F3 Knoxville

Light poles and lazy Dora

Bomb Shelter
Workout Date: 9 Jan 2020
QIC: Woodshack


SSH x 20 IC

Plank, then merkins x10 ic , plank, peter parkers x10


super 11s

  • Start and said #1 light pole, do one rep of each, Merkins, Big Boys, and Squats
  • Run 2 light poles, then run back one, do 2 of each above said exercise
  • Keep advancing 2 light poles and running back one until you complete 11 reps of the said exercises
  • once complete, start at 10 reps of each exercise and go back down to one, still advancing 2 light poles and running back on
  • Back at the AO, LAZY Doras, 100 merkins, 200 LBC, 300 Overhead CMU pressess(we got to 200) before time was up)
  • After the 100 merkins and before going onto the LBC, We sprinted or attempted to sprint around a short section of the park before Moses could finish 30 reps of 3 different exercises. (merkins, rows, and big boys)
  • After the LBC, we sprinted down the grinder and back before Moses could complete 20 reps of curls
  • Moses has a bum knee right now, hence the reason he was doing stationary exercises but gave us a reason to run hard for some cardio

Flutters x 10

dollys x10

scissors x10
14 pax
Stress. I just talked about Stress and the role it plays in our lives. yes, there are many things around us that give us stress but ultimately, we bring stress on ourselves. Stress is based on how we deal with things. For me recently, we just brought home 2 puppies! I have 3 young boys, a work schedule that could keep me working 60 hours a week, kids sports, spending time with the M,etc….LOTS of stuff going on right?! Well, I make my bed and I lay in it! Therefore, I could easily be stressed out but I know everything will work itself out so I try not to stress over it. PRAYER HELPS!! 🙂
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