F3 Knoxville

No chains on me

THE SCENE: beautiful with a chance of pain

Imperial Walkers


2 poles forward one pole back complete the exercises at the pole you come back too.

  • 100 iron mikes
  • 90 LBCs
  • 80 Mtn climbers
  • 70 Merkins
  • 60 Squats
  • 50 Hellow dolly
  • 40 CDD
  • 30 Domo squato
  • 20 burpees
  • Repeat

While the PAX is running and doing exercises one man carries the chain around the island and back.
No time for her

No chains on me.

I listen to Christian rap music and I love it!  Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tadisha, NF, etc.  One artist has a line in his song that says “Because of Him, I’m so free I got no chains on me.”  Look at the chain we carried around it has two hooks, one end is attached to you and the other is attached to the sin, troubles and hardships we face on a daily basis.  Each link is a struggle, challenge, guilt, and we are carrying them with us.  When we have life in Jesus, he breaks our chains.  He saves us.  He cuts the anchor dragging us down and causes us to live with Him in love.

Some of you here may not know Him, may not be saved, or may not be walking with Him.  Talk to me, or one of the other men here about that.  And if you are saved you need to be out in the streets spreading the message of our Chainbreaker.

The PAX worked hard.

Sprints and Merkins

THE SCENE: 47 and clear


Smurf Jacks IC 25

Star Jacks IC 25

Plank Jacks IC 25


Ab stuff

World’s greatest Merkin

Spiderman Merkins

Whatever I said wasn’t what I wanted to say.  But God is not meek his is strong and he is always strong.  He wants us to be meek at times, so that we can depend on one another and more importantly depend on Him.  He wants us to be strong for one another. There have been far too many stories lately of men not reaching out and it ending in dire consequences.  We as HIMs need to make sure we are reaching out too and being God’s light to these men.

Props to Junk for coming out even though he is on IR

Hardship Hill is this Sat

Those are a real thing?

THE SCENE: 37 and clear

IC 4ct Cherry pickers

IC 4ct SSH

IC 4ct Worlds Greatest Merkin
Mosey to Matterhorn IC 4ct Mountian climbers at the bottom

Mosey to the pav-a-lon

Battle Buddy up for Dora

  • 100 Burpee pull ups
  • 200 pistol squats
  • 200 hand stand push ups
  • 100 Turkish get ups
  • BB runs to the top of the hill

BBS-icide back down Matterhorn

Mosey to the AO

Took care of her on the BBS-icide
BOM was given in route back to the AO so that I didn’t get all emo in the circle. I shared about my 99 year old grandfather who was admitted to the ER last night for a minor stroke.  As @La-z-boy said he was a true badass.

He was born in 1919 and immigrated from Italy through Ellis Island in 1928-9.  The family lived in south western PA and that is where he met my very Irish grandmother. He worked very hard to impress my great-grandmother and she did not want my grandmother to marry him because “all Italians carry knives”.  He was drafted into WWII and served in the Army Corps of Engineers in the Pacific theater.  While over seas and because they couldn’t loved ones back home where they were, he and his buddies would make jewelry for their significant others out of coins, airplane parts, and scrap metal and adding in shells, and items they found on the islands.  He survived the war, came home, and went to college on the GI bill.  He got a job at a bank starting in the mail room, and eventually worked his way up to president. They moved to FL when my mom was young because she had asthma and it the doctors told them to “move someplace warm”.  So he packed up his family and moved them around from extended family so my mom could have a better life.  He sacrificed for our country, for his wife, and for his kids.

He taught me to love Jesus.  He was one of the first men I always saw sing at church. (How many do you see not sinigning in church?)  He said “God have us a voice and we should use it to praise him”.

Through him I also have witnessed unconditional love.  He loved my grandmother like no love I have ever seen before. Through lots and lots of good times, some small bad times, and even as she suffered and lost the fight with Alzheimer’s.  He loved and served her like no other love ever. She passed in 2009, but he keeps right on loving her. I feel ashamed sometimes that I don’t treat my wife the same love, care, and service as he treated my grandmother.

Additionally, he also unconditionally loves my mom and uncle, and always gives them second chances even if he didn’t agree with their choices. He loves my sister, me, and his other grand kids, even though our life choices make him shake his head sometimes.  He loves my kids, his first great grandkids, and was so worried this year that his Christmas cards to them didn’t arrive in time.

When I asked him about his health routine he said it is to walk regularly; find things to occupy your mind; a beer for lunch everyday; a glass if red wine with dinner; and always be thankful.

He’s lived his whole life and I’ve never once heard him complain, grumble, brag about himself, or put himself first.  He is always smiling and joyful and always puts other first.

Granted I hope to live till I’m 99, but I really wish I could live with his same attitude.

Go home love your wife, love your family, love others.  And be happy about it.

and as @Bartman pointed out, yes burpee-pull-ups are a real thing.


– Wallball’s wife and baby

– Frosty’s wife’s ankle

– My grandfather

Hurricane at JUCO

Weather: cloudy, cool, waiting on rain

Welcome and Disclaimer


Cherry Pickers


World’s Greatest Merkin

Mosey to the parking lot

  • Sprint to each line
  • 20 Merkins at each end

Bear crawl the building

Mosey to rock pile

Battle buddy up

Parking lot Dora 

  • 50 blocky Hurley
  • 100 tri extensions
  • 200 curls
  • 50 Blurkey

Rocks up

Burpee lunge past the  building

Mosey back to the AO

Tabata if time

  • Iron mikes 
  • Lizard hops
  • Tuck jumps
  • Donkey kicks

Watching “Up” this weekend with my kids 4/8, and the scenes about death came on.  Afterwards it was the questions from my 4yo:

Where is the girl?

What happens when we die?

What happens to or bodies?

What is heaven like?

Are their toys in heaven?

Do we have bed times in heaven? 


Me trying to put death into a system where a 4 year old could understand it is hard. But what I tried to explain is if we believe in Jesus, and ask him to be in our hearts we are superheros.  What I mean by that is if we believe in Jesus, we never die we live forever with Him in heaven. 


THE SCENE: 65, cloudy, but no rain

I stretched my running parts
I turned on Pandora and ran around the park.

I skipped this
Have you ever volunteered to take a Q at the last minute with no real plan?  I did.  I figured I would wing it, and that the handful of guys who showed up would be ok with that.  As it turns out, I only had to be concerned with me.  No one else showed and I moseyed around in the dark.

The Pandora station I turned on was Christian rap, yes I listen to Christian rap, and I’m not afraid to say that.  What struck me as interesting was (a) if you had told me years ago I would listen to Christian rap I would have had the same reaction you did when you read it.  Really?!?!?  He listens to that?  And (b) no matter what path we run down God always has a means to catch up to us. For music, there is Christian rap, country, rock, contemporary, old school hymms, etc.  He has every angle covered and He never gives up on us.  A close friend of mine has recently been talking about the strongholds we keep close and do not want to relinquish to God.  Why do we do this even when He calls us to surrender everything to him? The easy answer is sometimes the best, but the answer is because we are stupid, stubborn, selfish people.  No matter what we tried to hide, or how many times we try to run away, He is always there for us.  Pursuing us and wanting us to pursue Him.  He wants us to surrender it all to Him, not just the easy stuff, but ALL of it.  [James 4:7, James 4:10]