F3 Knoxville

Big Ball rock stars

THE SCENE: 48* and clear, perfect weather

  • Side straddle hops x20 IC
  • Tempo squats x10 IC
  • Merkins on 4 count, x20 IC
  • Imperial squat walkers, x10 IC

Begin mosey away from AO, pass bottom of Big Ball and pause just before Cumberland Avenue to wait on 6.  PAX perform 20 merkins and 20 squats OYO. Continue Mosey to Church Street parking lot right next to Henley Street Bridge.  PAX pick up pet rocks for rock circuit.  PAX who start with Colt 45s bump the group ahead of them to next exercise, 4 corners of lot with exercises:

  • Colt 45s – 15 rock curls from bottom to halfway point of ROM, 15 rock curls from halfway point to top of ROM, 15 rock curls full bottom to top
  • Big boy sit ups with rock pressed in the air.  Exercise until bumped by group behind
  • Squats with rock pressed above head.  Exercise until bumped by group behind
  • ABCs – Write the letters of the alphabet with the rock.  Exercise until bumped by group behind

Rotate through all exercises twice.  Replace pet rock and recover.  Mosey across Henley Street to hill at Walnut Street, and meet at bottom of hill.  Perform Lt. Dan’s all the way up hill (1 squat, 4 lunges, 2 squats, 8 lunges, etc maintaining 1:4 ratio until you reach the top).  Recover.

Mosey back towards AO, stopping at the Big Ball for Contra Burpees (increasing number of merkins in the burpee by each repetition until you reach 10 merks in the burp).  Recover. Mosey back to AO SP.

Box cutters x15 IC
17 PAX, 0 FNGs.  Hang Tight, Steam, Blazer, Jenner, Savannah, Manwich, Cowbell, A-Rod, Frank, Passport, Outlaw, Uncle Rico, Quarantine, Eggo, Singlet, G6, Abort
Workouts with F3 have been a game changer in my life.  I’ve tried doing workouts and rucks that we’ve done on my own, and there is no push and the workouts have no effect.  The men that join each morning are why I’m here.
Trucking to the Pount Saturday, Big Ball AO begins Saturday workouts on Saturday as well

Curb Crawls and Dirty Hookups

THE SCENE: 52 and clear, perfect morning

Side straddle hops x20 IC
Tempo squats x10 IC
Peter Protons
Michael Phelps
Mosey over to side street running beside park.  Start ascending curb crawls – bear crawl across street to curb, turn around and place feet on the curb and perform 1 derkin.  Bear crawl back to the other side, perform 2 derkins.  Repeat bear crawl across street and increase number of derkins until reaching lucky 13.  Flutter kicks and big boys waiting on the 6 to complete. Recover

Mosey to long parking lot behind Chemistry building, pausing at the halfway point for 20 big boys and 20 squats.  Continue to long parking lot where 5 cones are set up, 100 yards from SP, 75 yards, 50 yards, 25, yards, and 10 yards from SP.

  • 100 yard dash, perform 100 SSHs, mosey back to SP and plank waiting on 6
  • 75 yard dash, perform 75 mountain climbers, mosey back to SP and plank waiting on 6
  • 50 yard dash, perform 50 LBCs, mosey back to SP and plank waiting on 6
  • 25 yard dash, perform 25 merkins, mosey back to SP and all plank while Pfeiffer takes us shopping (holding varying heights of plank)
  • 10 yard dash, perform 10 burpees, mosey back to SP and plank waiting on 6.  Recover

Mosey back to underpass near AO.  All PAX plank facing wall for dirty hookups.  From plank position going through a 4 count exercise.  1 Count, place right hand on wall, 2 count place left hand on wall (now in horizontal plank), 3 count right hand down, 4 count left hand down.  Repeato x10.

Mosey back to SP for shoulder blaster and Mary. Shoulder blasters:

  • Forward arm raise thumbs up x10
  • Forward arm raise thumbs down x10
  • Forward arm raise thumbs up on up, thumbs down on down x10
  • Lateral arm raise thumbs up x10
  • Lateral arm raise thumbs down x10
  • Lateral arm raise thumbs up on up thumbs down on down x10

Flutter kicks x20 IC
Hello Dolly’s x20 IC
Boat/canoes til time
13 Strong: Careless, Red Writer, Pfeiffer, Hooker, Doolittle, Passport, Singlet, Plunger, Filter, Uncle Rico, Quarantine, Green Card, Abort
Make sure as HIM that we are remembering all the hats we wear, and are being present in all those areas.  Try not to focus too much on one area that you forget or neglect another.

Tammy Wynette at the Ball

THE SCENE: 64 degrees and clear

  • Windmills 10x in cadence
  • Tempo squat 10x in cadence
  • Side straddle hops 25x in cadence
  • Tempo merkin 10x in cadence

PAX move as a group to 11th Street parking garage, stopping for Al Gore at crosswalk. Once in the garage, PAX partner up for Tammy Wynette.

One PAX performs 10 merkins, while the partner stands by his man and does 10 squats. Then partners swap and perform the opposite exercise. PAX then run to the next level and repeat until they reach the top of the garage and 100 of each exercise.

Recover and 10 count. Descend parking garage using same partner and same concept, this time stopping on only one end of the garage for exercises not both. 10 count of Big boys and 10 count Smurf jacks.

Recover and 10 count, mosey back to worlds fair park. PAX start on southern end of lawn facing four cones in a line. PAX go to each cone performing increasing number of exercises, mosey back and start next set.

Set 1 – lunge to cones, perform burpees 3/6/9/12 reps

Set 2 – bear crawl to cones, perform superman swims 5/10/15/20 reps

Set 3 – crab walk between cones, perform merkins 5/10/15/20

Recover to fountains

4 count flutter kicks, 20x in cadence
26 PAX including 5 FNGs.  Hang Tight, Neutron, Noah, Jenner, Target, Madoff, Blazer, G6, Singlet, Gogurt, Steam, Pfeiffer, Jalen, Putt-Putt, Bessie, Snookie, Preacher, Quarantine, Commando, Savannah, Manwich, Red Writer, Careless, Sheldon, Anchorman, Abort
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”