F3 Knoxville

Say Hello To My Little Friends

THE SCENE: Low 70’s & clear
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Normal disclaimer + Covid 19

Motivator from 5
High Knees
Cherry Pickers (SLOW)
Baby Arm Circles forward/backward x 10
Mosey to the abnormally large pile of CMU’s, and everyone was instructed to grab 2 each.  We farmer carried the blocks around campus while stopping to do exercises, all exercises included the use of at least one CMU.  The exercises included the following: Shrugs, curls, tri extensions, deep merkins pushing the chest below your hands while on the blocks, blockees, wall squats, squats, lunges, calf raises, dips, squat thrusters, big boy sit ups, hello dollies, flutter kicks, bent rows, and maybe a few more, but you get the gist.  After carrying those CMU’s everyone was exhausted and most forearms were shot.

No specific mary, as we made it back to the AO at 0615, but the flutter kicks in cadence to 40, with a cinder block over your head made up for the lack of mary at the end.
21 HIM’s would be the record in attendance for Shamrock.  We had 21 for an OTB before we became official.  Add tags for GI Jane & Curry.
Popovich, 71, said it’s up to white people to step up — “no matter what the consequences” — and help lead the charge for change.

I read the full article over the weekend, click the text above for a link to the full article.  The quote I shared this morning gave me lots to think about over the weekend.  Too many times in my life, I witnessed things and decided, that is not my fight, I am staying out of it.  Simple things like an off color joke at work, where it is easier to laugh, than the say that is wrong.  The inequality in the way women are treated, the way acquaintances talk down about others, whatever the example, and there are many, its easier to go with the flow.  With a little maturity, and a stronger backbone, I am tired of letting things go.  I still have to decide which battles I want to fight, but as a father, I want to set an example for my kids, I want to teach them to stand up to bullies, and to not be afraid to take a stand.

I shared two stories from last week.  One, where my Muslim neighbor called my black neighbor the N word.  Both kids are in 4th grade, and surely the aggressor didn’t understand the gravity of the use of that word in general, but especially in the current climate surrounding the protests that have risen up from the George Floyd murder.  In my mind, this wasn’t my fight, but I have to say, I love my neighbor.  He wasn’t home and I would want him to stand up for my daughter, so I went in search of the boy.  The boy and I have had a total of three of these conversations over the course of a couple of years, and I tried to explain, firmly, why his behavior was unacceptable.  Who knows what the future holds, but I anticipate having many more of these conversations in the future, by the way talking to the parents doesn’t help sadly, I have tried that too.  The point is, my kids saw me set the example of what is right and wrong, my neighbor saw that I had his back and was willing to defend his daughter, and this boy was reprimanded and held accountable to his actions.  I am not saying I was right, but I determined that being silent was the wrong action.

Later in the week, I had one co worker tell another coworker that she owed him a lap dance.  They have known each other a long time, and it was an obvious joke, but again, it isn’t right.  That was also something that for a myriad of reasons can not be ignored.  So, on a Friday afternoon, I had to call out a 60 year old man for being out of line.  As a leader, we have to set the example and call out those whose actions are reprehensible.  I am not the fun police, but sometimes that is the consequence.  Somethings just aren’t funny.

Being silent is being complicit.  If you witness these situations and do nothing, then like George Floyd’s death, the bystander police officers allowed a man to die by taking no action.  It is time that we as HIM’s stand up to injustice.  That doesn’t mean you have to go to rallies and protests, but simply taking a stand opposed to taking no action speaks volumes.

Galatians 3:28, NIV: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” …   We are all the same in the eyes of Jesus, and he lived that.  He was radical, in his appeal to Jews, Greeks, women, outcasts, the unclean, etc.  There was no demographic that was untouchable to Jesus.  If he is our example, then we need to follow him and be the voice of Jesus.  It is simply about loving others, let’s don’t over complicate things.  As Popovich says let’s lead the charge for change.

Pray for Nicole, Anchorman’s friend, Pray for Cheat sheet’s daughter Willow, and pray for the world.
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Leg Day in the Dry

THE SCENE: Pouring rain when I woke up, but it cleared off before the beat down.  Mid 50’s and wet

Motivator from 8
Cherry pickers 5
Weighted arm circles forward/backward
Weighted candy corns 10
Tempo Merkins 10
Temps Squats 10
Burpees 5


Mosey to the church, where we can work under cover in case of rain
Find your own column, this is your workspace for the day
20 lunges hold a 30 second wall squat
reduce by 1 lunge each time, and maintain 30 seconds on the wall until we reduce all the way to 0
Take a short lap to loosen up the legs
Attempt Balls to the Wall Merkins
5 merkins feet on ground
5 merkins feet on wall
5 merkins with feet at 45 degrees
5 merkins near vertical with feet as high as possible, just hold plank if no merkins
5 each side, merkins with one hand on the column


20 BBS
20 LBC’s
20 Hello Dollies
20 Pickle Pounders
20 4 count flutters in cadence

We did this under cover where we worked out before heading back to the AO


God Sized Risks
Matthew 14:22-33
Peter took a risk, and when he fell, he reached for Jesus.

We should all take some faith based risks like Peter did when he walked on water.  When he lost faith, he started to sink and Jesus reached out to him.  We should follow Peter’s lead and be willing to go out on faith, to take that first step.  If we are following Jesus, and we trust him when he says “come”, then he will be there to catch us when we fall.

Pray for Willow (Cheat Sheet’s daughter)
Pray for Baby Boomer’s daughter as she has surgery today
Pray for Hooptie’s friend who lost his battle to cancer
Pray for Shawn, Commission’s friend who is celebrating one year of sobriety
We need HIM’s to step up and fill the Q calendar.
Coffeeteria will be Friday at Dunkin after Anchorman beats us down.

The Shamrock Road

THE SCENE: Cool, low 40’s and clear
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER   It’s been so long I got the order wrong on F3, as a result we all did 5 burpees.

The Aforementioned 5 Burpees
Motivators from 5
Cherry Pickers (5)
Baby Arm Circles Forward (10)
Baby Arm Circles Backward (10)
Overhead Claps (10)
Moroccan Night Club  (10)


We broke the group of 20 into 5 smaller groups, and spread out to 5 stations that were marked around campus.

Station 1- The Shamrock Road
Perform 1 Burpee at every Shamrock that is painted on the ground (total 34)

Station 2 – Mosey to the circular wall with a statue
At the wall do 5 rounds of 20 dips followed by 20 Merkins

Station 3 – Mosey to the covered walkway at the Church
Perform 20 lunges followed by a 30 second wall squat
Perform 18 lunges followed by a 30 second wall squat
Perform 16 lunges followed by a 30 second wall squat
Perform 14 lunges followed by a 30 second wall squat
Perform 12 lunges followed by a 30 second wall squat
Mosey to Station 4 near Fox Lonas

Station 4 – “Detention Hill”
Perform 20 calf raises at the top of the hill, run to the bottom and do 20 squats, then ran back up the hill.
Repeat x 5

Station 5 – A/O Home of the Shovel Flag
20 BBS followed by 20 Merkins
20 LBC’s followed by 20 Merkins
20 Hello Dollies followed by 20 Merkins
20 Flutter Kicks followed by 20 Merkins
20 Box Cutters followed by 20 Merkins

Run to station 1 and repeat as time allows.  Every completed each station 1 time and at least began to repeat their “1st” station.

Included in station 5 of the workout.  Although Judge led us in seemingly endless pickle pounders until the last PAX returned to the A/O.
Add a tag for Half Sheet, 20 in attendance today.

Abscess spoke about growth of F3, Asulym, Juco, and how it spawned into Shamrock through the leadership of Booster & Judge Judy.  Mermaid spoke briefly about the origin of Shamrock after the Shovel Flag was passed to him.  St. Patrick is a Saint recognized by the Catholic Church.  He was a missionary to Ireland, and as legend has it, he used the Shamrock and it’s three leaves to teach the Irish people about the trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).  F3 also has three branches (Fitness, Fellowship, & Faith).  I like the symbolism of the Shamrock, and it is a reminder to us, as it is found all over the campus.
Cheet Sheet’s Daughter
Mailbox’s coworker Steve and his battle with cancer
Gump & Spotter’s Mom and her battle with cancer
Pool Boy’s parents are both having surgery this week
The world, as we continue to deal with the ripple effects of Covid 19.

The “Grand” 3rd Leg of Ole Smokey

THE SCENE: 44 degrees, with no rain in the forecast, so the moisture that was present must have been 100% humidity.

Mosey to Award Winning Way AKA Ole Smokey’s 3rd Leg.  There were no participation trophies given on Award Winning Way this AM.

Perform these exercises at the bottom of the hill with the ruck
10 American Hammers
10 Curls
10 Tri Ext
10 Over Head Presses
10 BBS
Run to the first break in the median, perform 5 burpees, then continue to run to the top of the hill, then 5 more as you run back down the hill.
Perform these exercises at the top of the hill with the ruck
10 Squats
10 Lunges (each leg)
10 Calf Raises
10 Monkey Humpers
10 Merkins
Repeat the 3rd leg 10 times

The goal was 10 times.  Several of us made it 6 times, which would be 660 reps each.  My GPS had me at 2.87 total miles which is less than I wanted.  My plan was high heart rate work.  Often in rucking, my heart rate is lower than running or the regular boot camp.  I wanted us to use the hill and subsequent exercises to keep our heart rate high to improve our endurance and ability to sprint or climb hills under weight.  After the 6th repeat, we dropped the exercises and repeated the hill 3 more times for a total of 9 hill repeats.  We made our way back to the AO to meet up with the Boot Camp.
We joined Pool Boy for a couple of Merkins before he called time.

See Pool Boy’s Back Blast from today.
See Pool Boy’s Back Blast from today.
See Pool Boy’s Back Blast from today.

Death by Squat Thrusters

THE SCENE: A mild, dry, low 50 degree morning.

20 in cadence Bat Wings: Arm circles forward/arm circles backward/seal claps/overhead claps
10 wind mill
10 burpees
10 tempo squats
.25-.5 mile mosey to warm up


150 Squat Thrusters for time
Complete the F3 Knoxville February Challenge
Record times, Mermaid will update all times on the website
Exercises in 4 corners, perform exercise, and rotate until time is called
Corner 1 Around the world Merkins, BBS, Squats
Corner 2 Werkins, LBC’s, Lunges
Corner 3 Diamond Merkins, American Hammers, Calf Raises (40)
Corner 4 Curls, tri ext, OH Press with coupon.
20 of each exercise

No mary, ab exercises were included in the workout.


Paraphrase the Prodigal son
Luke 15:  11-32
God will run to and and take you back even when you squander your opportunity.
He wants a relationship with you, and he will take you with your warts, and transgressions.

Prayer Requests:
Pool Boy-His friend Linda has Lymphoma
Rosetta’s coworker Zachary committed suicide
Spotter & Gump’s mom is having surgery today related to the return of her breast cancer.

Bring food on Friday for the Wesley House.
OTB workout at Catholic High School on Thursday 2/27 5:30 AM
Q 101 workout at the Asylum on Saturday 2/29 7:00AM
Convergence at JUCO 3/28