F3 Knoxville

Feel the Wood

69 Degrees and clear

Welcome and Disclaimer
Burpees            IC x15
Cherry Pickers  IC x20
Tuck Jumps      IC x20
Squats              IC x20

Team Time
With arms locked at the elbow
Squats                IC25
Good mornings   IC25
BBS                    IC25
Merkins feet on shoulders IC5

Mosey to the pole, introduction to TimberMember, divide up in teams

Team A takes the pole
Squats                         IC x25 with pole
Goodmorning              IC x25 with pole
Shoulder presses        IC x10 each side with pole
BBS with pole             IC x25

Team B takes the ground
Merkins x20
BBS x20

Switch:  Team B takes the pole and Team A takes the ground

Mosey Pole to new location
Rinse and repeat

Mosey Pole back to the parking lot.  While in route alternate pole carry and Merkins between teams.

Donkey Kicks     IC x20
V-ups                  IC x20
Reverse crunch  IC x20
Star Gazers
Number-rama, Name-a-rama

Mayberry shared:

Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born of adversity”

I am thankful that we are all friends, and becoming brothers as we overcome the issues of not only getting up to make it to F3, but also coming together to trample the physical adversity and accomplish the workouts that are put in front of us.  Not only keeping eachother motivated to complete the task at hand, but to laugh and have fun doing it.

We are all in Knoxville for a reason, and we are all at F3 for a reason.  I do not believe that it just randomly happens, but that God is working in our lives.  We all have a plan for the direction we want our lives to go, but what we need to realize is that plan is going to happen according to God’s schedule and His plan for our lives.

“In his heart man plans a course, but the Lord determines his steps.”  Proverbs 16:7.  I encourage each of you to let God guide you on the course.