F3 Knoxville

2 For Tuesday: Character-Building Festivities

Workout Date: 11 Jun 2019
QIC: Steam

THE SCENE: SUPER cool, like 70s cool. Breezy baby.

Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith! My name is Steam & I’ll be your Q this evening. I am stoked to be back here Qing with you guys. I am not a professional and you are here on your own volition – which means that you chose to be here this evening, just like everyone else. Let’s rock!


Side-Straddle Hop (SSH): 11×4 in cadence

Steam: “We will be celebrating 2 For Tuesday this evening gents”

Side-Straddle Hop (SSH): 11×4 in cadence

Baby Arm Circles: 11×4 (forward) in cadence // 11×4 (backwards) in cadence

Baby Arm Circles: 11×4 (forward) in cadence // 11×4 (backwards) in cadence)

Cherry- Picker: 11×4 in cadence

Cherry-Picker: 11×4 in cadence

Imperial Walker: 11×4 in cadence

Imperial Walker: 11×4 in cadence

Let’s get on the mosey!
[The 2nd part of any 2 For Tuesday exercise can be substituted w/5 burpees if PAX chooses]

  • Mosey towards Cardiac Hill


  • Every stop sign PAX passes = 8 merkins (1-count)
    • 3 stop signs = 24 merkins


  • “Cardiac Hill 100”
    • 4 points of contact going down Cardiac Hill
    • (1) Top of Cardiac Hill (2) curve 1 on Cardiac (3) curve 2 on Cardiac (4) bottom of Cardiac
    • At all points of contact
      • 10 squats
      • 10 big boy sit-ups
      • 5 incline merkins (facing up Cardiac)
    • PAX holds the plank at the bottom of Cardiac


  • PAX American Indian runs to boarded walkway by the river
  • PAX forms battle buddies


  • 11s
    • Boardwalk overlooking the river: LBCs (4-count)
    • Left Down the boardwalk 20ish yards: Merkins (4-count)
      • 10 + 1
      • 9 + 2 and so on
    • High-Heels leads PAX in core work exercises until 6 recovers on the boardwalk overlooking the river


  • PAX duck-walks up a little hill into the grass about a football field away from the Lakeshore Chapel


  • The Slinky
    • PAX gets into 2-man battle buddy (BB) teams
    • Q gives command to run – stop (hold plank)
    • (1) 1st BB team runs until the command “down” is given
    • (2) 1st BB team drops down into a plank
    • (3) 2nd BB team sprints past 1st BB team until the command “down” is given
    • (4) 2nd BB team drops down past the 1st BB team in the plank position
    • (5) 3rd BB team sprints past the 1st and 2nd BB teams, until the command “down” is given
    • (6) 3rd BB team drops down past the 1st and 2nd BB teams, holding the plank position
    • Rinse & Repeat – starting with the 1st BB team – until all PAX reach the edge of the Lakeshore Chapel


  • Doubtfire verbalizes the fuel on the fire and PAX rushes through the field in back of the chapel, across the street under a tree
  • Q leads PAX in Monkey-Humpers, in front of soccer moms, kids, and God himself
    • 11×4 in cadence
    • [2 For Tuesday]
    • 11×4 in cadence
  • Q points to an object 40-50 yards away – PAX charges at it full-speed


  • PAX are facing a hill
  • Q instructs PAX to get in a decline big boy setup position on the hill
  • 11 1-count big boy sit-ups
  • [2 For Tuesday]
  • 11 1-count big boy sit-ups


  • PAX runs up the hill and recovers by two trees close to the road leading to the Asylum PM road
  • Q leads PAX in 11 1-count Pinto Squat-Jump Twists(?) (Jury is still out on the official name)
    • Starting position: PAX facing 1 direction
    • PAX squat –> jump up and twist –> landing facing the other direction = 1
  • [2 For Tuesday]
  • 11 1-count Pinto Squat-Jump Twists


  • Pax charges towards the final stop sign
  • PAX charges the final road/hill back up to the AO


  • handy.


Total Time: 45:20

Distance: 2.2miles

Elevation Gain: 128ft.
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
Giving Credit/Being Your Own God

I just got a new job, am moving into a new house, have a new relationship with a great girl – things are going great in my life right now. And I feel like I need to hear this more than anyone: I need to realize that my pride is a very dangerous thing and that I am blessed with these things because there is a God above who is working in my life and putting breath in my lungs – to serve Him. None of the seeming success in life that I seem to be a part of has anything to do with “me being the man” or “me crushing it” lately. It’s so easy for me to pat myself on the back and develop a false sense of “look what you did man, you’re doing great.” Sometimes as men I think it’s easy for us to fall prey to our own pride in our work or successes in life, etc, and not remember who woke us up this morning and spoke life into the blessings we enjoy. We were created for so much more than ourselves men! Our story is just a small small part in the great HIStory He’s telling through us.

Keep the Faith & Fight the Good Fight!

Prayer Requests (PRs): Steam’s new dating relationship – struggling/wanting to keep the Lord at the center and working on being a HIM in it.