F3 Knoxville

Kickball Warm Up

THE SCENE: Lovely. 67 degrees. Misty, then rainy, then down-poury, then just flat out wet.
This & That; Cherry Pickers x5; Toe Touches

10 stations, spread out over 1 1/2 miles (with about equal distance between stations), as follows:

  • 100 Merkins
  • 100 Prisoner squats
  • 50 chest to bars; 50 squat jumps
  • 30 pull ups; 25 lunges (each leg)
  • 20 burpee box jumps (audible to 15)
  • 50 flutter kicks (4ct) (IC); ABC (IC)
  • 50 Iron Mikes
  • 100 BBS
  • 25 diamond merkins; 50 CDD’s
  • Burpee Jack Webb (1 burpee and 2 overhead claps = round 1; 2 burpee and 4 overhead claps = round 2) x 10 rounds

The rules: everyone stays together; everyone stays working; those that finish a station can take up to 20% of the reps of those that have not finished a station (put another way, each person may allow the rest of the PAX to help with 20% of their reps)(in this way those that finish early keep working, help the PAX that need it, and keep up the pace needed to finish all 10 stations in an hour).

8 dudes
Many of these exercises required each PAX to push to the body to exhaustion (i.e. total muscle failure).  Sometimes life’s trials require the same – maybe total muscle exhaustion, but more likely, emotional or spiritual exhaustion.  So, press on to exhaustion. Lean on Jesus and those that can help with a few reps. Eek out a few more on the way. Enjoy being stronger – you will be.
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Lots of stuff coming up: CSAUP; F3 Knox Olympics

Run … from … the Bear Attack

THE SCENE: 72 degrees; 100% muggy; 1000% perfect
Single leg swings (first, right; then, left).  Lots of tipsy men.

Touch the toes (or more accurately, touch the air above the toes, or perhaps the shins)

Behind the back standing ankle pulls (first, right; then, left)

Grab a CMU and mosey to the dark side.

Modified Sea Biscuit (again)

  • Round 1: 1 Lap, Exercise 1
  • Round 2: 2 Laps, Exercise 2
  • Round 3: 3 Laps, Exercise 1
  • Round 4: 2 Laps, Exercise 2

Exercise 1: (a) Burkins 5×5 (or whatever you call them) – Burpee down to 5 merkins and up for one rep.; (b) Bear attacks x5 – Cling and press CMU overhead and down; down squat and up to a push press; finish down with CMU on the cement for one rep.

Exercise 2: (a) merkins to exhaustion; (b) Lunging curls x10 each leg –  With CMU in hands, lunge out while bringing CMU to down curl position; lunge back up, curling CMU to up position for one rep.

CMU mosey back to AO.

Total distance:3.5, with a few carrying on to 4 total.

I encourage you brothers to go!  Find an adventure!  Do big what you don’t know or haven’t done before.

Don’t be like me – stuck in the familiar; losing my sense of adventure; forgetting the joy and power adventure brings to life.

Be “Wild at Heart” as John Eldredge describes it.

….and share it (the adventure and your wildness) with your loved ones and kids.

….so they won’t forget – your adventures together and how to be wild at heart themselves.
Be in prayer for @Slide Rule and his family, as the Lord called his mother home this week.
F3 Knoxville Carl Cowen AO staring this Saturday.  Show some love; check out some new terrain.

F3 Dad’s Camp coming up Friday, August 10 – to Sunday, August 12.  A number of F3 Knoxville will be there, including your’s truly.

Almost Independence Day

THE SCENE: Beautiful. 68 degrees and clear as bell.
Cherry Pickers x6

Real Ankle Pulls x10sec

Pike Upx10sec (alternating calf stretch)

Modified Sea Biscuit

  • R1: 1 Lap; Exercise #1
  • R2: 2 Laps; Exercise #2
  • R3: 3 Laps; Exercise #1
  • R4: 3 Laps; Exercise #2

Exercise #1: Lunge-Squat Progression x15 (lunge left, center squate, lunge right = 1rep); Merkins (to exhaustion)

Exercise #2: Squat-Burpee Progression x10 (left facing, touch the ground squat, jump up and turn 180 degrees, down into a burpee, jump up and turn 180 degrees to left facing start = 1rep; LBCs x30

MARY: Nada.

9 in attendance, including “the Gibbler” @Gibbler.  Does this mean that Gibbler posts mileage under Dog Pound or Asylum?

Prompted by Tweet-E’s revelatory insight from the prior night’s power outage at his home (and mine), I was prompted to reflect and pray during Tha-Thang about God’s command to “abide” in Him and “be still.” Of course, it was hard to be still while running, but the point is not “be motionless,” but “be focused on God.”

How rarely I stop, clear my mind,  focus on the greatness, glory, worthiness, omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, sovereignty, might, love, etc… of God and just “be still.”  Even in the me-time, I run with headphones in, distracting myself, or bury my face in a screen or page.

If you are like me, I was encouraged to be still even while moving.


Bear v. Crab

THE SCENE: Beautiful – 68 degrees

Follow the leader, highlighted by a bunch of grown men skipping under the lights.  Toe taps, leg pulls, side shuffles, skips, cross overs, bernie sanders, run, run (double time). Approx 5 mins.

THA-THANG: Bear v. Crab

1st Half and 2nd Half:

Two teams (approx 12 persons each team), attempting to get 5 small balls into a small hockey net all the while remaining in either a bear craw and crab craw (alternating 3 minute increments before switching positions), the HIM with the ball only able to advance 5 steps before passing. Balls in the center to start game play, with crab v. bear crawl race to retrieve them.

Each ball had two exercises written on it – one a harder exercise (merkins, burpees, squat jumps) and one an ab exercise (flutters, LBC, leg raises).

The team that scored did the ab exercise written on the ball that went in the net; the team that got scored on did the harder exercise written on the same ball.

Initially, I was concerned there would not be enough scoring with the small net.  After the 5th set of 15 burpees – in the first quarter – that was no longer my concern.


Round 1 (with pee rock): Squat Pulses x20; Kettle Bell Swings x10; Lunge&Twist x5 (each leg); Run; Single Leg Calf Raises x10

Round 2 (with pee rock): Biceps x20; Rows x20; Triceps x20; Overhead Rock Run

Rinse and Repeat

None.  No time for a victory lap, even though my team clearly won.

23 stronger, sweatier men.

I have an uncanny ability to think that I can solve all my own problems and those of my family.  I will reason or motivate (carrot or stick) through the issue, or at least I will try to.  I was reminded again recently — for the hundredth (x100) time — that this thinking/behavior is quite a vice, and some circumstances (and by “some,” I really mean “all”) are best left to God.

After a week of my 5-yr old daughter’s inexplicable fear/panic/stubbornness to swim across the pool for swim team practice and in the swim meet (one of which she scratched from last minute), I was at my wits end.  I knew she could do it; I’ve seen her swim the pool length innumerable times.  She simply refused and melted down day in day out at the prospect of doing what she could do.  It was so obviously mental, but at 5 years old, she could not work through it or verbalize the issue.

Then it dawned on me: I don’t know her thoughts and fears, but God does. So we prayed, together, that God would intervene.  We prayed over Joshua 1:9 (“Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”).  And, you guessed it, she had changed, she swam, and in the process she conquered a huge obstacle in her life.

So, I am reminded again, to petition God, even for the seemingly small things in life, because He is there and here, and because the small often turn out to be big.

Suicide Squad (with pee rocks)

THE SCENE: Quite Nice. 60 degrees. No precipitation; ample perspiration.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Properly welcomed; sufficiently disclaimed. 

  • Cherry Pickers x5 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x10 IC
  • Rockettes x10 IC
  • SSH x10 IC
  • Tempo Merkins x7 IC
  • Tempo Squats x8 IC
  • Mosey around the outhouse
  • *The above numbers are approximations. I may or may not have fumbled through my cadence calls.


  • Colt 45’s (with a “medium” sized pee rock, that “we will spend some time with”)
  • Indian Run (with rock) to base of Everest
  • 4 Station Hill Climb Suicide (with rock)
    • Lunges to first cone; 20 squats; run back to start
    • Lunges to first cone; Bernie Sanders to second cone; 20 squats run back to start
    • Lunges to first cone; Bernie Sanders to second cone; karaoke’s to third cone; 20 squats; run back to start
    • Lunges to first cone; Bernie Sanders to second cone; karaoke’s to third cone; run to fourth cone; 20 squats; STOP
  • Colt 45’s (with rock) followed by Shotput Championships
    • @Frosty is the champion of “tee tiny pee stone pebble” class
    • @Lay-z-boy is the champion of the “medium man-sized rock” class
  • Pavilion
    • Pull Ups x10
    • Dips x10
    • Box Jump Burpees x10
    • Rinse and Repeat
  • Rock run back to the AO.  Nice work men; this sucked!

MARY:  Sally Bring ’em Up; Sally Bring ’em Down Merkins – 100% flame out rate, which lead to Sally Bring ’em Up; Sally Bring ’em Down Squats.

Priorities:  My 5-F’s (in order): Faith, Family, Friends (i.e. Fellowship), Fitness (e.g. exercise and nutrition), Finances (i.e. career/work).  The question is not really, “do we have priorities?;” rather the question is, “do we have our priorities in the right order?”  I am not referring here to priorities for the sake of improved time management, but for improved decision/life management, in both the hundreds of little decisions we make daily about the seemingly trivial and in the infrequent, life-altering decisions. The consequence of the order of our priorities, is that our lives, our relationships, our impact near and far, will mirror our priorities.  For me, when I look in the mirror, I want to see …. in addition to six pack abs, of course … a faith in Jesus steering my relationships with family, friends, myself, and my career, not the other way around.  What do you want to see in that mirror?  Re-order; reflect; recommit.
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