F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: Partly cloudy, 74 degrees F, 92% humidity

Cherry Pickers, SSH, Imperial Squat Walkers, Baby Arm Circles


Indian Run to:

1st Baptist Parking Lot  50 WWII Sit Ups followed by 50 Squats

Alcoa Elementary School

(Total per 2 man team)

1 begins exercise count while 1 runs around 5 MPH sign then switches with partner to complete:

100 Toes to Bar

100 Box Jumps

100 Merkins

100 Inverted Pull Ups

Little Mt. Suckmore 7’s

1 to 6 Hand Clap Merkins at Bottom

6 to 1 Body Builders ( 8 CNT) at Top

Mosey back to AO:

1st Baptist Parking Lot  25 Walking Lunges, 25 Dry Docks, 25 Walking Lunges, 25 Dry Docks

AO Parking Lot  25 Walking Lunges, 25 Dry Docks


Flutter kicks, Side Leg Lifts, Plank Jacks, LBC’s

11 HIMs, no FNG’s

Like many of you, there are words I try not to use.  Most of them are the notorious 4 letter variety but there are a few 10 and 12 letter words that aren’t very nice to lace in our communications.  There are a couple of others I try not to use.  One is “coincidence” because I really don’t think there is such a thing.  The other is “proud.”  That’s a hard one to avoid when you have children in the home or in my case, several grandchildren.  I try to work around the thought I am conveying and change the word to “joy.”  Instead of saying I am proud of something they did, I rather explain the joy I have when I see them do it.

Given my penchant for the word JOY, the comments in the link below really spoke to me.  I hope it does to you as well.  (Click on it to open the words attributed to Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney.)


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Pillar Strength

THE SCENE: Clear skies, 75 degrees F, 86% Humidity (Spook was workout Q)

Power/Core/Prehab – clapping pushups x 5; side plank; 90-90s x5 – 3 rounds

Strength – lateral lunge with block; single arm block chest press; shoulder taps (10 reps each side)

Strength- single leg RDL (10 per side); single arm block rows (10 per side); glute marching (10 per leg)

Grinder – split leg squats x 8, block pullovers x 8, single arm block carry 100 yards, 150 yard shuttle run


A total of 10 HIMs including Spook from Fredericksburg, VA
Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This verse is not intended to be a security blanket to us. God will not take away suffering.  Rather this verse reminds us with true, gospel confidence that He will give us hope in the midst of it.  Trust God and His perfect will for us.

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THE SCENE: Clear skies, 67 degrees F, 97% humidity

SSH, Imperial Squat Walkers, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers

Grinder Run

Grinder Bernie

13 stations each named after an original colony.  One HIM carries a 40# sandbag and the AO shovel/flag and runs down to the road and back while the remaining PAX picks one of the 13 stations.  HIM with the flag exchanges with the one behind them in the rotation and all perform the workout in Kraken style. Happened to be the perfect number (14) so that one person was at a colony while one was running.  Each person completed the flag bearer run and each of the 13 colonies.

Delaware Dips

Pennsylvania WWII Sit Ups

New Jersey SSH

Georgia Dry Docks

Connecticut Box Jumps

Massachusetts Merkins

Maryland Bent Rows

South Carolina Squat Thrusts

North Carolina Curls

New Hampshire Triceps Extensions

Virginia Body Builders

New York Russian Swings

Rhode Island Flutter Kicks

Push Pull

Two Groups with one starting with Merkins and the other with Pull ups.

13 Merkins followed by 13 Inverted Pull ups or 7 strict Pull ups (3 Rounds)

Waxjob Hill 7’s

1 Box Cutter

Bear Crawl Up Hill

6 Dry Docks

Run Down Hill


Box Cutters, X’s and O’s, and LBCs

Total of 14 including Spook from Fredericksburg, VA
Started the morning with the Stars Spangled Banner version by Jimi Hendrix.  It was played at Woodstock almost 50 years ago on August 18, 1969.  Some believe it was and is an irreverent rendition but I always liked the fact that his guitar playing brought out the chaos that Francis Scott Key must have seen when he wrote the words “rockets red glare” and “bombs bursting in air.”

The main part of THA-THANG with the colony stations involved an AMRAP while the flag bearer was running and each HIM had the “freedom” to do as many of each exercise.  As with each F3 workout, we have the freedom to come out and to give as much or as little as we want.  Suffice to say, everyone wore it out this morning but it was an individual decision to do so.  (OK, we all have a great ability to overtly or covertly push each other.

We all should appreciate the freedom we have that was started in 1776 and resulted in 1% of the colony’s citizens giving their life to attain it.  We should also be overwhelmed with gratitude for the sacrifice of Jesus to gain eternal freedom with God the Father.  In the end of this earthly life that is what will ultimately matter.  For as 2 Corinthians 3:17 says, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

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THE SCENE: Clear skies, 68 degrees F, 96% humidity

SSH, Imperial Squat Walkers, Baby Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers
Indian run to the trail junction near the Springbrook Park fountain.

Partner Route 66 – Part 1

1 through 11 Merkins at ascending light poles.

HIM #1 runs to first light pole – 1 Merkin

HIM #2 begins 250 WWII Sit Ups

Partners switch after each return

After 11th light pole, HIM #1 returns to start and both complete 250 WWII Sit Ups

Partner Route 66 – Part 2

1 through 11 Squat Jumps at ascending light poles.

HIM #1 runs to first light pole – 1 Squat Jump

HIM #2 begins 250 Flutter Kicks (4 count)

Partners switch after each return

After 11th light pole, HIM #1 returns to start and both complete 250 Flutter Kicks

Indian run back to AO.

Push/Pull 11’s

1 Burpee

Bernie Across AO

10 Pull Ups

Skip Across AO

Increase 1 Burpee/Decrease 1 Pull Up each trip across AO

Box Cutters, LBCs, Alphabet
Total of 14 with two FNGs.  Welcome Stout and Taco
Everyone received a little grace today.  No one had to complete the three WODs outlined in the THA-THANG.  The “punishment” was taken away, the full requirement of the workout was erased.  Just like Jesus taking away the punishment of our sins and God declaring us justified through faith by his grace.  By grace we are forgiven, by grace the burden is lifted.

We have been forgiven and we are to be examples to others by forgiving.  Not always easy to do because of our human faults but, none the less, an expectation.

An incredible example of forgiveness and faith recently was demonstrated by Miranda Talley Reagan.  She was the estranged wife of Jimmy Reagan and mother of 8 year old Clark.  Tragically Jimmy murdered Clark before killing himself on June 15th.

On June 16th Miranda wrote a Facebook post.  In it she demonstrated forgiveness and faith that few emulate.  In the post she writes, “Compassion is the remedy for anger.  This was mental illness.  It’s heartbreaking this will be his legacy and that he was so tormented in his mind.  We will never understand, but please don’t hate him.”  She goes on to talk about the things that we tend to concern ourselves while raising children but she writes, “In the end, the grace of Jesus is all that matters.”  She speaks of God’s sovereignty and how she believes He will make something beautiful come from this tragedy.  She ends with this, “I could drown in thoughts of everything we will miss or all of the tiny parts of life he will take with him.  But he’s not missing anything.  This world has nothing to offer him in comparison to what he has now.”

Grace and forgiveness is something we all need and, more importantly, something we all need to give.

Prayers for KY’s wife Kelly to have a great job interview today, June 25th.
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Psalm 27

THE SCENE: Clear to partly cloudy, 60 degrees F, 71% humidity – Perfect!

Cherry Pickers, Imperial Squat Walkers, Little Baby Arm Circles, Windmills

AO Run, Bernie, and Karaoke


Starting at South end of Bomb Shelter AO

Merkins x12

WWII Sit Ups x12

SSH x12 (4 Count)

Dry Docks x12

Pull Ups (Modify – Inverted Pull Ups) x12

Box Jumps (Modify – Step Ups/leg) x12

Dips x12

Bernie to CMUs and with CMU perform the following:

Lawn Mower Pulls x12/arm

Bent Rows x12

Squats x12

Curls x12

Triceps Extensions x12

Upright Rows x12

Russian Swings x12

Bear Crawl line to line (about 25 yards)

Run past Troll Bridge (to trail intersection)

Burpees x3

Run to AO

Bear Crawl line to line (about 25 yards)

AMRAP …… until time to recover.


Flutter Kicks, Box Cutters, and X’s and O’s

14 total, no FNGs


Proverb 27

17(a) As iron sharpens iron is one of the mantras of F3 but there is more wisdom from Solomon in Proverb 27.  Here are some of them:

1  Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.  (Be humble, don’t be overconfident.  Be on guard.)

2  Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.  (Be aware of and avoid self praise.  It means much more when it’s from an outside source.)

4  Wrath is cruel and anger a torrent, but who is able to stand before jealousy?  (Jealousy has a power and destructive capability that goes beyond wrath and anger.  The latter are usually from being provoked while jealousy is more secret and buried within our mental darkness.)

7  A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb.  (When our life is satisfied from a material or physical aspect we find it easy to reject things that are usually pleasing to us.  Instead we need to fill our hearts and souls with God and His spiritual truths.)

18 Whoever keeps the fig tree will eat its fruit.  (The worker is worthy of the fruit of his labor and not just literally.)

20 Hell and Destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.  (Our longing for things we desire will never be satisfied.  The answer is to have the need channeled and satisfied in God and what He provides.)

15-16 A continual dripping on a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike; whoever restrains her restrains the wind, and grasps oil with his right hand.  (Instead of trying to change a contentious woman, a wise and godly husband loves her as Jesus loves his church and leaves the changing up to God.)

But getting back to Verse 17, the entire verse reads, “ As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”  Just as the striking and friction of iron against iron can sharpen one another, so it is with each of us.  We should not shy away from giving and receiving critical and constructive criticism.  Don’t let a brother walk alone, sharpen him with godly communications.  Walk together in mutual concern for each other’s burdens, worries, and temptations.

Credit David Guzik, Enduring Word                                                                                                          September  6, 2017

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