F3 Knoxville

A Moose what?

The Dog Pound
Workout Date: 16 May 2019
QIC: Shooter

THE SCENE: 50s with shoooooooorrrt shorts

SSH x 15 IC

LBAC (Arm circles) Forward and Backward x 10 IC

Butt kickers and High Knees

30 sec OYO

Jabberin Jaw 30 sec



Teams of Two

W/ CMU Cycle AMRAP Squats, Curls, and Press while partner runs to end of the lot


At the end of the lot 20 merkins are done (then 18,16….)

Did some mary in there about halfway

Switched to BBS (NOT SQUATS) same as prior set

Some other baloney

CMUs put up and off to the tennis court


At this point, I had gone very far off my original plan, I said yes to the moment in the morning.


We proceeded to the exercises given by the PAX

Lunges, frog jumps, Tweet-Es exercise (EZ up?? get yo butt up without using your arms)

Hello Dollys at the very end with a lotttaaa eye contact

She was in there

There’s a reason that we a have a tendency to notice and give our attention to certain things. For example, when I walk into a room, I do not begin to count the ceiling tiles, or the notches in the picture frames. We ascribe value to things around us. That being said, if something matters, you ought to pay attention to that. When it comes to people that I value, I have a tendency to ignore, or very passively pay attention to them. My challenge is to be better at the little things such as eye contact, providing feedback, actually listening and remembering what is being discussed. If you are not doing these little things not only are you not demonstrating that you value the other person, but you’re not embodying the virtuous values (Forthrightness, Compassion/Love, Graciousness, Gratitude… etc.)


Put down the project and ask someone how their day was…. you may be surprised what you find.


Very Happy to be out there with you guys. Keep hustlin


Also, La-Z-Boy and Bartman are doing side bets before the workouts…. beware!