F3 Knoxville

THE SCENE: 55* dry and perfect

Tempo squats x10
Static stretches left/right/middle x20 secs each
Shoulder taps x15
Four count merkins (hand release) x12
SSH x10
Mosey out of the fountains toward the lots where we park, past The Foundry and across the railroad tracks to Preacher’s parking lot (The International).  Five cone set up, about 10 yards apart for reverse suicide ladder.  PAX line up across the parking lot, run to the furthest cone and perform exercise.  Run back to the start line.  PAX then run to the furthest cone, repeat that exercise, and add the next cone and exercise on the way back, eventually knocking out all 5 exercises.

  • Four count merkins (hand release) x10
  • Jump squats x10
  • Burpees x10
  • LBCs x20
  • SSH x30

Each PAX grabs two rocks from the pile right beside our starting point.  OYO, then hold both rocks overhead when finished.

  • Lateral raises x20
  • Curls x20
  • Up and outs x20

Sprint out to the furthest cone and return to your rocks for another round, this time 10 reps of each.  Return rocks and mosey back across railroad tracks to the parking lot across from The Foundry for Lt. Dan’s Revenge. Starting with 2 squats and 4 lunges, then run up the short hill and knock out 5 merkins, return back to bottom of hill.  Repeat, increasing to 4 squats 8 lunges, 6/12, 8/16, 10/20 all with 5 merkins at the top of the hill before running back.

Quick mosey back to start point

American hammers x20
Box cutters x10
10 strong: Passport, Steam, Swanson, Magic Mic, Cornhole, Petey (WELCOME BACK), G6, Half Dome, Postman, Abort
From Ozark, Jacob Snell: “Ill humor in the morning brings about a darkened day.”  I know that I have been struggling lately at work, and I really thing it is because I’ve not been able to work out as much.  When I get up, I have extra time and look at the news or social media, which is inevitably something negative.  I think it’s pretty obvious that it sets the wrong tone for the day and its hard to climb out of that hole dug so early.

But when I come and work out, I’m listening to people talk about doing things with their kids, or seeing faces for the first time in a while and without them knowing it, they have pointed me in the right direction for the day.  That positivity just in words, that goes along with having done some exercise, prevents a darkened day.
Morristown launch June 6th!

Back in business

THE SCENE: 64* and dry
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER (new extended remix)

  • Tempo squats
  • Mountain climbers
  • Windmills
  • Four count merkins
  • SSH

Mosey lap around the WFP lawn and back to the side of the convention center. Chalk on the ground waiting.

Rise Up 19 WOD:
  • 19 Squats
  • 19 Flutter kicks (4 count)
  • 19 OH claps (4 count)
  • 19 hand release merkins
  • 19 lateral hops
  • 19 sit ups
  • Lunges

Run a lap around the WFP lawn. Lather rinse and repeat for round two with slight modification. Instead of a lap at the end, run 40-50 yards and back after each exercise.

Short mosey over to the large landing beside the Big Ball for the Big Bang. Everyone circles up, distanced out. Each round increases by ten, slowly expanding the universe. Run X steps, do X number of reps of given exercise. Return back to your plank around the circle and wait for everyone to finish up.

  • 10 burpees
  • 20 squat jumps
  • 30 Hello Dolly’s
  • 40 LBCs
  • 50 SSH

Mosey back to start point for Mary

Fairly simple, ATMs then 90 seconds of boat/canoe
COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 13 Strong coming back: G6, Sunshine, Postman, Orkin, Ariel, Swanson, Amazon, Backdraft, Passport, Jenner, Bareback, 8-Seconds, Abort

Word of the day is inertia.  Inertia in a physical sense is that an object will remain at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external force.  Unfortunately that is also true when that velocity is zero.  When we went into the safer at home mode and halted workouts, I didn’t think I would struggle with workout discipline like I did.  I had a few minor physical things, but the mental battle of getting up and working hard absolutely smoked me.  The fartsack was victorious more times than not.

My velocity was basically zero, and though I wish it weren’t true I am sure I wasn’t the only one who struggled without the accountability of my brothers standing in the gloom.  So now the external force is back in my life.  My brothers, standing at the fountains at 5:30 eagerly awaiting whatever silly nonsense I’ve come up with or whatever beatdown someone else has concocted.  They’re there, acting upon me and accelerating me more than they know.


Team Hoyt Mentality

THE SCENE: 45*, clear, and perfect

Squat and reach
4-count merkins
8-count bodybuilders
Quick mosey over to the long, straight sidewalk adjacent to the convention center. Six cones are set up down the length of the sidewalk, spaced 15-20 yards apart.  Each cone has an exercise and rep count, simply run between cones knocking out the exercises.  After completing the last exercise, lunge walk to first cone (fifth from start) and sprint the remainder.  First man back instructed to pick an exercise and knock it out until everyone returns.

  • Cone 1 – 10 burpees
  • Cone 2 – 15 tuck jumps
  • Cone 3 – 20 CDD
  • Cone 4 – 25 merkins
  • Cone 5 – 30 squats
  • Cone 6 – 35 leg lifts

Rinse and repeat, only this time grab a battle buddy.  You both still do all the reps, but you’re not alone.  Quick 10 count and mosey over to the base of the Big Ball stairs. Routine as follows:

  • 10 sit up ups at the bottom
  • Crawl bear up the stairs to the first big landing
  • 10 supermans
  • Wall sit until everyone completes

Assemble in front of the Big Ball, grab a different battle buddy from before.  One man knocks out pull ups on the Big Ball while their buddy does 25 squats.  Flapjack until both have done one round of each exercise.  Reassemble in front on the stairs, repeating the previous routine with another battle buddy.  Again, both doing all the reps, just not alone:

  • 10 sit up ups at the bottom
  • Crawl bear up the stairs to the first big landing
  • 10 supermans
  • Wall sit until everyone completes

Back to the Big Ball, doing pull ups until your partner relieves you.  Squats were substituted for Army quality 4-count merkins before relieving your partner.

Quick ring of fire with merkins, going around doing 1 rep, then 2, etc up to 5 reps.  Recover and mosey back to SP

45* situps on each side
Freddy Mercury
12 Strong: Butterfly, G6, Hoops (FNG), Half Caff, Postman, 8 Seconds, Dovetail, Steam, Jenner, Backdraft, Swanson, Abort (QiC)
Use the Hoyt mentality.  Rick Hoyt was born with cerebral palsy, and despite doctors telling his parents he would be nothing but a vegetable his whole life, his family didn’t give up on him.  They continued working with him with a computer he gained the ability to communicate and eventually went on to graduate college.  Team Hoyt began in 1977 when Rick Hoyt asked his father if they could run in a race together to benefit a lacrosse player at his school who had become paralyzed.  He wanted to prove that life went on no matter your disability.  Dick Hoyt was 36 years old and not a runner.  After their first race, Rick said, “Dad when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped.” This team has completed 257 triathlons, 6 of which are Ironman, 7 Half Ironman, and 72 marathons with over 30 being the Boston marathon.

We were in multiple two man teams this morning, and in that case you are either the fast man or the slow man.  Dick Hoyt would have never began his journey without his slow man.  They have went on to inspire countless people (YHC included) because the push from the slow man.  NEVER DOUBT YOUR IMPACT regardless of how you perceive your abilities.  Also, if you happen to be the fast man, you better be sure you’re bringing someone along.  Dick Hoyt carried his son between events, towed him while swimming, pushed him on the bike and in the wheelchair.  Without his son, he was just another competitor.  With him, a legend.

Never been in the Big Ball

THE SCENE: 45* and despite the forecast, no rain.  Not sure if I was actually awake or if it was all a dream…

Iron squats
Seal claps
Imperial walkers
Collect everyone’s keys/phones and mosey out of the start point along the sidewalk adjacent to the convention center, until reaching the Big Ball.  Pause in the shadow of the Big Ball for a set of leg blasters, where Swanson and myself surprise a few by saying we’ve never been in the Big Ball.  To recover from the shock, we blast our legs.  No rest in between: 10 tempo squats in cadence, 10 lunges on four count in cadence, 10 jump squats OYO.

Continue mosey up the stairs beside the Big Ball for descending ladder routine.  I’d planned for rain but was sick of the garage and amphitheater so we moseyed to the overhang on the corner of Clinch Ave and Henley St.  Work your way down the list until you complete the last exercise, then run up the stairs, across the pedestrian bridge across Henley St, and return.  Rinse and repeat removing the lowest number exercise each time through.  Oh yea and touch every stair up and down the stairs.

  • 10 merkins
  • 9 squats
  • 8 sit ups
  • 7 OH claps (4 count)
  • 6 jump lunges (left right = 1)
  • 5 burpees
  • 4 V ups
  • 3 side lunges (each leg)
  • 2 tuck jumps
  • 1 SSH

After about five iterations for the jack rabbits and four iterations for the Clydesdales I polled the audience: Continue through the list until we all complete the ladder, or move on to something else fun.  A reluctant few finally spoke up and said move on, so we did.  Everyone grabbed their laundry and we moseyed back down the stairs beside the Big Ball and underneath where we’d done leg blasters.  I am trying to get some guys to VQ soon, so I took the opportunity to let them lead.  We all did 5 pull ups on the beams, then met out front.  I’d call out someone and ask them to pick an exercise, and lead us in 10 reps of it.  Went something like:

  • 5 pull ups
  • Swanson – led 8 count bodybuilders
  • 5 pull ups
  • Postman – led plank jacks
  • 5 pull ups
  • Walrus – led SSH
  • 5 pull ups
  • Huffy – led V ups

After Huffy finished everyone just assumed 5 pull ups, but I told them to grab their laundry and mosey as we were getting short on time.  Once we crossed WFP Drive onto the sidewalk, told everyone to give it all they had on the sprint back.

10 sit ups OYO
10 sit ups OYO
American hammers
12 including 1 FNG: Swanson, Postman, Huffy, Walrus, Jenner, Half Caff, Bubble Wrap (FNG), Dovetail, Passport, G6, Backdraft, Abort (QiC)
Victor Frankl quote from Man’s Search for Meaning: “Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality.  No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he loves him. By his love he is enabled to see the essential traits and features in the beloved person; and even more, he sees that which is potential in him, which is not yet actualized but yet ought to be actualized.”

Amazon spoke on Saturday about focusing on helping someone else when you’re struggling and in doing so you tend to forget your own pain.  This quote takes that a step further and says that by learning to love our brothers, we truly find and can admire their gifts.  And by realizing those traits in others, we also discover our own potential.
Q101 this Saturday, possibly cancelling Big Ball workout to join.  Half Caff has another shirt design which is nearly ready, look for shirt order link soon.

No fear of the forecast

THE SCENE: 45* and despite the 80% chance of rain from Steve, relatively dry after the warmup

  • Static stretches L R M
  • Prisoner squats
  • Windmills
  • Moroccan night clubs
  • Tempo merkins


Mosey to amphitheater for Octagon of Pain. Cones set up on stage and ground with an exercise at each.
  • Lion Kings with Ruck plates
  • Wide merkins
  • Squat jumps
  • American hammers on 4 count
  • Cobras
  • Lunges each leg
  • 8 count bodybuilders
  • Heels to heaven
16 reps of each exercise, bear crawl to next exercise. Once back to start cone, bear crawl to middle and plank. I asked one member of the PAX to admit a fear of his. He said he feared to let people down, or disappoint others.
Quick mosey to bridge underpass for elevens with WWII sit ups at the bridge and rows on handrails at the top of the amphitheater.
Asked anyone else if they wanted to admit a fear. Fear of relapsing and putting a strain on his marriage; fear of finding the right person to spend his life with; fear of falling back into compulsive actions and habits.


  • Flutters x10
  • Hammers x 11
  • Flutters x12
  • Dolly x13
  • Flutters x14

5 strong: Huffy, Walrus, Postman, Amazon, Abort
My fear is that of failure. I can recall the feeling in college of being so afraid of doing poorly on an exam that I wouldn’t even go take it. By doing so, I guaranteed failure, but somehow in my head that disconnect was there of not being present meant not failing. I have this fear also of letting people down with my failures. But to not show up is no longer acceptable, I have to be present and if I fail, I will at the very minimum feel that sting and learn from it.

I also stole a little wisdom from the 43 Feet podcast about the subject: “Fear.  We all have fears, and we have to deal with fear every day.  Fear isn’t necessarily bad, as fears of things have helped keep us alive up to this point in our lives.  However, constantly giving into fears makes us cowards.  Constantly ignoring fears would make us insane.  The key is to listen to our fears and decide whether to give into them or stand up and turn that fear or hardship into grace.”