F3 Knoxville

Opt-In at Shamrock


Partly Cloudy Temperature Humidity Feels like Wind Speed Wind Direction
69 ℉ 99% 71 ℉ 3.1 mi/h NNE

I am not a professional.

25 SSHs.
10 Baby Arm Circles forward.
10 backward.
10-15 Double bounce Squats.
Mosey to main parking lot.  While running laps, each lap PAX has to complete exercise from below list.  First lap, however, was 50 burpees.  So, 50 burpees while doing lap.  Then next laps were as chosen from below list.

Chest Arms
120 Merkins
75 Dive Bombers
100 Carolina Dry Docks
60 Jumping Spiders
100 Diamond Merkins
150 Squats
100 Monkey Humpers
80 Bonnie Blairs (Jumping Lunge)
150 Calf Raises
75 BBS
80 LBC
100 Pickle Pounders
75 Box Cutters
80 Dolly Partons
60 War Hammers (BBSU with Amer Hammer at Top)

Mosey to coupon pile.  Grab a CMU.  Lined up on edge of parking lot. Gorilla Complex.  As many rounds as possible.  All with CMU except Merkins and Mosey.

  • 8 Curls
  • 8 High Pulls
  • 8 Overhead Press
  • 8 Tricep Extension
  • 8 Merkins – sans CMU
  • Mosey to other side of parking lot and back.

At time, recover and mosey back to AO.
2 minutes of ab work including:
30 Flutter Kicks
15 Dolly Partons
25 or so Bicycles ending at high rep rate.


18 HIMs
Kyle Korver is an 18 year veteran of the NBA.  He wrote an article entitled ‘Privileged’ back in April of 2019.  The article tells of his relationships with his fellow players and talks of his thoughts concerning the Privilege he has because he is white.  The privilege is described as the ability to opt-in or opt-out when it comes to things related with Black Lives Matter.  I appreciated reading it.  Kyle Korver – Privilege.

Hardship Hill work day this coming Saturday.  See Slack for details.

Clean Your Room


Cloudy Temp Humidity Feels like Wind Speed Cloud Ceiling Dew Point Pressure Visibility
72 ℉ 95% 84 ℉ 0 mi/h 34400 71 ℉ 30.15 inHg 6 miles


  • 25 –  4 count SSH
  • Moroccan Nightclub
  • Michael Phelps

Mosey to the football field and half-wall between bleachers and concession stands. In celebration of my 2.0’s birthday, we are going to clean our room.  So, throughout workout we collect trash as we go.

  1. B.O.M.B.S – Modified.  Working with partner.  PAX#1 begins exercises.  PAX#2 head up bleachers or within 50 yards and collect a piece of trash and do 10 Squat Jacks.  Return trash to trash can and then flap jack.  Exercises:
    1. 180 – Derkins
    2. 180 – Incline Merkins
    3. 100 – LBCs
    4. 180 – Dips
    5. 180 – Reverse Merkin
  2. Mosey to middle of main parking lot.
  3. 5 points – 4 corners with center circle.  PAX move from corner 1 to 2, 2 through middle to 3, 3 to 4, 4 through middle to 1.  PAX can start anywhere or center and move around at their pace until stopped.  At each corner and the circle do the exercises.  Each time at the middle 5 burpees.  If PAX brings trash back to circle, they can skip the burpees.
    1.  – 1) 50 Calf Raises.  2) 40 Monkey Humpers
    2.  – 1) 20 Big Boys.   2) 20 Freddy Mercury’s 4-ct.
    3.  – 1) 20 American Hammers.  2) 30 Pickle Pounders
    4.  – 1) 50 Squats   2) 30 Lunge Squats
  4. Route 66 back to AO.  11 significant trees between parking lot and AO between buildings.  Jump Squats.

Too bad.  But no time left for MARY.
12 strong.
Today – July 24th is my daughter’s 18th birthday.  Her favorite verse is Matthew 6:34.  With a bit of context:

  • Matthew 6:31 So do not worry; do not say, “What are we to eat? What are we to drink? What are we to wear?”
  • Matthew 6:32 It is the gentiles who set their hearts on all these things. Your heavenly Father knows you need them all.
  • Matthew 6:33 Set your hearts on his kingdom first, and on God’s saving justice, and all these other things will be given you as well.
  • Matthew 6:34 So do not worry about tomorrow: tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

5-Prayers for our daughters

Let her learn early in life that to obey You, God, is the best way to the life her heart truly desires, (1 Samuel 15:22).

May she find comfort in Your ability, God, to reach her, hold her, and rescue her, (2 Samuel 22:17-18).

Let her find confidence in You, God, even when hard times come and she doesn’t know what to do, by keeping her eyes fixed on You, (2 Chronicles 20:12).

May she keep herself under control and not give full vent to people and situations that anger her, (Proverbs 29:11).

Let her walk in the security of Your assigned worth to her. Give her a strong work ethic and health to accomplish all her tasks. Give her a heart that desires to extend her hand to those in need. Protect her for the right husband, a man of respect and godly honor. And let her be a woman of joy and laughter whose Christ-centered character is what makes her most beautiful, (Proverbs chapter 31).



It is also @Pringle’s born on date.  And Amelia Earhart and J-Lo’s. I learned the Earhart fact thanks to @Kentucky’s BB from today.

Tabata Chest and Arms


Partly Cloudy, 70 ℉. Feels like 72 ℉. Humidity 100%. Wind 2.1 mi/h from NE.


  • 25 –  4 count SSH
  • Michael Phelps

Mosey to CMU pile stopping a couple times doing 5-6 burpees while waiting for the six.

First activities follow a Tabata timing structure. So, using a phone or second hand or an actual tabata application.

  1.  Tabata timing 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 4 minutes. CMU press while laying on ground. AMRAP each of the 20 second work periods.
  2. Mosey about 50 yards out and back.  Shake out the arms.
  3. Tabata timing 3 sets of 3 cycles, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest each cycle.  20 seconds rest in between sets. Each set consists of a cycle each of:
    1. Standard Shoulder Press
    2. Curls
    3. Overhead Tricep Extension
  4. Mosey about 50 yards out and back.  Shake out the arms.
  5. 10 tempo Merkins on CMU in cadence.  Really slow.
  6. 10 tempo curls with CMU in cadence.  Slowly.  Last 5 emphasizing the negative.
  7. Put up CMUs and Mosey to bleachers.
  8. Run to top of bleachers and back down followed by 25 Monkey Humpers. Rinse and Repeat until six has completed 3 sets.
  9. Up bleachers and down but now with 25 Squats.  Rinse/Repeat 3 times.
  10. Mosey back to AO stopping halfway, grabbing the curb to do 50 heal raises.

Jack Webbs to 10 and then a few ab exercises to handle last couple minutes. (American Hammers, Dolly Parton’s, Freddy Mercurys)

15 PAX


A Prayer for Submission to God’s Will
Lord God, my Refuge, I am frustrated and fed up with life right now. I need Your help. Remind me that You are sovereign and in control. Help me to let go and to trust You. I am sorry for trying to control every aspect of my life and I give over the driving seat to You. Keep me from feeling upset about things I cannot control and give me a new trust in Your promise to work everything for my good. Thank You that You love me. Amen.



Slow Burn Tempo Workout


Clear Temperature Humidity Feels like Wind Speed Wind Direction
54 ℉ 82% 54 ℉ 5.5 mi/h NNE


  • Baby Arm Circles – 10 forward and 10 backward.
  • 6 Tempo Cherry Pickers
  • Michael Phelps
  • 25 SSH

For entire workout, the exercises are tempo exercises in cadence.  Unless noted, each rep is done at a 6 count.  So, basically doubling the time to do the rep.  For example, typically one Merkin would be 1(start down), 2(low point), 3(finish).  Here, it is 1(start),2,3 (low point), 4(begin up), 5, 6(finish).  To increase focus, slow down the counting.  If you want, stop counting completely until complaints are heard.

  • 3 rounds of the following.  After each round, mosey (~30-40 seconds) a bit to recover and/or head to CMUs.
    • 8 Split Squats (Round 1 Right foot forward, Round 2 Left foot forward, Round 3 regular squat increase count to 10 or 12.)
    • 8 Merkin (Round 1 Diamond, Round 2 Regular, Round 3 wide)
    • 8 Handcuffs (Supermans but with hands behind back)
    • Round 1 – Side Plank with 5 leg raise each leg. Round 2 & 3 regular plank 30-60seconds
  • 3 rounds of each with CMU.  Again 30-40 second mosey out and back without CMU.
    • 8 Bicep Curls
    • 8 Triceps (either on six or standing)
    • 8 Shoulder Press
  • 1 round (or more as time allows) all with CMU.
    • 5 Declined Merkin
    • 5 Merkin Right hand on CMU
    • 5 Merkin Left hand on CMU
    • 5 Inclined Merkin

25 Flutter kicks 4ct.
30-60 seconds on six heels off the ground

10 HIMs including 1 FNG: J-Bird
People are awesome!  God has made us in his likeness.  Even those who might exhibit flaws have something to give.  Look for the good in all you encounter.

FYI, the track at the school is closed until July 1st.

Baseball F3 Shamrock Style


Partly Cloudy, 49 ℉, Humidity 91%, Feels like 48 ℉, Wind Speed 3.7 mi/h, Wind Direction ENE


Stolen from @Lancelot – F3 Suncoast. (http://f3suncoast.com/2020/05/07/this-aint-no-peanuts-cracker-jacks-boys/) Modified a bit and used the Softball field.  Instead of bases, home and the three outfield positions used as stations (bases).

“Let’s Warm-up out in the Outfield for a few” – or in AO parking lot.

  • 15   Michael Phelps 
  • 15  Arm Circles Front/Back 
  • Motivators from 6 (4 count)
  • Mosey to CMUs

 “Play Ball!” on Softball Field     

Start at Home Plate, ( RF, CF, or LF small groups)

a. 25 Merkins
b. 25 Overhead Presses
c. 25 Chest Presses
d. Second Set :Repeating Exercises Above
e. Finish with 10 SSH
f. Mosey 1 Lap Around the Bases 
g. Pick Up Coupon, Mosey to 1st Base 

1st Base (All do these as group pretending to be at home.  Then rotate counter clockwise.  Or four stations.)

a. 25 Squats 
b. 25 Lunges
c. 25 heel raises
d. Second Set Repeating Exercises Above
e. Finish with 10 SSH
f. Mosey 1 Lap Around the Bases 
g. Pick Up Coupon, Mosey to 2nd Base

2nd Base

a. Colt 45s (15 Curls x 3 Positions)
b. 15 Blockees: burpee w/ coupon
c. 15 Bent Rows
d. Second Set Repeating Exercises Above
e. Finish with 10 SSH
f. Mosey 1 Lap Around the Bases 
g. Pick Up Coupon, Mosey to 3rd Base

“There’s no Crying in Baseball”

3rd Base

a. 25  Mountain Climbers
b. 25  Thrusters
c. 25  Monkey Humpers
d. Second Set Repeating Exercises Above
e. Finish with 10 SSH
f. Mosey 1 Lap Around the Bases to Home 
g. Pick Up Coupon, & Mosey to F3 Home Base: Flag for COT 

Round of Mary 

1. 20 Big Boy Sit-Ups 
2. 30 LBCs 
3. 20 American Hammers 
4. 30 Freddie Mercury’s 
5. 20 Flutter Kicks



Fun look at comparison of Baseball and Christianity.  Using http://gregburdine.com/baseball-christianity-5-similarities/