F3 Knoxville

Mutha Ruckin’ Monday @ JUCO Ruck

THE SCENE: A comfortable 37 degrees

mosey to the side parking lot.  no other warmup

Pair up.  One partner farmer carries both bags to the light pole and back, while the second partner performs a series of exercises.  Merkins, calf raises, lunges, squats, side straddle hops, maybe more, I don’t remember.  Continue rucking around campus, working toward the courtyard.  Outside the court yard, perform 20 around the world merkins with ruck.  Mosey to short wall, and perform 20 lunges with one foot raised on the wall.  20 dips, 10 step ups.  Walk to the stairs and perform 60 calf raises with the ruck.  20 pigeon toed, 20 open toed, and 20 straight toed.  Take one lap around the inner circle, and mosey back to the parking with light pole where we did our first set of exercises.  Same partners as before, only one partner runs with out a ruck to the light pole and back while the second partner does exercises with the ruck.  Curls, tri ext, OH Press, Merkins, all X2.  Mosey around to the courtyard and repeat those exercises.  Double time one lap inside the courtyard, and make our way back to sophomore hill.  Perform 5 hill repeats with a hard effort, and one Bernie for a total of 6 climbs.  Mosey back to the AO to meet up with the JUCO COT.

Pickle pounders with ruck until 6:15

See Trolley’s Back blast

A Frigid and Motivated Asylum

THE SCENE: Cold, 22 Degrees.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  I am not a professional, the workout is free, and we are at Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  I do not know your injuries, so modify as you see fit.


Cherry Pickers
Motivator from 10
Around the World Merkins (20)
Baby Arm Circles


Reps of 20 for each exercise
Station 1 with Coupons
20 Rows
20 Curls
20 Squat Thrusters
20 Tricep Ext
20 Calf Raises with Coupon
20 BBS with Coupon “Louganis”
Run from station 1 to 2, perform exercises, rinse and repeat
Station 2 at the pavilion
20 Wide Merkins
20 Squat Jumps
20 Picnic Table Dips
20 Diamond Merkins
20 El Capitan to bleachers
20 Picnic Table pull Ups
Mosey to Playground
10 Lunges (each leg) with one leg on the wall
20 Derkins
20 Dips
Mosey Back to AO


20 Pickle Pounders
20 Merkins
20 Flutter kicks
20 Hello Dolly’s
20 Box Cutters



Deuteronomy 6:5
Matthew 22:38
God’s message is the same from Moses, to Jesus, and to us.  Love God with all of your heart, mind, and soul.


A Properly Motivated JUCO Posse

THE SCENE: Cloudy and cool, with temps around 32, and a wind chill in the high 20’s.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: This is F3, Fitness Fellowship, & Faith.  Q has a cell phone in case of Emergency.  He is not a professional, and does not know your injuries.  You will need to modify accordingly.  You are here on your own volition, the only thing that brought you here was an EH (Emotional Headlock), and a desire to check out why these guys get up so early to roll around in parking lots. 
Cherry Pickers to 5
Baby Arm Circles forward & Backward 10 ea
The Motivator from 12 (312 total reps)  This exercise reduced the mumble chatter to zero and left only groaning and complaining.


This is a 2 station workout.  At station 1 located near the coupon pile, you will perform 20 reps of each of the following 6 exercises with a coupon: Rows, Curls, Squat Thrusters, Tricep Extensions, Calf Raises, BBS aka “Louganis” holding coupon over head.  After you complete the 6 exercises, run to the top of sophomore hill.  At the top you will perform 6 more exercises, again with 20 reps each.  The exercises are as follows: Wide Merkins, Squat Jumps, Curb Dips, Diamond Merkins, El Capitan to the crosswalk, and handrail pull ups.  Once you finish run back to station 1, where you will rinse and repeat.  This is an AMRAP routine.  Most PAX made it to the third round, some beast studs began their fourth.  Butter Knife was out font leading the charge with Frenchie and Erector hot on his trail.  There may have been others in the lead group, but I was not.

Very little time for mary, the PAX held plank on their elbows for a short time (15-20) seconds.

29 HIM’s, no FNG’s.  My video failed, and I am proud of recalling 29 names from memory.  I will admit I struggled to complete the list as my picture was very grainy.

  • “I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, ‘We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal.’”
    Quoting the declaration of Independence.
  • “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
    MLK’s Actions required Faith.  He was a champion for the civil rights movement, and so powerful a figure, with such a strong message, that those threatened by him eventually assassinated him.
  • “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”
    Matthew 22:39 Love your neighbor as yourself.
  • “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”
    John 13:34  “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.
  • “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”
    HIM-High Impact Man

Praise from Butter Knife for the Men of JUCO.
Mermaid, 16th Wedding Anniversary today. His M is a patient woman for putting up with him for that amount of time.
Hardship Hill, can we create 2 Juco Teams?
OTB RUCK workout similar to the rush concept on Monday morning.  0500

A JUCO Invasion at The Equalizer

THE SCENE: An unseasonably warm January day with temps in the high 40’s
I failed to announce that I had a cell phone with me in case of emergency.  This is a new precaution that Q’s have been tasked with when leading the group.
-The Motivator from 11
-Tempo Squats
-Cherry Pickers

2 stations, at one station we did upper body work, then ran to the 2nd station to focus on the lower body.  We ran about .2 miles in between the tennis courts and the pavilion at the top of the hill.  We did one exercise, ran to the next station, and alternated until we ran out of time.  At the top we did 4 sets of 20, these were the exercises.  Merkins, Picnic table pull ups, and dips.  On the tennis courts we did 4 sets of 20 squats, calf raises, and then El Capitan’s across the width of the tennis courts.  We had the lights on at the tennis courts, and it made me realize how ugly the men of F3 really are.  No wonder we workout in the Gloom!  That is a joke, we are all amazing looking specimen.

We began with a 10 count of Carolina Dry Docks, then the PAX got mouthy and it was recommended that we also do 4 sets of 20 of that exercise.  After our arms fell off at the shoulders, we did 20 flutter kicks in cadence, and 20 BBS as we ran out of time.
We had a record of 15 in attendance at the Equalizer, the previous record was 13.  We had one FNG, who we named Gotcha. (Josh McMullen?, Age 28)
The Great commission, Matthew 28:16-20  The challenge was to go out and make disciples as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission.
Prayer Requests:
Tank- Praise that his wife has some relief from the kidney stone that has been ailing her.
Wax Job – Pray for discernment about his Mother in Law that is suffering from Alzheimer’s.
Doubtfire on Q Wednesday, and Bartman on Friday.

New Year’s Day at JUCO

THE SCENE: 35 Degrees, a slight wind, but otherwise comfortable.

The Motivator from 10

Mosey to the pond .75 miles
Warmup exercises
Walking Lunges
Cherry Pickers
1 mile run
once finished, find people still running and encourage them, pick up cones
Push up PT test
Sit up PT test
Mosey to AO

I will add a tab to Mandolin’s spreadsheet, so that if we want to repeat these, we have a baseline to measure improvement.  See link here.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QvJB3KJoW9XvUVQYBBMQ-kUdJR3yOgKx_jjZbzyHQxY/htmlview# 

Results from testing:

January 1, 2020
PAX Weight Mile Time Pushups in 2 min BBS in 2 Min
Booster 9:16 45 47
Cheatsheet 8:08 100 61
Erector 6:07 81 50
Hurry Can 7:06 41 50
Judge Judy 6:57 75 55
Mailbox 6:45 41 50
Mandolin 11:29 55 40
Mermaid 199 N/A 56 50
Ralph 9:05 15 33
Spotter 6:06 68 57

The mile run and additional warm up exercises took longer than expected.  No time for Mary.
10 guys, no FNG’s today  Ralph was here too, but not yet entered into the website, so he can’t yet be tagged.
The new year an new beginnings.  I spoke about my professional life, and some challenges that led me to the where I am professionally today.  Don’t be afraid to make a professional change.
Prayer Requests:
Cheetsheet – Pray for his family
Booster –  A friend named Jim Johnson who recently passed.  His family and their grief.
Judge Judy – His Wife’s family member Chris Kerr who is gay and is having issues with his family because of his decision to come out.
Mailbox – his wife has had some good days, continued prayer for her hart condition because the cause is still not known.

Polar Bear Plunge New Years day at noon, clown car options avail.
F3 New Year’s Party on Friday night 1/3 @ 7:00PM.