F3 Knoxville

30 for 30 with a Twist

Workout Date: 30 Mar 2020
QIC: Steam

F3 Knoxville 3.30 #HOMEWOD
Monday, March 30th, 2020

[ 30 for 30 ]


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith —> Quarantine Edition
  • My name is Steam and I’ll be your virtual QIC today. In a way though, you’re own Q today. Because I (probably) won’t show up to your house and pound out this workout with you. It’s on you. Be your own Q during my Q (tracking?) and push yourself and the…..kids/dogs/driveway pavement/etc around you. Get. It. Done.
  • You are here on your own volition unless you’re being forced to do this – in that case stop what you’re doing and have someone call 911.
  • If you need to modify anything about this workout today – don’t. I’ll know.
  • Kidding – I won’t. If you need to modify anything from this workout today feel free to do it – safety is #1 but that’s not an excuse to slack off because you’re not putting in the work with other F3 dudes per usual. Get. It. Done.
  • FNGs? Probably not a good idea….up to you.

Warm-Up Xs

  1. SSH (duh): 30 (1 count)
  2. Imperial Walkers: 30 (1 count)
  3. Windmill: 30 (1 count – see a pattern?)
  4. Motivators: 30 (this is a lot – I know.) [ these are motivators: https://mobile.twitter.com/f3naperville/status/1071450633805488128?lang=en ]
  5. Rockette: 30 (1 count)


[ 30 for 30 ] — Like ESPN but better

30 Minutes – 30 Exercises

  • 90 seconds in between each exercise – aka on for 60secs, off for 90secs
  • Why 90 seconds in between? What am I supposed to do? EXCELLENT question. Here’s my challenge to you with this 30 for 30 workout:
    • For those 60 seconds you’re “on” – go balls to wall. Rock it. Crush it.
    • For those 90 seconds “you’re off” – focus your mind and heart on prayer. Prayer for something or someone specific each time. For the 90 seconds in between each exercise – I challenge you to intentionally pray whether it’s internally or audibly, give it to the Father. Then you’re back on grinding for 60.
    • Some things I’m going to focus in on for my 90 seconds: my family (specific members throughout), our country, the mental fortitude of our men in F3, etc etc etc
  • It’s gonna be different – but I encourage you to marry these 2 things (working out/physical strength & prayer/spiritual discipline — aka 1st F & 3rd F) intentionally for this workout.
  • The Xs
  1. SSHs (Side-Straddle Hops)
  2. Merkins (normal)
  3. Squats
  4. Flutter Kicks
  5. BBSs (Big Boy Sit-ups)
  6. High Knees
  7. Dry Docks
  8. Calf-Raises
  9. American Hammers
  10. Hello Dollys
  11. Rockettes
  12. 4 count Merkins/Hand-Release Merkins
  13. Lunges (alt’ing legs)
  14. Mountain Climbers
  15. V-Ups
  16. Line-Hops
  17. Burpees
  18. Step-Ups
  19. Plank (elbows or hands)
  20. Boat/Canoe (you decide when to switch – push yourself)
  21. Jump Rope (real or pretend)
  22. Dive Bombers
  23. Bobby-Hurley’s (full squat —> jump shot)
  24. Plank-Jacks
  25. Bicycle/Freddie Mercury
  26. Line-Sprints: pick a starting point and a point not too far away (10yds or less) —> sprint there and back.
  27. Bench-Press: find something (case of water, your kid, someone else’s kid, case of beer, wife, etc) and bench press up/down from on your back
  28. Al Gore
  29. LBCs (Little Baby Crunches)
  30. Oblique crunches (you choose when to switch sides)

You. Got. This.

BOM and BB coming soon.

In the words of our brother CheatSheet: Thou must not cheateth thyself, instead, thou must treateth thyself.