F3 Knoxville

OTB Goruck day 6

THE SCENE: 58* and clear, perfect weather.

All warm-ups with ruck:
BAC forward x10 IC
BAC reverse x10 IC
20 merkins OYO
20 squats OYO
Everyone with rucks, challenge weight.  Ruck up and grab one 60lb sandbag (Irene).  PAX cannot carry sandbag the usual way, carry the bag on one shoulder, floppy log style.  This rule applies for duration of post.  Ruck up and move out, heading away from start point towards campus.  Alternate whenever, or when someone steals the bag.  Mosey up towards Ayers on the hill, going behind halfway to the giant stairway on the side.  One man starts at the bottom and carries the sandbag as quickly as possible to the tippity top of the stairs and returns.  While he is doing that, other PAX alternate between 10 curls and 10 overhead presses until they die or their teammate makes it back.  Everyone takes a turn to the top.

Ruck back up and move out, toward the library.  Make a right turn and head toward Cumberland and back up the hill into the fort.  Find 17th Street and mosey to the Cadillac soccer fields.  Ditch Irene for a the Day 6 workout from Goruck’s Lucky Seven challenge.  As follows:

  • 110 yard suitcase carry (can switch hands at halfway point)
  • 10 ruck swings
  • 10 squats (alternating between front and rear load)

10 rounds of that.

Grab Irene and ruck back to start point.

Approx 3.55 miles total

3 weirdos: Amazon, Swanson, Abort

eight counts with a rock

THE SCENE: 41* – a little cooler than lately but clear and no wind.  Perfect weather.  Amazon and Abort Co-Q shooting from the hip.

BAC Forward x10 IC
BAC Reverse x10 IC
Moroccan night club x15 IC
Tempo squats x10 IC
8-ct bodybuilder x5 IC
SSH x15 IC
Mosey out of start point in the direction of the amphitheater, running through it (not uphill and around for some reason…) and across Cumberland Ave, stopping on the bridge.  Everyone down for some early ab work, flutter kicks x25 IC and American hammers x20 IC.  Back up and continue mosey to parking lot of Church Street United Methodist Church.  Everyone grab a rock and get ready to roll.

  • 8 count body builders (OH press rock going up) x10
  • Curls (for the girls) x10
  • Squat thrusters x10
  • Sit ups with rock pressed x10

After each round of PT, place rock on ground and run up the hill to the Church, high five the church, and return to rocks.  Repeat for 3 rounds total.  Quick 10 count and change up exercises, same routine.  Go through 4 exercises of PT, drop rock and run to the church and return.  Three rounds of second set as well.

  • Rock overhead squats x10
  • OH tricep extension x10
  • American hammers (left right 1) x10
  • Front lateral shoulder lift x10

Recover, replace rocks in pile and mosey in the direction of the Big Ball. Quick repeat of Dead Hang Dora.  Pair up, one man dead hangs from the beams of the Big Ball, while the other man knocks out merkins.  When the partner drops, they swap and cumulatively knock out 150 merkins.  This sucks BTW.  Recover and mosey back to start point.

All done in succession with no rest, because Abort is a jerk:
Box cutters x10
Edward scissor legs x15
Flutter kicks x20
13 Strong, including some faces that haven’t been seen in a bit: Operation, The Voice, Cowbell, Swanson, 2×2, G6, Duggar, Petey, Rousey, Quarantine, Misfire, Amazon, Abort
Operation and Misfire spoke about consistency.  One quote Operation shared was “Don’t choose what you do well, choose what you do consistently.”  He may correct me on that, but it was the idea.  Great word to think about.  We were also fortunate to have Misfire, Soot’s father, speak about Soot’s recent deployment and how F3 was a positive thing to give consistency outside of the military and how we as men NEED that.

Also big thanks to Petey who picked up a card for us all to sign to send to Soot, great stuff there.

Always got 10 in you

THE SCENE: 60* and not muggy, perfect morning

Moroccan night club x20 IC
Even/odd static stretch – middle/left/right
Tempo merkin x10 IC
SSH x15 IC

Mosey out of start point and over to amphitheater for some escalator action.  Start with first exercise, run a lap around the amphitheater (no stairs, take the long way).  Return and do first exercise and add second, continue adding each exercise after the lap.  Exercises as follows:

  • Plank jacks x10 on 4 count
  • Squat jumps x10
  • Pull ups on rails x10
  • Mountain climbers x10 on 4 count
  • Lunges x10 each leg
  • 8 count bodybuilders x10

Jackrabbits do ab exercises on the stage waiting for everyone to finish.  Everyone recover and 10 count.  Mosey out of amphitheater continuing away from start point, left over pedestrian bridge, and up beside the convention center and Big Ball.

Set up is for four cone drill.  Reps and walks, lather rinse repeat.

  • Round 1: Lizard walk between cones, 10 superman swims at each cone
  • Round 2: Crab walk between cones, 10 big boy sit ups at each cone
  • Round 3: Crawl bear between cones, 10 merkins at each cone

Recover and 10 count.  Mosey back to start point.


Flutter kicks x25 IC
Edward scissorlegs x25 IC
Captain Thor up to 5:20
9 Strong:
Workout was a very similar repeat of one I led last year, one that Preacher absolutely let me know he was not a fan of.  In all fairness, I made some of the exercises easier this time haha.  But I repeated a workout that reminded me of him, and the word was similar to one he gave after one of his Q’s.  He talked about first starting F3 and always being at the back, but that getting out there and doing something was better than nothing.  I specifically made the reps for the main part of the workout as no more than 10 of any given exercise.  Because no matter how tired you are, how worn out, you always have 10 reps in you.  You can always knock out 10 merkins, 10 situps, even 10 burpees or bodybuilders.  Apply that to your life in other ways, where something always better than nothing, you always have the ability to knock out 10 “reps”, and by doing so and just getting started you’ll be amazed at how much you end up accomplishing.


New ex – Galway Hookers and Dead Hang Doras

THE SCENE: 44* and clear, right in the range where you start cold and end up fine, or layer up and start fine and get heat stroke. Aye!

Slowzy lap around the lawn of World’s Fair Park
Super Squats (4 count exercise, down up squat as 1,2 then up down calf raise as 3,4)
Peter Parkers
Quick key grab and mosey out of start point toward amphitheater, going up behind it and then left across the pedestrian bridge.  Hold up and get second opinion on cone spacing from Swanson, who knows the first routine coming.  Taken from Filter, first routine is the Welsh Dragon.  Start at cone, bear crawl forward four steps, then do: 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, 1 four count shoulder tap.  Then bear crawl forward four steps and do 2 of each of those exercises.  Continue four bear crawl steps and increase rep count by one each iteration until reaching the second cone.  I think most of the PAX made it up to 8 reps, and I know I was smoked after one round.  10 count recovery while walking back to first cone.

Second routine is similar to the first, which I stole the format from Filter.  When I was in Ireland last week, we kept coming across things dedicated to this certain fishing boat.  There were statues of it, beers named after it, paintings referencing it.  That boat is the Galway Hooker, which has a very sturdy bottom half to withstand the choppy waves of the Atlantic.  So the next routine was the Galway Hooker, which consisted of taking four lunge steps forward then doing:  1 four count monkey humper, 1 super squat (squat then calf raise).  Then take four lunge steps forward and do 2 reps of each.  Continue until reaching the second cone, which I had Swanson move further as the lunge steps covered more ground.  Again got up to 8 reps, which also smoked me.

I gave the PAX the choice of which they wanted to do for round three, which they decided to just combine the two.  So you’d start at one and do 4 bear crawl steps and 1 rep of the exercises, then take four lunge steps and do the leg exercises.  Repeat increasing the reps, which we got to 4 of each.

Recover and mosey over to the base of the Big Ball for a different kind of Dora.  One partner does reps, but instead of running, the other partner does a dead hang from the Big Ball.  I told them they could try to be rock stars and hold the up position of a pull up, but I’m not sure anyone took me up.  When you drop you swap and continue knocking out reps.  Exercises and counts:

  • 150 merkins
  • 150 big boy sit ups
  • 150 squats

Recover and mosey back to start point.

Day at the beach crunches (lay back hands behind head, feet up and relax) x10
Flutter kicks x20
Edward scissor legs x20
Lucky 7, including 1 FNG: Ponder, G6, Wilson, Swanson, Tooth (FNG), 2×2, Abort
“We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.” George Bernard Shaw. Everyone is so consumed with acquiring things or doing things to try to be happy, but what is often overlooked is that giving happiness away is one of the best ways to also make yourself happy.  Look for opportunities to spread happiness and love, and watch what happens for yourself as well.

eleven PAX doing elevens

THE SCENE: 45* – getting back to nice weather

Tempo lunge x10 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Windmills x8 IC
Burpees x5 OYO
SSH x20 IC

Mosey out of start point to amphitheater.  Assemble in front of stage for some super sets.  Do first three exercises in a row, OYO, with no rest in between.  Plank on stage and wait for everyone to finish.  Then back to the front of the stage for the next three exercises.  As quickly as possibly OYO and plank waiting for everyone to finish.

  • Left leg step ups x11
  • Right leg step ups x11
  • Box jumps x11

Plank and wait for everyone to finish, then straight into:

  • Derkins x11
  • Dips x11
  • Merkins x11

Plank and wait until last man finished.  Back at it and repeat all six exercises in the same fashion.  Recover and 10 count.  No mosey to the next routine, stay at the amphitheater stage for Super 11’s (11 seems to be the number of the day).  Perform 11 BBSU’s, run the stairs to the top, perform 11 pull ups on rails.  Return to the bottom and go from 10 to 1 reps on both exercises.  When finished, plank it up on the stage. Recover and 10 count.

Mosey back past the start point to the front of L&N Stem Academy.  Everyone grab a rock (or two if they want some fun).  Rock exercises as follows:

  • Curls x30 and rest with rock pressed overhead
  • Squats x30 with rock pressed overhead
  • Curls x30 and rest with rock pressed again overhead
  • Arms straight out, rock lifts x30
  • Overhead press x30
  • Curls x30
  • Situps x30 with rock pressed overhead

Mosey back to start point.

Had about three minutes left upon arrival, and Q only had one thing left to do.  Boat/Canoe.  After a few iterations of plain holds, 5 on 4 count flutter kicks while in canoe, then 5 on a 4 count OH claps in canoe.  A few more iterations of regular holds.  30 seconds left Q told PAX all we had was 30 seconds, and to hold canoe for that long or until they had to drop.
11 Strong, including one flying headlock who departed early: Mark (FEH), Swanson, G6, Bareback, Cowbell, The Voice, Rousey, Half Caf, Amazon, Pfeiffer, Abort
I’ve kind of had a recurring theme in my word, which is struggling with failure.  Constantly worrying about failing at my job, failing as a friend, failing as a future spouse and father.  Then I read things that say if you’re not failing at something then you’re not trying hard enough or trying new things and that failure is the best way to learn.  So failure is always there, be it good or bad.  However I came across a quote which really struck me, so I decided to share it.  From Francis Chan: