt petty actions taken, passive aggresiveness etc), if I am being honest with myself, there is some degree of resentment. The causes and the degree to which I bear it, I am not sure. What I do know is that I am responsible for this and cannot ignore it or accept it (like Dmitri). It is something to be recognized and wrestled with.


Side note: Chaco recommended Steinbeck’s East of Eden after the Q. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is a great read.


Fiddy Two

THE SCENE: Its cold now


My usual


Cherry Pickers


Tempo Squat


OYO for last thing

Insert information about the workout.

  • Mosey towards low brick thingys
  • Quick flutter kick session IC x 52
  • 7s on the wall (Step ups and Man Makers)
  • Mosey to Sophomore(?) Hill
  • Doras 200 merks + 150 5 inch LBCs
  • The rest was suicides and sprints… of course some superman swimming was in there

Waxjob did the classic row boat while I grabbed my phone

I was recently accepted into medical school. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand it is a wonderful opportunity that I have worked very hard to attain, but also a whole slew of new doors and responsibilities await me. It is ironic that I have a certain place to go, yet I feel more uncertain now that I am accepted. With all that being said, it is time for me to go out into the world. There are times in life where opportunities arise and you must take the decisive step to take advantage of the opportunity. That means putting some of the uncertainty on hold and accepting it. It is a sort of leap of faith I suppose.

I know we all have done this after all. We all came out to our first F3 workout not knowing what to expect. Look at us now. 🙂
Toto mentioned during the COT that now is the time to reach out to our brothers. The holiday season can be the best of times and also the worst. Take the initiative and reach out!!!
3rd F comin up


THE SCENE: Perfect, whatever that is to you


SSH x 15 IC

Phelps OYO

T Merkin x 10 IC

T Squat x 10 IC

Cherry Pickers x 8 IC

Burpees OYO x 5


  • Mosey to Jucomanjaro
  • At the bottom of the hill
  • Merkins + Flutters IC followed by 5 burpees OYO
  • Started a mosey up to the circle 1/3 of the way up


At circle

Merkins, flutters, squats IC

Lunges OYO

Superman swims 1 min

Run to the top

More merkins, flutters IC


Indian Run down to the bottom

At the bottom

Merkins x 15 IC

30 Monkey Humpers OYO

Mosey to lot for 7s (Hand release and squats)


This workout had a lot of things IC and many other exercises were thrown in there based on how I thought the group was doing (turned it up and down on Q!)

Mary was mixed into the workout

A friend of mine recently spoke of moments of grace in his life. He mentioned that these moments of grace give him faith.

I reflected on this for a week or so, as he is a good friend and mentor. A week or so later, I was at dog pound running my mouth as usual 🙂   I mentioned something about being a dad. Junk turned to me and said, “You know Shooter, I know your father. You should know that he is VERY proud of you.”


This struck me as interesting. Here was a moment of grace in my life. Trying to get better with men who want the best for me, but something more was provided. It was a graceful moment that offered utility. It again illustrated the need to say what needs to be said in the manner that conveys the proper meaning. I like to reduce this to something like pay attention and act on what you perceive to be true.


So, I made sure to go home and talk to my father. I tried to tell him all the things that needed to be said. That was great, but another thing happened a week or so later again.


I was visiting with a friend from out of town who is an artist as a hobby. He gave me a piece of his art and subtly mentioned that he would like some photos of it.

I took a note of it in my head and made sure to send him photos the next day. I perceived that he wanted the photos because he mentioned it but also I knew he found the work meaningful and valuable, which is why he gave it to me in the first place. I acted on that and made sure to send him photos. The next day he saw the photos and REALLY appreciated it.


Graceful moments have utility

Pay attention and act on what you perceive to be true
Glad to be out here with you guys!
F3 Olympics—- Nov 3rd + 4th

Yee Haw



  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Tempo Squat x 10 IC
  • Cherry Picker x 10 IC
  • OYO stretch

Hit da mosey

Route 33 to staircase (5 merks each light pole)

50 Pistol merkins each side

50 squats

50 LBC 4 ct

Exercises were interrupted with runs up to Iculus the rock next to Lakeside

Some Mary- Flutter Kicks x 30 IC

Mosey to Matterhorn for some more

This part consisted of running up Matterhorn and back with some Mary, then another run up half way with Mary

Indian Run back to AO

Hello Dolly x 20 IC

La-Z-Boy Co-Q with 10 burpees OYO
Faith and Committment

In Soren Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling, the story of the sacrifice of Isaac is retold in multiple versions. Each is to suggest doubt on the part of Abraham. His point is that faith requires in some respect an irrational element. Upon reading this and reflecting, I thought about commitment and decision making. In reference to La-Z-Boy, if I am not wholly committed to something, then it is a faulty commitment. In other words, if you make a decision or commitment, you must fully own it.


La-Z-Boy once said, “If it’s not yes, then I answer no.”


So, commit and own your decisions.


Nov 3-4 F3 Olympics